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USS Spruance (DD 963) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Spruance (DD 963). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 654 crew members registered for the USS Spruance (DD 963).

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Sigler, Ken -ziggyPETTY OFFICERE6Jan 19, 1981 – Nov 17, 1986Gunners matte
Celli, RichardOS2Feb 1, 1981 – Jul 16, 1985OIGood times even though we complained about everything. We made our own fun because we were constantly haze grey and underway
Cantor, MichaelE3 DECK HANDFeb 15, 1981 – Oct 15, 1984First Deck HandSpruance was the best in the fleet. Remember our song: "superman!" And how the score: US 2, Libya 0. God Bless all you guys!
Nottingham, DanFTM2Apr 1, 1981 – Apr 1, 1983WeaponsCame at the tail end of the botched job at the Portsmouth overhaul, so many problems after that we stopped reftra/GITMO, then to Pascagoula for 3 months to get it fixed right. Freedom of navigation ops off Central America was interesting.
Swallows, Luther E. profile iconCTO4Jun 1, 1981 – Jan 5, 1985OutboardThere was some good times and some bad times, but I wouldn't have missed it. Met a lot of good people aboard Spruance DD-963. Would like to hear from any, and ALL ... so if you knew me ... email me !
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Swallows, LutherCTO3Jun 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1984OutboardI was a Cryptologic Technician Operator. Looking for anyone who was aboard the USS Spruance (DD-963) between June 1984 and December 1984. Luther "Gene" Swallows (CTO3)
Havlin, JamesEM 2Jun 2, 1981 – Jan 6, 1985EngThe best fun I've had in a long time until the CNO Clark became the CO.
Johnson, StephenQM1Jun 18, 1981 – Jun 16, 1984NAVIGATIONHELL OF A RIDE.
Athy, BradFCJul 20, 1981 – Jul 1984Combat SystemsHad a lot of fun
Caldwell, Brian profile iconOSSNSep 1981 – Mar 1983OIPlaying D&D in CIC Townsend was DM. Richard Celli, William E. Townley "WET," Dunkerly, Bob Pigores, Jeff Tuck, Steve McGaha (good food), Steve Neal. I can still see your faces. into Crypto now.
Rose, RobertPN2Nov 6, 1981 – Jul 15, 1985NAVRetired in 2002 as PNC(SW). The birth of my daughter Sabrina was the catalyst for a career. By the way, did anyone ever find the secret 1MC installation which PC1 Foley was supposed to have had?
Twyman, CarlET31982 – 1985Some of the best and most interesting people you would every want to have the pleasure to meet and serve with. I truly hope you all are doing well, I think of the crew and good times often.
Clark Sr., Raymond/rayCTRC (E-7)1982 – 1985Made Chief while onboard. Lots of good memories and lots of good friends
Clymer, BryonOS21982 – 1987OI
Webb, ThomasRMSA1982 – 1982CommunicationsWhile stationed in Norfolk, I was temporarily assigned to this ship while awaiting for the USS Boone FFG-28 to be complete. Met some good people onboard and got sea sick for the first time also while onboard. Great ship.
Celli, RichardOS2Jan 17, 1982 – Jul 17, 1985OI
Aponte, JulioDK3Feb 1982 – Jan 1984supplyI work in the Disbursing Office S-4 div, I remember having allot of great shipmates onboard.
Vallor, TomRmFeb 1982 – Sep 1984ForgotDoes anyone remember going to the Isle of Mann off the coast of England, what a place
O'Connor, EarlIC1Mar 1982 – Apr 1987CEReally enjoyed my time onboard and miss it. Hope to catch up with some who were onboard during periods listed.
O'Connor, RichardOS2Mar 1982 – May 1986OIgreat crew,lousy command. wheres the duke of the gut,and creature? hey what up ollie, benny,baby ohhrah.hi pug. joe p from balt.whats up
McNeil, Gregory "mac"SNApr 22, 1982 – Sep 25, 1985DeckGood times, Bad times, but I cherish the memories of doing it all. If I could do it all over again I would. Glad I got out, but Thankfull I was able to serve. Will always support the Navy.
Walker, WilliamDS3May 1, 1982 – May 1, 1986repair 8 lockerHey guy's, remember me? North Atlantic, Amsterdam, France... And Norway? And Isle of Mann and England and Spain and the Black Sea and Cdr. Vernan Clark, making CNO! Remember when the Navy was fun... What ever happened to ET2 Dave Purdy & Ro
Witt, John (Tom)SKSR TO SK3Jun 13, 1982 – Nov 30, 1984SupplyLots of great memories and friendships I'll cherish forever. Hope to hear from shipmates who served with me aboard the Spru Maru. Please email at
Doebler, BillCTTC (SW)Jul 14, 1982 – Apr 15, 1985OZThe "SPRU-MARU" tour was one of the best in my naval career, which spaned 26 years. The crew both officers/chiefs and enlisted were great to work with. The Chief's mess was one of the finest in the Navy.
