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USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 229 crew members registered for the USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60).

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Swinney, MarvinE-5/SK2Jan 30, 1996 – Mar 30, 1998S-1Hello everybody, RMD was one of my favorite ship's, we had a good crew; hit some nice Port vists. I retired in Oct 2006 as a 1st class; currently living in Guam and working at Servmart. Do you all remember SKCS Jones?
Neubauer, RichardOSC NEUBAUER,RICHARDApr 26, 1996 – Jun 16, 1999OPS/OIGreating from Raleigh, NC. Appreciate all the leadership and training I received onboard the Davis. After departing in June I continued to serve as a reservist. I have since been to Iraq for a tour and awaiting the Chief results this week.
Ibanez, SteveEMCS (SW)May 1996 – May 1998XBest tour of my career, even though I was stuck as the 3MC. Only left because RMD moved to the wrong side of the pond.
McClenithan, DavidEW1May 1996 – Apr 1998OE
Neubauer, RichardOS1(SW)May 1, 1996 – Jun 16, 1999OII got NAV
McGinn, DennisFC2(SW)May 8, 1996 – Apr 20, 1998CS-3I loved Japan...only reason I left the ship was that it changed it's homeport to Everett, WA.
Kelly, MattDC3 - E4Jun 12, 1996 – Jun 12, 1999EngineeringI'm looking for the RMD cruise book. Paid for it...never got it. Anybody know where to get one?
Roberts, Jesse profile iconFiremanJul 1996 – Jul 2000firemanHey shipmates. My time on the R.M.D. was amazing. I would love to talk to anyone I served with.
Rea, JoseE 3Aug 8, 1996 – Aug 18, 1999operationsThis was one of the most exciting times of my life! Thank you all that were a part of it!
Cox, KourtnayOperations Specialist1997 – 2001Operations Intelligence
Yalung, RositoPersonnelman First Class Petty OfficerMar 5, 1997 – Jul 31, 1999ADMIN-PERSONNELHad finest crew and officers in my assignment with them. Great ship's CAPT, DIVOFF and crew - team work attitude and great support from all the departments and divisions as one unified team and crew when deployed.
Schiffel, JoeET2Apr 29, 1997 – May 26, 2001CS-4AIMS Mk XII IFF & SNAP III technician. Now a SSgt. in the WA Air National Guard's 143rd Combat Communications Squadron. Also a Field Service Rep. / ET in real-life. I miss most of the people, not the seasickness.
Kielty, PatrickE5Oct 6, 1997 – Sep 9, 2000
Hoffman, NathanIT2Nov 27, 1997 – Apr 28, 2001OC-03I'll never forget the Pidgeon Massacre of '98.
Davis, RonaldET2(SS)1998 – Nov 1, 1998NAVIGATION
Wade, JamesSTGSN - STG2Mar 27, 1998 – Apr 24, 2002CS-2Somedays I still miss the RMD.
Ray, EricENS RAY WAS OS2May 8, 1998 – Mar 26, 2000OIIt has been a while since I saw the Davis and her crew I served with. Life is good for me back in Georgia, I am a small business owner, I have three kids, and I just made ENS in the reserves. It woudl be great to hear from anyone!
Sauve, Neil / RicoOSCJun 22, 1998 – Feb 1, 2002OI
Fokuo, CharlesEN3Jul 15, 1998 – Jan 10, 2003EngineeringThis was my first ship and it was awesome to be around. Busting 16 tons of cocaine in Columbia was outstanding.
Levine, RichardEN 2Oct 7, 1998 – Dec 20, 1999A-Ganghey to all you Rodney M Davis
King, JamesBM11999 – 2002DeckGreat ship, Great crew. was by far the most demanding and most rewarding tour in the navy. Now I am a BMC stationed in Sardinia.
Giotownhouse, JDONT REMEMBER1999 – 2002mp
Myers, Tony profile iconEN 31999 – 2000A- GangI'd love to hear from my old buddies, and if you still live in the Seattle area and need plumbing work, I own my own business and would love to help out, so give me a call 253-255-6360!
