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USS Kinkaid (DD 965) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kinkaid (DD 965). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 723 crew members registered for the USS Kinkaid (DD 965).

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Wagstaff, JeffSM31989 – 1992OC02Checked onboard 'bout a month before Crashpack Was in gally doing my crank'n having a smoke during the collision. Still the best command I was attached to during my eight yrs. of svc.If anyone hears from SMC Frison, he's no good at semaphor
Maxwell, Allen TMC (AW/SW) - CWO3Jan 4, 1989 – Jun 1991CAWhat a great tour and fond memories.
Smith, DavidOS3Jan 12, 1989 – Jul 12, 1992OIHey Jason Melly has anyone heard from Michael Gotch
Russell, Charles C. Jr.BM1(SW)/BMC(SW)Feb 21, 1989 – Nov 1, 1990ODI did make chief aboard this ship and I did make a lot of friends.
Patten, DavidFC3Mar 1989 – Sep 9, 1990Fox
Mott, ThomasGSM3Mar 1989 – Oct 1991MP
Hadley, BillGSE2Mar 1989 – Feb 1992MPGood to see some names I remember. Shout out to Mattingly, Zullo, Hoops/Holubaush and Sonny Sampson. Some of the best times to always remember. I still have nightmares of all the wiring we had to jerry-rig to get her running after crash
Pozzi, JoeRM2(SW)Mar 18, 1989 – Mar 8, 1993OC
Awtry, KennethE-5/OS2Apr 1989 – Dec 1990OPSCRASHPAC 89'
Vaughn, LarrySNApr 3, 1989 – Jul 9, 1991deckwooohooo crash pac peeps
Mattingly, MikeGSE2/E5May 1989 – Jul 1992MPDoes anyone have video or color pictures of the crash or of fighting the fires? Great crew!! Love to hear from anyone.
Turner, DonaldEW1May 1989 – May 1991OTI'll always remember the month we spent in Singapore +3 months in Subic having our hole patched up, basket leave was ok, 4 of 14 days spent on Mac-Flt's really sucked, at least I didn't get decapitated,(by his rack)like the Navigation Off
Turner, DonaldEW1May 1, 1989 – May 15, 1991OT01I have color Photos, but they're from an onboard angle looking down into the collision damage area on the flight deck & a few pictures looking out the HT shop "porthole".
MacAluso, Ken (Mac)CTR2Jun 1989 – Jun 1993OTShortridge, Chris Bernard, Urich, fast, Frank Andrew, my buddy signalman, Dan Dawson.......and all those other great people I didn't type in here (only 250 characters you know ) LOL Where are you guys !!!
Reed, Brian M.BM3Jun 10, 1989 – Dec 7, 19921st
Myers, ThomasSH2Jun 21, 1989 – Nov 24, 1995SUPPLYMY HEART SUNK WHEN I SAW THEY USED HER AS A TARGET ! ! ! AFTER WE SPENT SOOOO MUCH $ ON VLS .......GO FIGURE OUT TAX DOLLARS ! I MISS YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wright, GregSTG1Jul 1989 – Dec 1991CAAnyone have any color photos from the collision in '89?
Elias, TonyGMG1 (SW)Jul 1989 – Jan 1992CGDidn't spend much time here, mainly pleasure cruises up the coast after the post collission stay in the P.I. Blew out my knee playing softball and never returned. Had plenty of fun though...
Stokesbary, AdamGSM2Sep 1989 – Sep 1993MP
Huizar, ThomasFC3Oct 13, 1989 – Aug 31, 1991CF-FOXCan't forget the Kangaroo Court for the newbees after the collision. This was a great crew. "Where's the Rhino" #1 CIWS crew.
Carr, HowardEM2/E-5Nov 1989 – Jun 1992EGreat crew, great ship. Enjoyed being part of the Kinky D team. Deserved a better fate than target. Guess the ghost rattle after the collision finally caught up to her.