Doebler, BillCTTC (SW)Jul 14, 1982 – Apr 30, 1985OZ (Outboard)It was one of the finest tours of my 26 year naval career. CDR Pat Sheppard was the CO when I came aboard. He was relieved by CDR Vern Clark (who became CNO). The XO during CDR Clark's tour was LCDR Gary Roughead (Current CNO - 2008)
Hogan, PeteMS 2Aug 1982 – Oct 1984SupplyFrom Pascagula Dry Dock, working with "Mouse", PC 1 Foley, FM Bothwell, and lots of other great guys. It was an action packed two years. Boxing matches and rogue waves. We did it all in a very short time! Good Times
Cupp, FrankEWSep 1982 – Sep 1984OZHad a great time....
Cupp, Frank profile iconEW1Sep 1982 – Sep 1984OZ
Earley, Robert P.RM2Sep 1, 1982 – Jun 30, 1986Communications
Stevens, RonaldPC3Oct 1982 – Jan 1985NavigationGreat bunch of guys. Capt. Shepherd was the best in the Navy.
Womble, TraySM1Oct 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1987Enjoyed time on ship in OC Div. Great Guys
Earley, RobertRM2Oct 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1986OC
Harley, PhillipDS1Oct 31, 1982 – Oct 31, 1984Don't miss the life just the friends I left behind. Looking for a shipmate Osborn
Pazourek, Joseph REW3Dec 1982 – Dec 1985OZ-02When I saw this ship available as a duty station in A school, I jumped to be on the first of a great class of ships
Blevins, KenLTDec 1982 – Jul 1984
Blevins, KenLCDRDec 1982 – Jun 1984Combat Systems Officer
Reilly, FrankHT3Dec 30, 1982 – Jul 10, 1985RGreat times. Twyman and me mess cooking in the scullery. I think we need a reunion of the folks on the 83 Persian Gulf Trip.
Tereska, PaulGSM21983 – 1986MI had some of the best times I can't remember on liberty on that ship.I would love to be aboard her one more time.
Walker, FloydRM21983 – 1986OC
McCotter, PatrickGSM31983 – 1986EngEngineroom #2
Burris, BradHM2Jan 27, 1983 – Jun 14, 1984NavigationWe were 325 brothers who got along pretty well. The Gulf seemed to last forever. The only way you could tell time was passing was our half work days on Saturday. Summer Shepards and Bharain was our escape. Remember the pool and E Club at the ASU?
Barker, GregIC2Apr 1983 – Oct 1984CE
Roye, TonyET2/ET1/ETCMay 1983 – Nov 1986CEBest destroyer I ever served on. Great crew. 7 other tours of duty and none were as good as this.
Jackson, DonSK2Jun 1983 – Jun 1985Supply
Purdy, DaveET2Aug 1983 – May 1986CEAnother survivor from the Vern Clark era. "Down in Gitmo... da na na". Med Cruise '84-'85. Partied hard in Gaeta... real hard. Rocked Algiers. Some really good memories.
Butler, Alan profile iconSA - HT3Aug 1983 – Mar 19871st Division and EngineeringCame aboard to 1st Div. at the age of 20. Was in 1st for 3 yrs before becoming an HT. Chief Anderson (BMC Anderson) was a great teacher and mentor.
Arrendale, RonET2Aug 1, 1983 – Aug 1, 1986Combat Systems CommunicationsI served on this ship and busted my ass. I liked it that way. When I first arrived, this ship couldn't get underway because the communications were screwed up. I fixed that. Recently, I went to another Sprunce class ship for decom. I miss it......
Campbell, JimCTM2Aug 25, 1983 – Jan 25, 1987OZSkated in the Land of OZ. Miss jukin with my EW buds & trying to stay away from Mr. Z. LAME Med-Cruise but good people.
Benson, KevinSM2Sep 7, 1983 – Apr 1, 1988ocwhats up to all my friends you know who you are.and also all the people from oc div. i had some good times on the sru. and would like to hear from some of my friends from back then email-kevinbnsn@yahoo
Bly, KennethET2Oct 1983 – Dec 1986CEHanging with Dave, Ron, Ernie, Benny. Rocking in Gaeta and Algiers. Food Fight in the transmitter room. Blue Nose. Dicking Ron's cup. Med 84/85. Muscher blowing up my transmitter. I grew on the Spru. Lots of great guys, too many to list!
Hipp, BennyOS 2Nov 1, 1983 – May 6, 1987OIGreat Ship, great crew, good times. I would not take anything for the memories that I have being in the Navy and on board the USS Spruance.
Ayo, CrisOS3Nov 14, 1983 – May 24, 1987OperationsProbably one of the best times of my life at the time. The Spurance and her crew were tops!
Straight, CoreyGMT3Dec 1983 – Apr 1987Weapons
Hazelwood, ToddDec 1983 – Jun 1985ET

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