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USS Carr (FFG 52) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Carr (FFG 52). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 280 crew members registered for the USS Carr (FFG 52).

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Castro, EddyDC21995 – Nov 1999EMO4
Wilburn, JonathanYN31995 – 1997NAVADMIN
Rhodes, MichaelMS3Feb 25, 1995 – Jul 14, 1998suplliesI had one of the best times of my life on the 97 med cruise.
Rodriguez, Hot RodE-3/snMar 10, 1995 – Dec 4, 1997Deck/OperationsBeen a while but not a day goes by that I don't miss the smell of the sea air, and all the places I saw not to mention all the friends I made, plus the appreciation for life and how lucky we are to be living in america
Box, Gary profile iconos2Apr 21, 1995 – Aug 29, 1999OIDamn good ship with alot of good ship mates. we thought we hated it but actually he were having a good time... most of the time anyway.
Fitzgibbon, JohnRM2May 4, 1995 – May 7, 1999OC02Always will remember my times in the Nav. To my boys Hool, Stevens, Solly and Slipher. See you soon!
Steinhart, AllenEM3Nov 1995 – Feb 1999EM03I didn't think I would ever say this, but I had a good time on board the Carr
Kucharski, John (Ski)STGC(SW)Dec 1995 – Aug 1998CS-23RD and final ship in 20 years! I'll apologize now for the short timer disappearing attitude at the very end. I hope all are doing well. I stayed in the area, and think about my shipmates often!
Posko, Ken "poco"MSSNDec 17, 1995 – Jun 21, 1999SupplyThis was the best of times. You really don't miss it until your not there any more. Back to back Battle "E" winner. (1995to1999) Once a squid always a squid. Boarding team 7/1998 to 1/1999
Camp, RaymondE-6 GM11996 – 2000CS-3Great Ship and AWESOME Crew!!!
Scheck, ErikGSE31996 – 1999EngineeringHello to everybody from the Carr I can remember a lot of names and faces on this list. I would have to agree on med cruse "97'' awesome!! And I remember back to back battle E also Cap. You all were some great people!!
Morin, RussellMS2Feb 2, 1996 – Dec 6, 1999S-2YES I did retiered but I wish I still in you do not know what you have until it is gone I know live in Lehigh Acres FL next to FTMeyers FL I work for the Lee County Sherriff another great job but do not travle much
Burris, JosephRM2Feb 20, 1996 – Dec 18, 1997OC02I had a great time aboard that little ship. We had the best radio shack in the Navy. Good luck to my buds Justin, Barry, and Fitz.
Miller, John (Trigger)FC-2Feb 29, 1996 – Jan 13, 2001CS-3Great memories, great times.
Thomas, JustinRMC (SW/PJ)Mar 1996 – Oct 1999OC02
Upfold, Paul ( Dougie)FCJun 1996 – Jul 2001CS4/ CS3Well not much to say except came as a 3rd, left as a 1st and still doing what I can. 3 deployments and 5 captains! Anyone else? LOL Just drop me a line if ya want!
Mueller, Mike (Money M)E-5/EN2Jun 6, 1996 – Aug 8, 2001Emo2
Mueller, Mike (Money M)EN2Jun 8, 1996 – Aug 8, 2001E-2What's up to all the snipes! Danny boy, Mike B, psycho Bob, Funky Fresh, George streaks Ferrer, En1 Rueter,Ski and many others. A lot of good memories with great friends, a lot of bad days in the Gulf!
Stevens, PaulFC3Jul 8, 1996 – Jun 28, 1999
Cisco, IanE-4Aug 1, 1996 – Nov 19, 1999ENG.What up to all the fella's.
Stlouis, SkiMS2Sep 24, 1996 – May 20, 2000S-2
Jennemann, BillE-3Oct 1996 – Jun 1997deck
Chvarak, BryanE3/SN(SW)Oct 15, 1996 – Nov 1, 1998Deck
Gordon, Clinton (Huck, Powder)IC3Nov 1996 – Nov 8, 1999CS09I was on board for the back to back Battle "E" Awards
Beeth, MichaelEM3Dec 24, 1996 – Dec 19, 1999ENG/EMO3
Labourde, DavidSTG3Jan 1997 – Feb 2001CS-2Great crew. Met people onboard that ship that really broadened my outlook on life. Highlight was Med-cruise 97'. Wow. Low point was definitely the Persian Gulf 98'.
Randell, ClintEN3Jan 1997 – Oct 2000AuxiliaryTwo time battle E
Rausch, ClayFC-1 (SW/AW)Feb 13, 1997 – Jan 13, 2001CS-3Just in case you didn't know, it is illegal to jump off the ship in port.
Martelli, VinnieTM 3 (SW)Sep 15, 1997 – Jun 27, 2001CS-2Sometimes i wish i was still there, but then i wake up and realize iam cause i will always remember it. I had a great time, I wish i kept in touch with all of you. Wish all of you that i served with the best.
Duncan, RandyFC2Oct 1997 – May 2001Great Ship and great friends
Finnie, CarlIC2(SW)Oct 5, 1997 – Oct 5, 2000Combat Systems
Dedrick, BrandonGM2Dec 22, 1997 – Nov 29, 2000Combat SystemsHad a blast, miss all the guys I served with. Pulled into many port and enjoyed ourselves constantly. Whipped ass in spades on the mess decks
Altier, DavidDC2Jan 2, 1998 – Nov 15, 2001Damage ControlIt was a good time but by time was up. Life on the outside is much better.
Altier, DavidDC2Jan 2, 1998 – Dec 21, 2001Damage ControlHas anyone stayed in contact with Trevor Bernard? I know he was from the NY area and I am there all the time. It would be cool to see him again. Great guy.
Self, AdamIT2 (SW)Jan 20, 1998 – Jan 8, 2003OC02 (RM/IT)Looking back now I can actually say that the USS CARR was in fact a great ship after all. I will always remember the times and friends that I made aboard the CARR! Courage, Will Determination!
Roe, ChrisSTG3Mar 1998 – Jun 2001Combat SystemsSometimes I miss this boat, but than I wake up and realize it was all a dream.
Taylor, DominiqueET1(SW)Mar 16, 1998 – Nov 1, 2001CS4
Parrett, Herb EM2 SWJun 1998 – Jul 2003EFRIENDS There were so many on CARR. Good times were more than the bad, sure they pissed you off sometimes, but in the crunch time I would not want a better group of people. Got my EOOW letter. Thanks George U the man
Southern, JimOS1Jun 2, 1998 – Jun 30, 2002OIGreat crew 98-2001 CO sucked 2001-2002
Menchaca, Javier (Chewy)OS2Jul 1, 1998 – May 20, 2003OIWANTED TO BE PART OF THE SHIPS MEMORY. AND TO SAY WUZ UP GUY.
McCall, RollieE4Oct 1998 – Dec 15, 2001

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1985 | 1986 – 1989 | 1990 – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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