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USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 712 crew members registered for the USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964).

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Westberry, BradDCC(SW)1985 – 1991
Starratt, CharlesGMM21985 – 1987ASI remember the OZ-Cruise and the shipmates that made it great. Doc are you out there?
Fandrey, JeffSH3Jan 5, 1985 – Oct 7, 1988Supply S3Had a great 4 yrs. The last yr in Portland Or was great. I still Live here in Portland.
Pierce, Richardbm3Apr 1985 – 19871 rst / deck
Day, Robert / BobMAC(SW)May 1985 – May 1988Admin
Gallegos, SolOS2Jun 1985 – Sep 1988oigreat cruise to australia
Krakowski, GaryHT3Jun 6, 1985 – Nov 25, 1988
Leo, McIntyreBM3Jun 28, 1985 – Oct 28, 1987firsthad blast still in or land
Rolandson, MarkEm3Jul 8, 1985 – Aug 6, 1989Electrical divisionI saw this site and saw John degnan, looking for the boys,Jim lauterbach,Dave voss,I'm living in Arizona now. Like to catch up sincerely Roland Garland as lauterbach would say, can't say is nick name in the message.
Yazzie, Sammuel YazzieBM3Jul 24, 1985 – Jan 15, 1990ODO12 many adventures / good or bad, if u know what I mean.
Mabey, JerryGMT1Aug 31, 1985 – Feb 14, 1988CAFun was had by all during OZ-PAC. Memories that will never be forgotten
Cassel, Ed "Butch"QMSep 1985 – Apr 1989Navigationjust came across pics, steamer flag, and a comemorative chart from the '86 Austrialia trip, good times...
Charles, Paul (Charlie)YN2Sep 1985 – Aug 1989NavigationShips office crew - Where're you at? Great times traveling the world. Australia, WestPac and dry dock Portland, Kenya. Lets keep in touch.
Roark, DavidFC3Sep 1, 1985 – Mar 18, 1988Sea Chicken (Thanks Johnbo)Great bunch of guys but I never want to have to live with over 30 guys in one berthing compartment ever again. And yes, the West Pac was a trip of a lifetime. Crossed the date-line on my b-day.
Cougle, RoyGMG3Nov 1985 – Nov 1989Portland, Oregon was fun! In fact, I liked it so much that I still live here. Looking for Johnny Prater, Dan Puclic and Rodrigo Rosaro (where are you guys?). Last time I was in Long Beach, I toasted the Foster with a Foster's!
Connolly, AndrewRM3Nov 15, 1985 – May 15, 1988OCshout out to all my Foster brothers
Edwards, John Or EdDC21986 – 1990RI live in maryland.I met up with Ray and Brad at Brad's retirement party.Had a good time.Saw some foster people there.Had some of the best times of my life on that ship and didn't even know it.Email mertz,charles
Williams, WilliamUSS Paul F. Foster1986 – 1989OIJust saw the EUSS Paul F. Foster docked in Portland. Kick A**. Looking for my fellow CIC members: Sol, Bob, Jamie, Les, Randy, ABK...
Clabaugh, BobSTG31986 – 1988Sonar
Buenzow, RogerEN 31986 – 1989A gangThis was the best thing in my life that i was part of. I miss it tremendously and would do this all over again.
Angstadt, CoreyBMSNJan 1986 – Apr 8, 19881st divHad a great time remember most of everybody from that time sure would like to hear from Manny Romero is
Lauterbach, JimGSE2Jan 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1989MPHope to here from old shipmates. John Degnan you out there.
Hohler, JasonFC3Jan 11, 1986 – Nov 10, 1988Combat SystemsA lot of good memories on the Foster. WestPac 86 in Australia made signing up worth it!!
Lett, SteveSTG2Feb 1986 – May 1990CARemembering a great many of you on here. Tony Orlando... you've tried to call me but it won't connect for some reason. Send me a mssg! FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS ALL!
