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USS Kinkaid (DD 965) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kinkaid (DD 965). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 726 crew members registered for the USS Kinkaid (DD 965).

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Barrow, DavidHT21978 – 19801 year deck & 1 year as an HTWhat a fabulous & responsive boat with an awsome crew.
Sehested, RobertET21978 – 1981OEANYBODY know how reach LT Willetts, best division officer the Navy ever had
Suarez, Ernest "South Bound Suarez"EM31978 – Jan 8, 1981Deck ape to Electrician's mateLooking for anyone who knew me....Wareham, Tennessee, Baloot! Just to name a few!
Gill, MonteENC1978 – Oct 19793M-Coord, NavadminRetired off Kincaid Oct 79, returned to active duty 1981 on USS Oldendorf. Retired for good 1988. Nothing but good memories from Kincaid.
Kirkpatrick, Russell profile iconGMG-31978 – 19793rd Division Gunners Mate
Jewett, LarryGSE21978 – 1980EGolden Shellback, '78-'79 South Pac and Indian Ocean
Spencer, JeffSK31978 – 1981Supply
Barthlow, KevinGSM2Jan 1978 – Jun 1, 1981main propulsionEnjoyed it all, went into Air Guard later and became a nurse, retired form the Guard and now work at a VA Hospital. Some people were cool and some turned out not so cool but the good ones made it worthwhile.
Slusher, DonaldQMFeb 1978 – Jun 1981NavigationLots of fond memories from my days aboard the "Supership". Winning driver of the "Dakota Dash".
Randy, BengePO3 HTMar 14, 1978 – Feb 19, 1981Damage controlFire, Sure do I'm the one that put it out. It was in OX 2 and fuel oil purifier caught fire right below DC central and by the time the second DC team came thru the escape hatch my team had it out. Good Times!!
Flores, JuanDKCS (AW) USN, RETIREDMar 15, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981SUPPLY
Wilson, JimGMM2Jun 1978 – Oct 1981fox
Eichholtz, DannyGMG2Jun 11, 1978 – Jan 9, 1980CSGGreat Ship, came onboard in P.I. before our trip off the Coast of Oman and the rescue of American civilians. Good times and friends, Martin, Geiger and the Larson brothers. Smitty I remember your surprise in Subic.
Griffin, NicholasSTG3-STG2Aug 1978 – Jun 1980A/SBest ship in the Fleet. I'll never forget Jack or Scotty, You made me stay forever in the Navy, Now after all these years, have 2 sons in and loving My Navy.
Hurtado, Oscar, RubenENFNAug 1, 1978 – Nov 19, 1979
Jetley, JustinEN2Sep 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1979"A"GangTransferred from the USS Peterson DD969 in Virginia, out to San Diego to the USS Kindaid, 2 weeks later went on a West Pac Cruise and became a Golden Shellback along the way and met a great bunch of sailors!!!
Quarles, LarryAMS E-5Sep 8, 1978 – Dec 29, 1979HSL-35 North IslandGreatest West Pac, Everyone was family. Airdales/blackshoes we were all one. Great bunch of guys and Officers. Now a ShellBack. 55yrs old now but would go back inheartbeat. God Bless all the sailors on that ship.
Mijares, RichardYN3Nov 26, 1978 – Jan 10, 1982NAVIGATIONPART OF THE CREW FROM EL PASO, TEXAS
McClain, EdSTGDec 1978 – Dec 1980Weapons
McClain, EdSTGSNDec 1978 – Dec 31, 1980WeaponsRemember the Kinky! The Baharain 16 (15?) The fire! and the resulting 30 days in Guam!! Rescuing Aussies, Americans and Boat People. much more to remember...
Bardwell, Gary / GodfatherCTR3Dec 28, 1978 – May 1979OIGood ship. Although I was only TAD for five months, I met some outstanding people.
