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USS Spruance (DD 963) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Spruance (DD 963). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 654 crew members registered for the USS Spruance (DD 963).

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Weeks, Robert DavidOS31994 – 1997OI
Gonzalez, AngelSM21994 – 1996OPERATIONSThis was my best tour! Did the Haiti Operation of 1995! We had the best basketball team on the basin! XO Torres my regards, SIR! To my signal gang, hope you are still going strong!
Ignacio, Danilo "Baby Doc"Hm31994 – 1995medical/administration
Struchko, EricGSM1994 – 1996EngineeringSome of the best days of my life. I still consider everyone from that boat my brothers and wouldn't hesitate to stick my neck out for any of them. Willl carry lessons I learned throughout my life. Wish I was still there.
Wyche, MarcusPNSN1994 – 1996adminBeen searching for old shipmates
Cardwell, TerryET1(SW/AW)1994 – 1997CE
Freeman, MichaelSTG1Jan 14, 1994 – May 16, 1997WEPSNot a lot of good memories from the Sprue, but some of the people were super and good at heart. Even a few orifcer"s. Just kidding. Like the onload in one of the Carolina"s where they gave us liberty till midnight and "then started it, D
Luna, BillE3 DECK/GUNNERJan 16, 1994 – Sep 26, 1995DeckMan, I thought I was crazy being on that ship. But maybe we were all just young. Scanned the names and I can only remember the good times. I remember the cherry Gordo, but I was smart enough to stay away from the Spu burger. Good times.
Weeks, Robert D.OS3Jan 29, 1994 – Aug 1, 1997OIMy first ship. Had a rough time for awhile there, but got right and finished my tour strong.
Nist, Chuck profile iconSTGC(SW)Mar 1994 – Aug 1995CAWhat a nightmare! Anyone remember the "board of governors?" Great and proud ship, good blue shirt crew. Fair winds...
Conklin, RodHMCMMar 10, 1994 – May 10, 1996MedicalWas fun and rewarding. Treated numerous shipmates from pes planus to lumbago. Sutured a few of you clowns. Retired in Illinois for now:-)
Halstead, AaronEW3 (NOW 0-2)Apr 1994 – Apr 1997OZDamn... where did the time go? Those were some of the best and worst times.
Babin, ChrisGSM 1Apr 1, 1994 – Sep 18, 1996Engineering
Hernandez, LuisE3/SNApr 4, 1994 – Apr 3, 1996Ops Deck SeamanJust looking to reconnect with anyone from Deck Division or anyone that remembers me. Currently I'm married with 3 kids living in Charlotte. I'm also an aircraft mechanic for American Airlines.
Arnold, Benjamin / BooterRM3Aug 1, 1994 – Mar 8, 1996OC01First ship, still the best. Now an IT1 / 2011
Episcopo, MikeCTM3Sep 1994 – Oct 1997ozbest times of my life.. till the end there anyway. mad dog, keller, randy, dirty bob, beau, housecat, brandon, mike, cyronne, and all the spru.. hope life is treating you well
Hicks, JohnIT2 SWSep 5, 1994 – Aug 31, 1998OCWonderful ship and crew. Made many many friends while onboard. Never forget
Martin, Chip (Homes)MS2/1 (SW)Nov 1994 – Nov 1998S-2What a blast and a pain at the same time. Retired in 2003 as MS1(SW), Now living in Newport,RI
Rettino, AnthonySTGNov 1994 – Nov 1995CA
Davis, James profile iconBM21995 – 19961st Division
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Gallegos, Jose "lego"E-4/GSM3Jan 3, 1995 – Sep 7, 1997MMy first and only ship to have been on. Met lots and said good-bye to lots of friends. Miss the the ship and all those i got to know. Also the one to get me disabled down there in MAIN 2. But all in all i had a whole lot of fun on her.
Gingerella, FrankBM2Jan 21, 1995 – Jul 10, 19991st
Valle, WesleyYN3Mar 1995 – Jul 1996Admin
Sidelinger, Andrew (Slinger)EM3Mar 1995 – Nov 1997E DivisionI miss the Spruance and all the sharks. Many, many memories and many, many friends left behind that I will never forget. Many places traveled that I will probably never will have the opportunity to visit again. Sprucan!