Courtney, RandallOS2Mar 19, 1986 – Mar 19, 1990OI
Hawley, JeffOS2Apr 1986 – Feb 1991OIHad a great Aussie Cruise and Portland was a great place to spend a year. Worked with a great bunch of guys in CIC.
Davison, PhilipGMT1Apr 17, 1986 – Jul 22, 1988CA
Bird, AndySTG3Apr 21, 1986 – Dec 21, 1991CAGot out because I wanted to settle down. Was the most memorable time of my life. I had a blast. I miss all the guys i served with. I live in So. Cal. with my wife and 5 kids. Would like to hear from the guys I worked along side.
Haden, BobbieFc 2May 25, 1986 – Sep 7, 1990fire control
Thornton, BrianQMSN (REPEATEDLY)Jun 1986 – Feb 1989NAVI never worked so hard for so little in my life. Never learned so much so quickly, either. Thanks to all my shipmates for the "education" and I hope you're all doing well (even the guys I didn't "gell" with... especia
Orr, MikeFC2(SW)Jun 14, 1986 – Oct 17, 1990CFI remember a lot of good friends and being haze gray an underway!! Would have missed a lot of great people had I missed being on the Ol' gray lady named the P.F. Flyer. I can say I was a member of a great crew on a great ship.
Gray, Michael "Punk" GrayRMSNJun 21, 1986 – Oct 21, 1987looking for Shanta, Frombling,or Rick Walters..
Flynn, NickFCCS(SW)Jul 5, 1986 – Nov 15, 1989CGAustralia!
Clayman, JamesSN3Jul 14, 1986 – May 6, 19901st
Lane, BubbaQM2Aug 1986 – Feb 9, 1990NavigationHad a great time. Looking forward to hearing from some people.
Menard, ThomasGSM2Aug 1986 – Oct 1991MPOld gray but still remember being a Foster child, made 3 great deployments to the Gulf and one major over haul that was less than but good memorys.
Williams, DonnieGSE1 (SW)Aug 1986 – Dec 1991MPJust Wanted to say hello to the guys-- Scott,Jim,Jim,John and all the rest of WesPac 89.Email me if you get the chance
Mairs, DanielSH2(SW)Aug 1986 – Aug 1988S-3It was a blast aboard the PFF during this period. AUSPAC celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Australian Navy and being the envy of the fleet.
Klar, JohnSH3Aug 18, 1986 – Feb 17, 1990Ships servicemanHad a lot of fun on the P.F.F. Doing the AUSSi down under tour, and the Phillipines, 3 times. Great memories. Learned a lot abroad.
Clabaugh, BobSTG3Aug 20, 1986 – Oct 10, 1989AS (Sonar/Missles)Remember as the worst time of my life but with some of the best friends. Loved the WestPac to Aussie Land... Anyone heard from Scott Yoho, David Hall, Jim Winchel, Steve Lett, et al? miss you guys. Drop a line....
Noah, ThomasOS1Sep 1986 – Mar 1991OI
Degnan, JohnHT 2Nov 1986 – Mar 1988RI just found this website this brought back some great memories. Hope to catch up with some of the old crew. We had some great times. James Lauterbach,Dave Vos, Gary Krakowski,Mike Moss,Mark Rolandson where you guys at
Miller, BrianFC1Nov 1, 1986 – Sep 1, 1988CMAll who served on board the Paul "F" Foster knew what the "F" meant. The cement block at Northwest Marine Iron Works, slammed into every few days, priceles. 2 knot Danberg & who can forget Fletcher shot for having a fake gun
Barbee, DanielGSM2Dec 1986 – Jun 1988GSGreat times and great learning experiences! First West Pac, first liberty port (Australia!), overhaul in Portland. I got a lot out of my time on the Foster.
Phelps, MitchSTG3Dec 23, 1986 – Mar 31, 1989CAAwsome command and great memories Australia and Portland Oregan. Retired now and working for a contractor as an engineer.

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