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Barn Owls (VA 215) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Barn Owls (VA 215). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 31 crew members registered for the Barn Owls (VA 215).

Spurlock, RobertAVIATION ORDANCEMAN 2nd. classAug 15, 1956 – Feb 14, 1957
Hess,donald, Ams3 1959--1961AMS31959 – Nov 22, 1961Looking for old ship mates. Like Frenchy or Phauir. Frenchy was going on to OC school the last I saw him. crew was shipping out going back to Vietnam. They were on buses in the hanger giving me the one finger salute.
Lihs, LarryAE21961 – 1963cruises Lexington and Hancock looking for Prude first class P. Off. on those cruises also any others of my crew VA-215
Bert, RichardE51961 – 1962Looking for Donald L Hess. Served on Hancock deployment West package 1961/62.
Maurer, JackE4 - ATR1964 – 1967Served as a plane captain and later was in charge of the AT shop. Remember well many of the pilots of VA-215, some of which paid the ultimate price for our freedom today.
Barnes, Bryan (Barney)ATN3Aug 10, 1964 – Nov 18, 1966Served with the squadron on the USS Hancock, CVA19 during the 64-65 and 65-66 cruise.
Hall, Robert Bobe3Dec 23, 1965 – Feb 5, 1966made 2 /12 tours under different comanders The one I remember and who was there the most was LTC Hesson ?sp. I came aboard in Phillipines before Christmas 1965 and got off Japan Feb. 1966
Leeper, EmmettAE1Jan 1966 – Sep 1966Time aboard Hannah was good we gave the North Vietnamese's hell when we hit them, Sorry we lost skipper an maintence ofc Hwy 19 in Vinh. Would like to hear from anyone on how we got to Danage for flights to Cubi Pt
Lindberry, LloydAQ21967 – 1971I met the girl would eventually marry (a Navy dependent). We married in 1971 and are still married (2019) with four children.
Rosenthal, GregoryE5 AE2Mar 27, 1967 – Mar 26, 1973
Gillis, WalterADJ-3 E-4Feb 12, 1968 – Feb 28, 1971
Glenn, Michael (Mike)AE2Mar 1, 1968 – Oct 31, 1971Have the "Plank Owners" plaque on the wall (dated 3/1/1968). I was stationed at NAS Lemoore, CA after tech school (AE) in NAS Jacksonville, FL. Was assigned to VA-122 with the A7A's and re-assigned to VA-215 with A7B's.
Connelly, JimADJ2Jan 1, 1969 – Jul 3, 1969Boarded the Big E the first week in Jan 1969; VA215. On 14 Jan, I was blown off my feet on two occasions and was very near the nozzle on the first operating hose that had water pressure. I was there to the end.
Scanlon, TimAT E5Jul 1, 1969 – Nov 1, 1971Went on 3 cruises with VA215, 2 West pac's and one Med aboard the USS Enterprise, Oriskany and the Roosevelt. The best times of my life.
Fackler, JimAME31970 – 1971I was a AME3 and served as a Plane Captain on A7 B #407 with VA215 for the 1971 West Pac Cruise on CVA 34 the USS Oriskany.
Massy, SlickAO 2Oct 1970 – Feb 1974Part of the best AO crew ever and the craziest
Stone, TedADJ2Dec 1970 – Dec 1973Plane Captain and flights deck Troubleshooter
Angerman, GeorgeAMS2Dec 20, 1970 – May 15, 1971anybody out there from VA -215 Barn Owls?
Hughes, ErnestE 51971 – Mar 10, 1973
Hudson, RoyAE5Jan 1971 – Nov 1971As an AE5 I pumped hydralic fluid and changed a lot of tires. Thanks to my shop I had very little to do with electrical repairs, just turning on an occassional Power Switch.
Lord, ChuckAQANApr 12, 1971 – Dec 18, 1971I was attached to VA215 and worked in the 'ready room' as a yeoman keeping pilot log books and putting together the POD. I also worked with one other individual (Dan Plasencia).
Fournier, Thomas HM31972 – 1973
Meads, Preacher JimA031972 – 1974Served aboard the "mighty O" westpac from oct. 73'-june 74'. Would like to get in touch with jeff lord(AO2) and/or john Herring(AO2). Thank you very much. "preacher jim meads"
Johnson, FrankE41973 – 1977Last tour for "O" Boat VA-215 Flight Deck Troubleshooter 'White Shirt' A7 Jet Engine Mechanic A 20+ foot fuel tank leaking, could not be stored on board, drug it down to the stern and off it went! Recovered by helicopter
Bennett, Johnams31974 – 1977worked hydralics ans structuers
Kyzer, GeorgeADJ3Feb 1974 – Jul 1977
Wills (Parcell), Chris "Possum"AMH3Dec 1974 – Jul 1977Worked in the Airframe shop with John "Mike" Bennett, Rick Smith and others. Had a great time!
Knipp, DaveAMS31975 – 1977I had a great time onboard the USS FDR. I also had a lot of fun as a plane captain for the A7 jets.
Peterman, Joe (Pete)AE!Jun 10, 1975 – 1977George, i'm living in australia now.
Temple, GregAd3Oct 1975 – Jul 1977

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