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USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 712 crew members registered for the USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964).

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White, JimLT1974 – 1977
Christian, Dan "BEAR" and "Chaplain"1974 – 1976PreCom Crew and Plank Owner What a great experience - even if I did get injured and therefore, Honorably discharged! Also, many thanks to you Captain and Exec! Look forward to hearing from any shipmates.
Dickerson, MikeEM21974 – 1978E DivPlankowner. Glad I found this site and seeing the names I have forgotten. Like the rest of you, the best time I have ever had. We had fun and worked hard. Great friends and proud founding member of the LPC.
Bennett, JohnLTJG1974 – 1977Elec. Off.Plankowner
Waldrep, SteveE3 Yeoman1974 – 1976Weapon DepartmentOne of the greatest experiences of my life - I am an original crew member (planque owner) - put the ship into commisisoning - sailed on maiden cruise to Cuba for Sea Trials - thru the Panama Canal and over to San Diego.
Ayres, James profile iconrm21974 –oc
Nolan, MarkLTJGFeb 1974 – Jul 1978Plank Owner
Dean, MikeDD964Feb 2, 1974 – Nov 17, 1978EPlank Owner, Electric Shop Supervisor through first WESTPAC, currently working to establish USS PAUL F FOSTER ASSOCIATION, have list of over 70 crewmembers
Worth, JosephLTSep 1974 – Jul 1977RPlankowner
Howell, JackDS2/DS1/DSCOct 1, 1974 – Aug 1, 1979OEPlankowner, one of the "veranda" guys
Akers, TomIC2, IC1, GSE1Oct 1, 1974 – Nov 1978EPlankowner
Erickson, MikeOS2Nov 15, 1974 – Jan 21, 1980OIFirst Plankowner to report onboard. And last one to leave.
Sewald, RonDS2Dec 1974 – Jan 1979OENothing better then a morning on the veranda.
Christman, Richard (Rick)ET1Dec 1974 – Apr 1977OEPlank Owner and another one of the Veranda guys. Everyone should go through the Panama Canal, but to do it on US man-of-war was awesome! Wouldn't trade those years! Glad she is still afloat!
Mehringer, ScottEM 2Dec 15, 1974 – Dec 15, 1976EPre com- Plank Owner. Looking back during this time I was a real dumb kid. I had allot of growing up to do. Made some great friends on the Foster. It would be great to hear from some of the guys Clyde, Sully, Chapman, Doug, Omara, Powell.
Stroud, JeremyENFN1975 – 1979EngineeringPlankowner
Pudlitzke, MarkSK21975 – 1980S!Plankowner
Gill, CharlesET1/C1975 – Aug 1979OEPlankowner - One of the other veranda guys
Koppenhaver, BrianSeaman1975 – 1976.Pre-Com and Plank Owner,,
Bailey, RobertLT1975 – 1977FOXPrecom through workup. Best command and best crew. A fine ship.
Lyon, RichardGMT1Jan 1975 – May 1976ASPlankowner
Brown, TommyBM3 PLANK OWNERJan 1975 – Jan 19791st
Sullivan, Michaelem2Jan 1, 1975 – Aug 20, 1976e divYes, I remember all about casey jones and how it was pulled off. You just have to know who was hiding up in the foward IC room to make the connection between the 1mc and the ships entertainment system.
Dean, MichaelGSE1Jan 11, 1975 – Dec 17, 1978E-Div.Plank Owner. Served aboard from Pre-Com through the first WESTPAC deployment. Came aboard EM2. Left GSE1 after promotion and conversion. Electric Shop supervisor.
Shenberger, Patrick ShenPN3 Plank OwnerJan 15, 1975 – Nov 20, 1977Ship's Office-PersonnelServing on Foster was a great experience for me. I have a lot of very good memories. Since leaving Foster in 1977 I have worked in the electric power industry, and as of right now I am retired.
Johnson, John (Senior Chief)Em1/C &EMCJan 25, 1975 – Sep 30, 1979E Div.Plank Owner some of you knew me as Chief Sun Shine and some you knew me by other names. All water under the bridge. Yuall take care J.Johnson GSCS SF/MTS (FRN/SF) USN (RET.)
Kirker, GregSmsnFeb 1975 – Mar 15, 1977CommunicationsMike Sullivan and the Casey jones insident was Calssic. Thanks to Clyde Myers. Does any body knows what happed to Mike Algier aka Tadpoll
Sackett, MichaelSTG3Feb 1975 – 1977SonarGreat time of my life. Nice to see some of my old shipmates. Plank owner, Pascagoula, Panama Canal, San Diego, Canada both coasts.
