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USS Kinkaid (DD 965) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kinkaid (DD 965). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 726 crew members registered for the USS Kinkaid (DD 965).

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Bullock, Mel "Doc"HMCS1980 – 1984AdminBeing the IDC on the Kinkaid was one of the best experences of my life with some of the best people I have ever known.
Bird, AlanBM 21980 – 19831 st
Brown, Todd profile icon31980 – 1982engCant believe I just now found this site. If you remember me which I do some of you guys , shoot me a e-mail. I remember dam near everything, from the engineering party in subic bay, golden shellback dam forgot about that
Smith, James (Jim)ENS - LTJan 1980 – Nov 1983E, R, 1st, and Navigation HeadMy first tour after commissioning. Joined the "Kinky-D" shortly after her first deployment, and stayed aboard for her first overhaul and second deployment. I last saw her in Subic after the collision in the Straights of Malacca: sad to see.
Western, JeffreyHT3Jan 1980 – Jul 1983R Division
Nichols, BarryENSIGNJan 7, 1980 – Mar 31, 1980OperationsGot my sealegs on RimPac '80. Many "sea stories" later have one son and one daughter serving and upholding the family tradition. Update (years later): Multiple sons-in-law are former military! Bravo Zulu
Western, JeffreyHT3Jan 30, 1980 – Jul 26, 1983R
King, BillET 2Apr 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1982OE
Rogers, ChrisSTG2Apr 18, 1980 – Jan 5, 1985C/A Division
Pederson, RichardSEAMAN2 BMMay 1980 – Dec 19801st
Sanders, JerrySTG2May 1980 – Mar 31, 1983AS
Dodge, GregoryGMM-3Jul 1, 1980 – Jan 20, 1982Gunnery/ weapons
Bullock, DocHMCMJul 1, 1980 – Aug 30, 1985MedicalGreat ship and crew.
Sanders, JerrySTG2 - STG1Aug 1980 – Mar 1983CACan't believe that war-horse has been sunk. Are we getting that old? I always thought she'd be around as long as I was.
Spears, ChrisOS2Sep 16, 1980 – Jan 20, 1984OIWould like to here from any OS from 80-84 or anyone else.Some of the best years and times i ever spent.Contact Chris Spears at
Lyons, RobertEW11981 –
Park, DavidBM1981 – 19851st DivisionAnyone remember me. Dave Park here. This was my first and only ship. We really had some great times. Looking for my 1st div. buddies and also looking for Ron Hoffmann.
Coffe, JerryBM31981 – 1985Deck
Farhat, KenSTG-21981 – 1983ASWAre you kidding? I was the LPO and I was not even the senior 2nd class?
Lash, TomGSM2Jan 1981 – Jan 1987MPHad a lot of good times and met a lot of good people on the Kinkaid. I see a lot of familliar names ! Hope everyone is doing well.
Wyatt, KenGSM2Feb 1981 – Apr 1986MPFirst of ship of my career. Lots of fun
Bigby, RandyBMMay 12, 1981 – May 15, 1985DeckWow, after all these years I finally thought to google her. I was sad to hear they used her for trget practice. Me and the deck crew had some awesome times, 2 westpacs and many wild rides. If any of you guys remember me give me look me up!!
Bigby, RandallBM3May 12, 1981 – May 15, 1985OPsJust wondering where all the crew are now. Jeff Selman David Parks Charles ?
Wiltjer, GlennGMG2Jun 1, 1981 – May 1, 1983GSuper memories.
Carroll, JerryMSSNJul 1981 – Jun 1985SupplyCinnamon Rolls
Allen, Dean J.GMG2Jul 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 1983CG & CAGood Ship first ship to land on Bremerton (USS)
Stephen, SmittyMS1Jul 15, 1981 – Jun 20, 1984S-2Lot of good memories with alot of different shipmates was one of my best duty stations I have been retired since 1986
Brown, Dan profile iconFTG1Aug 1981 – Aug 1985CG & FOXCOs Riggle & Tobias. Two West Pacs do not forget that hellish ride in the North Pacific. Remember the storage cabinet busting loose in Twidget country & sliding across the deck as we were restricted to racks? Great days!
Carroll, JerryMS3Aug 5, 1981 – Jun 13, 1985SupplyGood times In Thailand and the Seychells 2 West Pacs. Great crew. Lost Both our Hellicopters on both deployments that sucked.
Quinn, MatthewSHSNSep 1981 – Jun 19851st supplywow she's gone. I will miss her! I hope you all remember me, I cut most of your hair. I hope some of you contact me, feel free to e-mail at fair winds and following sea's my shipmates.
Journell, JohnFGT1Sep 1, 1981 – Nov 1, 1982FoxMy reporting and departing dates are estimates. This is embarassing, but I think we were Fox Division...I was an FTG1 with the Mk. 86 GFCS.