Whitlow, AaronSK3Apr 21, 1995 – Oct 1, 1999supplyWish I would have stayed in touch with more people than I did......
Neely, MattFC2(SW)May 1995 – Jul 1998gunsNever realized how good it was until I Had that DD214 in hand. Miss the beat downs in combat bearthing.
Bulpitt, Joseph (Bull)STG1(SW)May 1, 1995 – Aug 10, 1999CAGreat crew.
Maddox, RickFCC(SW)May 1, 1995 – Oct 31, 1997CMNato Seasparrow/Mk-23 TAS/Harpoon
Bowman, Joseph Bo-boEN2 (SW)May 2, 1995 – Aug 31, 2000I had some of the best times of my life there and some of the hardest.It made me who I am today.I miss all my freinds and all the other Bastards from the bottom of the ship.
Threat, EricGSM3Jun 1, 1995 – Apr 24, 1998engineeringLooking for old Shipmates
Burcham, KeithBM2Jun 4, 1995 – Dec 11, 1998Deck
Barrington, Shane "b"FC2Aug 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 2000CFBest bunch of Squids a guy could sail with. We partied, we fought, and we trained, we worked and then we partied again. Miss the Spru burgers and the feeling of being Sprued again. Ahh the quiet warrior... You'll be missed.
Grafton, RobertOS2/E5Nov 14, 1995 – Nov 2000OI
Whittier, DwightE11996 – 1998deck
Sikes, RobGM31996 – 1998OrdnanceTrying to get in touch with some of the guys off the Spru Can
Wood, Tim,GM31996 – 1998StrikeHated they sank the Grey Goose. In case anyone has ever wondered what happen to that guy. I'm sitting beside the still enjoying a corn based premium beverage. Colons keep that hand strong.
Way, MeganSN1996 – 2000Deck
London, JonathanGMG31996 – 1997Ordnance
Ervin, PhilE-41996 – 1998SupplyWhat's up crew! Been a long time. Reach out.
Kane, JesseE4 GSE3Jan 1996 – Dec 2, 1999MMy First Ship in the Navy, Did 2 Meds and a Baltops. Had a great time on all three and worked for/with some of the greatest people in the field. Going to miss that ship.
Falero, HarryE4Feb 19, 1996 – Feb 11, 2000963
Guerrier, JeanGSM3Mar 1996 – Mar 1998EngineeringBy far one of the best ship, I had the plaseaure of serving onboard. The crew was an allstar crew on every level possible
Floyd, BrentE3Mar 1, 1996 – Feb 1, 1998OPS
Murdock, CharlesE4/GSMMar 17, 1996 – Mar 17, 2000MThe spru camp was my home and i miss all my buddies down in main 2 , maybe we can all get together and go see the good old spruance in philly now that she has been decon
Starling, Reginaldgsm3Apr 1996 – Apr 1997engineering
Horton, TimBM 2Jun 1996 – Aug 19991st / Deck
Kenneth, GreenIT2Aug 3, 1996 – Feb 3, 2001OCGreat ship. Great people. She will be missed.
Gilstrap, BrandonDS2 (NOW LDO)Aug 12, 1996 – Oct 20, 2000CEGet tour on a great ship!
Merkel, BillFC2Sep 1996 – Jul 1998SWI miss those days. We had a good crew. Did a Med and a Baltops.
Davis, MelvinBM2 (SW) / E-5Oct 30, 1996 – Aug 19, 19981ST
Davis Jr., MelvinBM2 (SW)Oct 30, 1996 – Aug 19, 19981st
Lopez, JoseIC3Nov 1, 1996 – Dec 1, 1998E - DivisionIf anyone is sitll around from the time i served... contact me!
Lacey, LeeOS1(SW)Nov 28, 1996 – May 8, 2001OIStarted out as a great ship and great crew. Then came the female retrofit period. The morale went downhill from there. Never will forget my dawgs in Combat. Lil' G, Hustle, Rufus, Triple D, etc.
Aurand, Todd profile iconSNDec 1996 – Jun 1997Deck
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