Krenik, Big PapaE-3Jul 10, 1999 – Jan 1, 2002Deck
Mayo, BaltazarMR1(SW/AW)Aug 15, 1999 – Jan 2, 2003REPAIR/EMO4
Ventsch, Brad Aka DirtyFC2Oct 19, 1999 – Oct 29, 2003CS3What up bitches? I'm thinking a muster of the self-esteem team is in order!!!
Silva, IvanOS2Jan 6, 2000 – Jan 6, 2004OperationsIt was the best expirience to serve and protect along side my country men. 16 tons of cocaine confiscated over 380 vessels interogated for weapons of mass destruction. Good luck to all my shipmates in all your endeavors. Neeners!!
Johnson, Louis "Chimney"CSSN(SCW/UDT)Jan 19, 2000 – Aug 11, 2000S-2Good times.
Johnson, Louis CSSNFeb 3, 2000 – Aug 23, 2000S-2I miss my ship. Forever F'n Gone... but never forgotten. and I miss my shipmates, especially MS2 Francios, MS1 (SW) Martinez, MSSN Strobel, MS3 (SW) Abad, DCC (SW) Belk and CDR Williams.
Lillie, Justin/"Gangsta Lillie"SM3May 15, 2000 – May 14, 2004Nav.Had a good time, but I'm glad to be out. Thank god I'm out of the service!!! What up Sm3 Herts!
Terian, Vartan/t-birdOS-2Jun 5, 2000 – Dec 19, 2003OI01This was one of the best times I have ever had in my life. I had a great experience and at times I wish that I was CIC sup again.
Lockridge, TerryGSM3Jun 15, 2000 – Jul 14, 2004ENGINEERINGBest experience, best choice, best men ever have had a honor to work with. Miss alot a time, even the times restricted. best of wishes to ones I have came across!
Holzwarth, GregOS2Jul 2000 – Mar 2004OIThe best years of my life, so many memories!
Temple, Adam, Lunchbox, GunnerboatsGM2/BM2Jul 5, 2000 – Mar 27, 2004CS-3/DeckWas one of the most fulfilling times of my young life so far, I will never forget it, Great crew and good times.
Moss, Steve(salad)E-6Jul 19, 2000 – Jul 1, 2005cs-4
Dewitt, McCauleyET2Oct 31, 2000 – Oct 27, 2004Miss the real Navy that new how to get things done.
Spurlock, Aaron/ Squirrell CockEN2/NOW CM2Feb 7, 2001 – Jul 5, 2003A-GANGWhat up all. Looking for FC3/2 Martin or any other boys from the petosas crowd...Yall know who you are.
Gehrig, Jerrid/ LouOS2Mar 1, 2001 – Sep 20, 2004OII am happy that I chose the Davis for my ship at A school, I dont think I would have recieved half the experience and friends on the Lincoln or another. I will always remember my days there good and bad and will charish them!!! LouDynasty
Cullen, DavidEMC(SW)Apr 2001 – Jun 2004E-Div/3M CoordinatorGreat tour and the best people. But still happy to be retired.
Hunter, DougGSM3 (SW)Apr 1, 2001 – Aug 20, 2004MPI miss it sometimes, mostly the crew and the fun times. South Pac 2001, Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom 2003.
Rucci, MatthewMSSR-MSSNJun 14, 2001 – May 14, 2003S-2Learned my navy career here, good command. Liked my time onboard. Hit me up
Miller, RyanfnenJul 2001 – Dec 13, 2003a gang
Steinebach, John/steineGMCAug 11, 2001 – Dec 3, 2004CS3
Ondrak, ReggieGSEFN-GSE3-GSEFNNov 2001 – Mar 2004MP10+ years removed from walking off the Davis for the last time (in uniform), can't say I regret leaving the Navy but I do miss it some times. Just read that the Davis will be decommissioned in Everett 3/21/15.

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