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USS Kinkaid (DD 965) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kinkaid (DD 965). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 723 crew members registered for the USS Kinkaid (DD 965).

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Wood, Dennissm31985 – 1988OPSWhat a time, Haze grey and underway!
Richardson, SeanOTASN1985 – 1986Combat SystemsServed with some of the finest people I have every known.
Lennaman, Steven (Lenny)STG 31985 – 1990CAMy first of 3 ships Loved her hated her but she allways got me home.
Wilmot Jr, EdwardGMG3Jan 1985 – Oct 1987CGHad a Great time only went up the West Coast though. Started in Deck as E1 Ended up as an E4 Gunner.
Willis, DarrylRM3Feb 1985 – Nov 1988OPSThere was nothing like the Kinky D. We had a great bunch of guys who worked hard and partied even harder. (anyone remember liberty restrictions in Alaska) I missed the CRASH, but I am thankful for everyone that survived.
Timmerman, DennisewsnFeb 8, 1985 – Jan 28, 1987ops
Masterpolo Jr., RichardPETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASS (GMG2)Apr 3, 1985 – Jun 9, 1987Weapons
Booker, ShermanMIDSHIPMAN 3RD CLASSMay 1985 – Jul 1985CICI really enjoyed myself. I learned about the responsibilty of having a top security clearance and the access of classified information. I also had a nice time in Juneau, Ak. The crew always kept you laughing. Bravo Zulu!
Singer, BobRM3Jun 1985 – Nov 1987Had a blast on the Kinky D. Chief Salhus was a great man. No sub was able to hide with the KInky D around. Did anyone ever run across the tail we lost?
Avers, HarryE1Jun 1, 1985 – Dec 15, 1986Combat systems/ supplyWIsh you all well served 1985 1986.... was an immature little brat, but learned a lot from a great crew.... loved you guys....
Harrington, DennyOTAC (SW)Jun 12, 1985 – Feb 10, 1987ASWGreat ship, great Chief's Mess, great ASW team. One of my best tours as I was surrounded by a fine bunch of people in the Mess, the Sonar Shack and in Combat. A fantastic TASS team that was the finest group of sub-hunters in Navy.
Fisher, Roger FishFn-gsm2 (sw)Jul 1, 1985 –Mp
Kearney, BobEW1Jul 4, 1985 – Sep 8, 1989OIHi Everyone, feel free to contact me . See you at the 2017 reunion!
Luper, DonSTG3Sep 1985 – Jul 15, 1987ASW I was so young and SO GREEN! Bunch of good guys tho!!! Kinda weird to think I actually miss it??? I can see "faces" but hard to remember names!! Locke, Lavertu, Kool, McBride, Crazy Ed, Cowhead.. Lookin back with pride!
Montemayor, JeromeSTG2Sep 2, 1985 – Feb 15, 1988CAHey fellas in the sonar gang. had fun as a skinny 17 year old did a lot of growing up. went to college, did 4 more ships in reserves, joined the army, now all over the country as a Trucker. its been a great 21 years since. contact me .
Curtis, MitchSTG2Sep 11, 1985 – Sep 1987ASWI saw Don's remarks and had to register. I remember all the same guys..........we got messed up and did some messed up stuff.........but we made some good friends and we all grew up a little......
Fisher, DanielHTC(SW)Oct 1, 1985 – Oct 1, 1991ROne of the finest vessels I had the pleasure of serving on! I made Chief, and survived "Crash Pac". Retired CWO now, enjoying civilian life, but miss the Navy!
Mitchell, JerryLt cmdrOct 5, 1985 – Aug 20, 1991SealI really enjoyed my command there... I great bunch of guys... PS BM1 Battin are you still alive? LOl
Schoephorster, Terrybm21986 – 1988deck
Muncy, BryanEM21986 – 1990ElectricalI want to find out where my shipmates are now.