Keller, ThomasE4Nov 1989 – Nov 1992OT
Nesby, Jaice(nez)STG-SNNov 26, 1989 – Dec 11, 1991sonar-opsmy time on the kinkaid was short but i'm happy to have served with such a fine group of warriors. i came onboard the last day in the yards. and i've always looked at u guys in awe! we've put out plenty of fires , but to all, LONG LIVE THE K
Hart, DavidCDRNov 27, 1989 – Aug 1991Commanding OfficerAlthough I served for 33 years and attained the rank of two-star, command of KINKAID was among the most memorable tours of my entire run
Keller, ThomasCTR1Dec 1989 – Jan 1993OTFirst ship, came onboard right after the collision in the Molacca Straits. Interesting time and made some good friends.
Walters, DonnieOS2Dec 1989 – Jun 14, 1993OIWish I didn't work for a bunch of idiots. Wanted to learn more than I did, but had no one to teach me! Miss the gang though. Ahhh,Ahhh, Australia!
Smith, DennisDC3/DC2Dec 1989 – Dec 1991MP (Oil Lab)I will never forget the good times on board. I really enjoyed being a lab rat and all the great friends that I had.
Hoeft, BillRM 2Dec 1989 – Jan 3, 1991OCI don't keep in touch with many people from my childhood or even my early adult life, but I do keep in touch with my radioman buddies. Those bonds can't be broken. How about a reunion of the '89 collision survivors?
Goodall, FredCTRC(SW) RETIREDDec 1989 – Apr 1993OT01This is one tour I will never forget.
Doubikin, JamesSh1Dec 1989 – Dec 1991S-3
Shortridge, Christopher J.CTR1Dec 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1993otPart of ships company just after accident in 89. Enjoyed my time onboard. I will always have good memories serving on the "Rhino Tuff" USS Kinkaid
Marr, AlanOSSNDec 31, 1989 – Sep 12, 1990Enjoyed my time on Kinkaid.
Taylor, CarlDD965Dec 31, 1989 – Jul 1, 1993OC01I was a Radioman 3rd Class
Oxyer, JamesE-41990 – 1993CAShe was a great ship. Sad to hear that she was sent to the bottom. I served with a great bunch of guys. Proud to have served on her. I especially remember my shellback initiation and the Albany biker gang. Drop me a line sometime.
Montgomery, Charles profile iconLT1990 – 1991Nav
Cordova, MaxGSM2Jan 1990 – Dec 1995MPThanks to all my shipmates. I feel lucky. I guess you can say because of my experiences on the Kinkaid I was blessed with the job I now have (gas turbine engine inspector @ boeing) hope everyone is doing well. Fwd Engineroom always ruled
Ward, ScottSN / DOCJan 6, 1990 – Nov 13, 1991Ist / Struck CorpsmanI miss all of the boys from the Kinky D. Remember the long haul in the P.I.? How about a re-union in Vegas... Melly, Reed, Pommerville, Blum, Villareal, Thibadeau, Flannery and anyone else interested. Email me @
Buerman, GeorgeET2Jan 29, 1990 – Jul 7, 1994CEThat Kangaroo Court comment was pretty funny...Unless you were the one on trial. I KNEW I should not have gone up to the TAS radar room! (Damn you Crain and Chaparro!) Great memories and a hell of a way to be initiated into the navy, 30 days in PI!
Kapsaroff, ChrisLTMar 1990 – Dec 1992
Rolen, RogerDS1Mar 15, 1990 – Nov 30, 1993CEI had a good time onboard Kinkaid and worked with a great bunch of guys. Too bad she had to be sunk. I hope to contact some more of my shipmates.
Andrews, FrankCTO1(SW)Apr 1990 – Apr 1993OTO1I met some of the most memorable people the Navy ever produced..and some of the strangest. "Shorty", "Put", "Mac" and "Pozzi" guys still make me smile. This was definitely one of my most memorable.
