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USS Hawes (FFG 53) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hawes (FFG 53). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 313 crew members registered for the USS Hawes (FFG 53).

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Sanmartin, JasonOSSR - OS2Mar 2001 – Mar 2006OIFirst command in my Naval service, best crew in all my 16 yrs of duty!
Bell, Donnell R.SKSAApr 5, 2001 – May 31, 2002SS01...ever ready ever fearless!!!
Hollihan, BradE-2/ITMay 2001 – Jan 2005 Good ship when Bostock ran the joint..nosedived when he department was even worse (backstabbing central). On the other note, met some good people and had great times overseas.
San Martin, Jason "sanman"OS2(SW)May 11, 2001 – Apr 15, 2006OII gotta say, if it weren't for the people I've met and become good friends with, I would've jumped off that ship. The only good thing that happened on that ship was the day I left after serving for 5 long dreadful, tedious, painful years
Kinsky, Sean A.k.a. "Kinky"E1 TO E4 TO E1Jun 3, 2001 – Aug 10, 2004EM01Back when you're onboard, it seems a lot worse than it does in hindsight. That doesn't mean that Bell and Krueger weren't the worst thing to ever happen to this command. There are memories I'll cherish forever, and memories I'd ju
Harmon, CodyYN2(SW)Sep 19, 2001 – May 16, 2005DECK & ADMINHAWES is q unique ship! Thank God for the good part of the crew. Serving onboard that ship for all those years taught me a lot about people, the Navy, and made me take another strong look at my own personal values...Good luck to the upcoming crew!
Brenner, JoshuaFC3Dec 2001 – Sep 2003cs1? cant recall. MK92I look back on my time on the Hawes with fond memories... had good times and bad times, but the good far outweighed the bad.
Primm, DavidSK3Dec 2001 – Jul 2005SupplyWhat's happening, family? I hope everybody is prospering well...
Warren, Michael0s3Dec 26, 2001 – Jul 10, 2007OSLiterally one of the best times of my life, traveling the world with these guys..
Rhea, JoeMLC / MRC2002 – 2005NAV/ADMIN
Kinsky, Sean M.GSM3Jan 3, 2002 – Jun 11, 2005EM01Umm... why am I still here?
Shaffer, Dan profile iconAW2Feb 1, 2002 – Apr 1, 2002Air Department / Det 6Awesome time on the first time deploying doing BALTOPS. Great port visits!
North, RandyDC2Mar 2002 – Dec 2006E-4
Correa, Jorge / "j"FC3-FC2Apr 6, 2002 – Dec 20, 2006CS-3 / CS08-CF02Met alot of good people while I was there, from the time I checked in, til the time I checked out. Now they're all Great Friends. Command wasn't always the best, but you have to stick together and help each other out as you go. Thanks 2 a
Elhazz-jabbar, CameronBM4May 2002 – Mar 2006ODO1FTN FTW.
North, RandyDC2May 2002 – Nov 2006E-4
North, RandyDC2May 1, 2002 – Nov 29, 2006E-4
Adams, RobertE2 HTJun 20, 2002 – Jan 1, 2004FiremanI am now going to school to become a security specialist to mayor in law enforcement, forensics, and crime scene investigative specialist.
Schey, Scott/trowaOSSNJun 30, 2002 – Jun 22, 2004OS01F.D.A.T. Field Day Attack Team. I do take pride in things I learned overall, and still cherish a number of times had. It wasn't life then, certainly not mine. I'd like to be remembered both for my hardworking days and the day I peed my pants. T
Harris, "Killah"OS1Jul 17, 2002 – Dec 12, 2003OIThis was the biggest mistake of my entire Naval career, hope it gets better for the people I leave behind, because it can not get worst, ( i hope)
McCurdy, MatthewOS3Sep 1, 2002 – Jan 12, 2004OC01Was a good time man!
Schmeling, James A.HM3(SW)Nov 15, 2002 – Dec 27, 2004MedicalIt's been interesting....I look forward to more "Adventures"!!!!
Rink, ThomasBM2 (SW) NOWDec 2002 – Jul 2006ODO1
Norford, CynricE-4Jan 30, 2003 – Feb 15, 2007ODO1 S1
Hertzog, RobertE4Feb 2, 2003 –
Benham, ToddGMSAJun 21, 2003 – Aug 15, 2006CS-3I have enjoyed this experienc so far and hope it will keep getting better
Cowell, Clayton profile iconGSMFNJul 16, 2003 – Jul 15, 2004ENGINEERING
Tejedor, ChrisGSE1 (SW)Aug 18, 2003 – Nov 26, 2005good tour, learn a lot of stuff, great ship.
Fanucci, Chris (Nucci)Sep 3, 2003 –OIThis is my ship baby!
Dixon, JesseSNOct 19, 2003 –odo1
Ver Nooy, RussellMR2(SW)Nov 17, 2003 – 2007RepairGreat ship, there are some good people on board, and some bad. The old saying, "Don't judge the Navy on your first command" goes right along with "First impressions are everything!" Looking forward to moving on!
Kassner, SidneyBM1(SW)2004 – 2007DeckLPO, 32 guys hard core group believe it or not I've learned a lot from each one. I would do it all again good times & bad. Yes, I still ride my Harley's. Rain or shine God bless you all.
Brooks, JasonE-42004 – 2007Oil King I loved my time on the Hawes. I was sad to hear it was decommissioned.
Garcia, JoseSNJan 5, 2004 –OD01
Morgan, ChrisApr 2004 – Jun 2005ODO1
Jackson, JonathanYN3(SW)Apr 15, 2004 – Oct 6, 2005Good ship met a lot of good people...Ever Ready Ever Fearless!
Williams, JasonE5/SK2Aug 2004 – Dec 2008SUPPLY
Eastridge, Joshua (Doc)HM3, NOW OS1Sep 2004 – Nov 2007MedicalBest damn ship I've been on, Great ship, Great crew. Helo flight quarters helo flight quarters (someone wake up doc!) Best set of ports I pulled into except almost getting shot in Tunesia fixing that dick who wrecked his moped on thebrow
Andrews, DavidDCCOct 2004 –ENG.Great ship! Great command and Super SUPPORT GROUP!!
Hughes, ChristopherSTG2Oct 30, 2004 – Jan 2, 2009CAThe Hawes was a good ship, I don't care what anyone says. The whole time I was there (except the last 6 months or so), we blew every major inspection out of the water, most ships don't do that and that's when things REALLY suck. Good s

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