Morris, MarkFC2Jan 21, 1986 – Dec 17, 1988CG
Befort, JoeET3Feb 1986 – Feb 1988cs
Chilson, DavidO-3Feb 1986 – Dec 1987Chief EngineerRetired
Block, Block ManE-4/BM3Mar 1986 – Aug 1989I left the ship just prior to the accident. I had lots of laughs during my stay, and I escaped without a pink belly. The crew was great. They were my family for 3yrs.
Maruca, RossBM3Mar 1986 – Dec 1989First DivisionThis was my first and only Ship, I left shortly after CrashPac
Otero, Michael (Otee)FC2Apr 1986 – Sep 1990CGI served onboard the Kinkaid and was aboard her for the collision. What a day that was. Miss all of my shipmates. Too bad they used her for target practice. Does anybody remember the Dirty Ducks?
Lee, JeffE4Apr 11, 1986 – Feb 28, 1988Combat SystemsGMT /GMM ASROC TECH- W/ Stew Davis, Lang the Duck, Vernon Stevenson, Eddy O Pitts-- & TM Troy Gray as the designated driver-- Apecial thanks to the Sonar techs--Jonny Lang and the others
Scott, GregoryE-4/ EMMay 19, 1986 – Apr 20, 1990EngineeringThe only fool ever to serve on the USS Kinkaid to have a Chief (esp. Master at Arms) sent to Captain's Mast. I was on the EPCEE console when we collided on November 12th,1989. We will never forget that day. Sean M. you were the greatest!
Monk, RobertBm3-4May 25, 1986 – May 25, 1989Deck
Hawkins, Jim (hawk)GMCJun 1986 – Nov 1989CGKinky "D", Damn, what a mix, I guess I had more good days than bad. But that one bad day lives on forever. Best crew a ship ever had, they deserved better.
Pascuzzi, SteveOTASAJun 1986 – 1987CAMy first ship. Great memories of shipmates, mess cranking and TASS ops in the North Pacific.
McDonald, TimSH3Jun 2, 1986 – Apr 1, 1989Met the ship in Seattle and cut hair for the next 3 years. I remember Melly,Steve Mendez, all of supply.Benefits of being the barber,2:00 a.m. ham and cheese from the galley(w/Ms permission of course).Departed before collision but knew Sean
Hawkins, JamesGMC(SW)Jun 15, 1986 – Nov 24, 1989CGTrue Survivor on the Hellish Collision in 89
Jessen, RonET2Jul 1986 – Sep 1990CESad to hear they sank the Kinkaid. Will never forget Crashpac 89!
Tidwell, GaryOS2 (SW)Aug 1986 – Jan 1990OSStill haunted by that day in Nov 1989, but I am still kicking. Great bunch of guys would love to hear from any that were part of the madness. DFW is home now.
Van Aken Jr, GarCTM2Sep 1986 – Nov 1990
Johnson, RobertFC1Oct 1, 1986 – Oct 1, 1990WeaponsHad alot of good times and bad.
Godfrey, GroverSnNov 1, 1986 – May 31, 19891st DivisionHey everyone who remembers me...Huge shout to Block Avers Miller Padilla Jezerski Walker Ferrer Pommervile Mendez Guy Oursler Maruca Bridges Cardona Amos Collins ...cant name everyone but u all in my heart n memories....
Greene, ScottHT2Dec 1986 – Aug 1990Rcant believe its been almost 20yrs since that awful morning GOD BLESS MC TART saved all our asses with those DRILLS; Adrian, Thompson, Pierce and the rest of ENG DEPT all those pinkbellies what a
Crain, Patrick (Pat)ET2 (SW)Dec 1986 – Oct 1990CECRASHPAC 89 was a memory that we'll never forget. Great crew saved the ship, RIP Lt. Sean McPhee. We were gone a long time but repairs in Subic created more memories. I hope all of my former shipmates are doing well.
Baribeau, AllenDScDec 29, 1986 – Dec 4, 1989CERemember CRASHPAC 89 very well. departed from Singapore after collision. Best crew I ever worked with.

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