Higgins, WilliamFCCApr 1990 – Apr 1994CGMy first division as a Chief. Quite an exciting and great experience. The greatest people made that cruise of 92/93.
Binnix, MikeLTApr 1990 – Nov 1991OIMy first Div-O tour. Reported aboard the same day the ship returned to San Diego after the collision. I learned a lot from a great crew and wardroom during a challinging time to bring her back on line.
Pratt, RobertGSM2Apr 15, 1990 – Jun 17, 1992Engineering
Macaluso, KenCTR3Jun 1990 – Jun 1993Operations
Urich, RayCTM2(SW)Jun 1990 – Jan 1994OT01
Yazell, TomOS2Jun 1, 1990 – Apr 9, 1992OperationsI had some of the best times of my career in the Navy. However, I am still in and am now a Warrant Officer in the Army. I sure miss the sailors I served with.
Dudenhoffer, Lawrence "Dude"BM3Jun 28, 1990 – Jul 1, 1992If anybody remembers me e-mail me @
Hewitt, TimET2Aug 1, 1990 – Nov 1, 1993CEWOW! Pretty crazy hearing they sank her. Can't believe I even made it through my time on the Kinky D. What a crazy freaking time that was. I see Buerman every now and then but haven't heard from most until I read this today.
Blevins, RichardFC2(SW)Aug 3, 1990 – Jun 23, 1993CG When I think of good friends I always go back to the Kinkaid and the ones I made there. Chief Higgins, FC1 Smith, GMG 1 Elias, Batey, Larry, Raz, Anderson, and anyone else I had a cold one with, thanks for the fun!
Sheets, GeorgeDD-965Aug 21, 1990 – Dec 13, 1993rm3can't believe they sunk her. had alot of good memories on that ship.
Putnam, BobbyCTR2 (SW)Aug 27, 1990 – May 10, 1995OT01Nearly five years of my life. Some good most stuck in port. I liked the travel hated the job. OUTBOARD served no real purpose.
Graham, DaleOS2(SW)Sep 1990 – Dec 1995OI
Hampton, ChrisLTSep 1990 – Aug 1992OPS
Bernardin, MichelS3Sep 1990 – Sep 1992BMhad good and bad times here. But i still miss some of the people I met. Simpkins onlyn BM I know that did 3 or more tours in the kitchen and loved it. Brian hope things are stillcool with you and Meg. Guys that tought me D&D great fun.
Ream, JasonOS2Sep 14, 1990 – May 5, 1992OIAnyone remember hitting something south of Catalina Island, knocked TV off mounts in ops berthing? If so hit me up (918) 760-3065. Investigation pending on this incident.
Lewis, Leonard / PopsOS1(SW)Oct 1990 – Nov 1993OIHad a great time onboard miss everyone.
Dawson, DanielCTR3Oct 1990 – Jun 1993OutboardCan't beleive the Kinkaid is gone...RIP
Gregory, RonGMG3Oct 7, 1990 – Sep 20, 1994CG
Coats, QuinnFC3Oct 25, 1990 – Mar 29, 1992Weapons, I think? I was drunk a LOT!SUP crew!!! It's the QUEEFER!!! Remember me? Anyone talk to Bruce Glidden or Lenny Gonzalez? Derek.....where the hell are you? Loved the ole KINK!! FC's Rule! "If it flies, it dies"......
Patterson, MichaelE-2Nov 1990 – Aug 1993EngineeringIt hard to believe that they sank the kinky D it was a great experince to be on that boat all of the trouble that some of us got into in Korea and other places
Patterson, Michael profile iconE-3Nov 1990 – Nov 1990EngineeringMiss the Kinky D had lots of fun on that boat
Colatarci, AnthonyHMCDec 1, 1990 – Apr 15, 1994MEDICALRide of a lifetime. Made Chief and have some great memories. A great crew, I enjoyed the tour. "STEADFAST and TRUE"

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