Wyrostek, TedET-21979 – 1982Communications
Maurer, Siegfried (Ziggy)STG2-STG11979 – Feb 12, 1982STI cannot believe that there are not more of our names listed??? Great time on board especially during wespac80
Delaurentis, MikeLCDR1979 – 1981SupplySupply Officer
Conkling, ScottE-11979 – 1981engmiss some of the
Curtis, LanceSTG21979 – 1982AS
Kurban, KenBM31979 –Fox-Deck DivLoved this ship!! She could shoot a rooster tail. Riggles gave me the Conn during a man overboard drill and I turned her in record time and stopped her on a dime. Best propulsion. Fire in '80 and then Murder in Guam!
Burgess, Frank Aka FlagsSm21979 – 1982CommunicationSubic Bay, Indian Ocean, free the Bahrain 16, moon dogs went undefeated, Kung fu class for free. I miss those days
Hendricks, KevinE31979 – 1982BoatswainMarried with children , I'm a machine operator, working and living in New jersey,originally from New York. 59 now and looking foward to retirement
Parker, StevenEN2Feb 1979 – Aug 1982A-gangWas and is still the best ship I served on while I was in the Navy. Met some great people like PC3 David Black, QM3 Clifford Brown and many others. WestPac 80 was a blast. I would do it again.
Tagle, MarcelinoPN3Feb 6, 1979 – Jun 10, 1981I started out in deck 1st division then struck for PN. I was on board the Kinkaid during the Iran hostage evac, and the Baranian 16. This was my first ship. I am a Deputy Sheriff for the County of San Diego, Ca. Keep in touch.
Fultz, ChristopherBM2Feb 10, 1979 – Jul 23, 1981DECKHello old shipmates.Was a good tour and meet great guys and learned alot. Went Subs in 87 and retired in 2002 as MSCM(SS). Message me to talk.Still at sea as a Merchant Marine. Hornbeck Offshore
Nagy, John (The Nagz)OS3Feb 17, 1979 – Oct 22, 1982OILooking to get in contact with any shipmate from the Kinkaid (Finch or Riggle CO's) Contact
Sual, JoeyE-4/EM3Mar 1979 – Jul 1981Electrical Division
Black, DavidPC3Mar 1, 1979 – Feb 27, 1981Nav Div (Post Office)I remember most of you from my time aboard especially from sorting the letters from home while on cruise. I enjoyed the smiles those letters brought you. I felt like I had the best job on the best ship!
Wilson, DavidDS2Mar 1, 1979 – May 10, 1981OE
Riley, JohnET3Mar 10, 1979 – Sep 19, 1982CSWhat a nice clean Ship! Enjoyed all the softball and all the good people I served with.
Temple, RodET1Apr 1979 – Dec 1981OE
Simental, VictorRM3Apr 1979 – Nov 1980OCGood memories
Hunt, RandallEN3Jun 1979 – Sep 1980MPLPO of Oil Shack
Taylor, Gary Wild ManRM3Jun 1979 – Dec 1980OPSJust like to find some of the guys from the shack that were there when I was.
Mathews, Willie Big Mattqm 3Jun 1, 1979 – Sep 20, 1980on
Mike, DicesareET3Jul 1979 – Nov 1980My first and only ship. In 1980, we cruised to Australia, New Guinea, Japan, Korea, waters off Russian (Sea of Ohkutsk, I think), and of course the Phillipines (who could forget the Samurai Health Palace on the way to Olongapo City!). Enjoyed it all!
Costa, James L IIIEMFRAug 24, 1979 – Aug 28, 1981navy usnWAS A SHELLBACK
Michael Brown, MikeOS2Oct 1979 – Sep 1980OIGreat ship great crew. I was on board for only a year and tranfered off to shore duty to RTC Orlando. Great West Pac. I am looking for for the 80 west pac cruise book if any one wants to let one go or let me make copies of it.
Patton, JamesENS-LTOct 1979 – Jul 1983Missiles/ElectricalCame aboard as an Ensign, departed as a Lieutenant. Saw 2 deployments and a Long Beach yard period. Served mostly under Capt Riggle. Great times.
McGuire, DougSNOct 4, 1979 – Oct 4, 19831st DivisionWOW! How'd I ever make it off that ship? Sad ending to her though.
Schoonmaker, Scott/jjMS3Nov 1979 – Oct 1983MS
Cencora, John profile iconE-3 SNDec 26, 1979 – Jan 5, 1982First Division
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