Ross, DougFTG2Feb 1975 – 1978FTPlank owner. I got to drive her thru the Panama Canal on two of our three trips thru. What a blast!! Great ship and good friends.
Myers, ClydeIC2Feb 15, 1975 – Dec 15, 1976EPlankowner Anyone remember Casey Jones by the Greatful Dead when Sully left the ship? Email me to find out how it was done. You won't believe it. Where is Chapman, and what happened to him?
Randles, LarryE-5/ HT2Feb 15, 1975 – Jun 10, 1979R Div.Pre Com Plank Owner Golden Shell Back something to do with going through the Panama Canal more than two times. Remember the talent show DOG especially it was only water gies
Savage, LarryFTG1Feb 19, 1975 – Aug 12, 1979FOXPlank Owner - Founding board member USS Paul F. Foster Association - Current volunteer docent, USS Midway Museum (San Diego).
Price, KennethHT2Mar 10, 1975 – Oct 7, 1976R1I left in a hurry, as the Navy and I did not really see eye to eye...some others thought I was involved in dubious activity, they were wrong, I ended up in Greatn Lakes, honorably discharged
Carpenter, DavidSEAMANApr 1, 1975 – Jun 6, 1976First Night BakerPlank Owner 1st Div. Seaman,Asst. Baker;went through Panama Canal 3 times & Ens. Santos wrecked the pier in Canada;1st ship to Acapulco; remember the parties & the capt. closing the fantail down in the Gulf of Mexico! Yes, I was honorably discharg
Newman, CalEN2May 1975 – Dec 1977EngineeringPlankowner. Started in "A" gang, went to forward engine room and finished as the "Fuel Oil/Waterking". I met some of the best people of my life on board the Foster
Guy, GearyHM3May 1975 – May 1977NAVLoved all the good ole times in precom at our party pad with Dave Chapman, Ken Brinkman, Doug Omara, Ed Zehr, Joe Spivey, Doug Ross, Berelli, Ayers, Branch, Powell, and the rest of the crew. Sure miss all those guys
Page, AndyOS1May 15, 1975 – Nov 15, 1977OIIf memory serves correctly; we had a damn fine time, especially in pre-com
Friddle, LarryEW1May 24, 1975 – Jul 27, 1978OWHard to beleive she's gone. Precomission crew, Plankowner, OI/OW division LPO, First WestPac. So many places visited, so much fun. Great crew and friends. These were some of the best years of my life.
Goold, TimSH2Jun 1975 – May 1977SupplyPlankowner, laundry and ship's store operator
Nelson, TedE3,QM3Jun 1975 – Nov 1978Quartermaster/NavigationJust a dumb kid back then, but have alot of memories of some far away places and far out friends. McDermott, Sheffield, "Harry", Young, Beuler, Branch, Powell, Mabin, Marino. The journey never ends, but the joy and glory is in the climb. Email
Boutell, BillET1Jun 1975 – Dec 16, 1976OEPlankowner. San Diego what a great place. Pascagoula, Canal 3X, Mexico, Canada. Great time and great ship.
Brincefield, CurtET1Aug 1975 – Jul 1979ET/DSThe Low Profile Crew! Made Shellback aboard Foster. Best Port -Brisbane! Canal 3x, turned 21 in Pascagoula. Climbed Mt. Fuji. Subic Bay...what can you say! Acapulco...what did you pay for that? Precom...what a great family. I miss you guys.
Powell, Jon [jp]FA STRIKING FOR ICMANAug 1, 1975 – Jun 15, 1977EWow Was I young On Foster right after bt camp 17 Brickman,Sully,Chapman,Omara,Myers Herb,Woodside,Spawn Jenkins,Drukery Johnson,Dean party or trying to kill me! Big ditch 3x Laglorias&Blue goose3x,Mex,Cor,SF,Sea,Can,LB [It is a true honor]
Bavetta, Charles "Chuck"EN2Sep 1975 – Jan 20, 1977M Forward EngineroomI came aboard as a replacement from the crew of DD966. Had a great time. Went thru the "Big Ditch" 3 times. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!
Lewis, JeromeEN 3Oct 9, 1975 – Apr 21, 1979MRemember My Happy Ass??
Boyd, ClintonSH3Nov 15, 1975 – Apr 17, 1977Supply PLANK OWNER living in Washington State

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