West, GregoryE3 MADE E6 AT PEARL.Oct 13, 1981 – Oct 7, 1983CALoved this ship! Outstabding crew! Was aboard for WESTPAC cruise when we hit the same sub twice! Captain Riggle was relieved of his command after that. Also, had a LAMPS Sea Wolf crash, no survivors. LTCMDR Kenneth Kraper was the pilot. Rest in peace
Hughes, BertGSM1(SW)Nov 1981 – Nov 1985MPLots of blood, sweat and tears. Oh, the joys of specops draggin' the tail.
Newton, Jimmie profile iconGSM2Nov 26, 1981 – Dec 1, 1986MPGreat crew, great friends, great times, lots of hard work, Grape Apes Rule!
Kwapien, Todd / KwapET3 / ETSA1982 – 1984CELong Beach shiyards Westpac 82 - 83 Shellback Tige Cruise. Lots of great times Shout out to all ET's; DS's; EW's OS's and RM's
Poindexter, NickSN1982 – 1984Deck
Stewart, James Glenn "Stretch" profile iconMSSN1982 – 1984SUPPLYYes this is "Stretch" from Missoula, Montana! Hello Jerry and Pat! :)
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Schwaderer, ToddGSMFN1982 – 1984MPI had some good times on the Kinkaid..
Lyons, RobertEW1Jan 1, 1982 – Jan 1, 1985CEGiving a shout out to the Ew's
Lash, TomGSM2Jan 2, 1982 – Jan 2, 1987MP
Lash, TomGSM2Jan 2, 1982 – Jan 2, 1982MPThe best and worst time of my life and a lot of good people.
Frame, RussMSFeb 1982 – Feb 1983SupplyI wish I had it to do over. I was young and wild. I appologies to Capt. Riggle, Lord knows you tried to help. . I saw alot of the world. Was there in the Persian Gulf when Carter tried to rescue hostigages. Thank God for Ronald Reagan!
Page, AlbertGSE 2Apr 1982 – Aug 4, 1986Main PropulsionSorry to hear the Kinkaid is gone put a lot of sweat into her. Learned a lot about what I do now
Parmer, TomGSE2Apr 1, 1982 – Feb 10, 1986MPSome of the best times ever. What a great bunch of heroes and professionals. Sorry to see the old ship sunk after so many good years. Keep in touch!
Williams, GeorgeGSE2Apr 1, 1982 – Jul 18, 1986Main PropulsionThe Snipes (and Sniggets) of the "Kinky-D" were the world's very finest. Bravo Zulu my friends! I'll never forget any of you or the times we had in the P I Wish all of you well.
Zintz, Bobbo(Yob)OS2Apr 11, 1982 – Apr 11, 1986OI/CICGreatest time I ever had on the Kinky-D.Hello to Fred Bosse,Big Bill,Virgil McClure,Bobbie Ricks,Jim Emlaw,Rockie,Lem,& the rest of the nuts.Seychelles was unreal,as was every port.
Williams, GeorgeGSE2May 6, 1982 – Jul 18, 1986MSailed the world on the "Kinky D" before co ed integration. Reagan was Boss and we were proud and strong.
Riedmiller, JohnENFNMay 18, 1982 – May 1, 1984A-gang
Hackathorn, DaleFC2Jun 1982 – Aug 1983WepsGreat time in the Kinkaid. WestPac 82/83. What a cruise.
Craig, MikeSTG1Jul 1982 – Feb 1985CADid two PAC's on the Kinkaid, made E-5 in two and a half years and met good people on board.
Craig, MikeSTG1Jul 17, 1982 – Feb 5, 1985CAServed with Riggle (Giggles) and those dam GMT's. Hi Greg (Gino) I miss it but retired now.
Kirkland, LemBMAug 1982 – Mar 19861st DivisionPilot rescue swimmer-Helo LSE-Asst Avation coordinator- Rigging capt-#1 nozzle @ repair 3-1 CO Mast, 45 days restriction/extra duty, 1/2 mo pay for 3 mo..... Good times, good times
Antill, ChuckGSCM/GSCM(SW)Sep 1982 – Dec 1985MP
Hoppenworth, KennethETCM (SW)Sep 5, 1982 – Jun 6, 1993OE / CE / ADMINServed two tours, Sept 82 - Jan 86 and Nov 89 - Jun 93
Sweeney, PatrickSK2Nov 1982 – Jan 1986Supply and Lamps Helo SK Enjoyed the trip to Seychelles and the Shellback initiations. Remember the guy that jumped ship in the middle of night to go to Pattaya beach Thailand while anchored out. Sure miss the fun. Like to hear from any of the old gang.
Sweeney, Patrick profile iconSK2Nov 1982 – Dec 1985Supplyyou can email me at, also on facebook
Rambo, KenSM2Dec 1982 – Jun 1986OPS

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