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USS Vandegrift (FFG 48) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vandegrift (FFG 48). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 278 crew members registered for the USS Vandegrift (FFG 48).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1992 | 1993 – 1997 | 1998 – 2001 | 2002 – now

Muhlenberg, ToddSK21989 – 1991SupplyThis was a great crew to serve with. So many GQ drills. "We're headed into harms ways and need to be top notch" Famous words huh? Still a WOG also.....Thanks Saddam. Finally got you though.
Brigham, KevinFC21989 – 1993CS4Been a long time good to see your names. Hope all is well
Martin, Mark WSM11989 – 1990I see some of the old guys are still kicking sorry I had to leave in the gulf but family comes first hope everyone is doing great Gabel did you get to be a cop like you planned I am working of the GOV. in the post office
Moreno, PaulGMS2Jan 15, 1989 – Apr 1, 1991EngineeringHey you crazy vitos!!!! Somebody drop me a line. or Living in FL and loving it.
Klages, Bil ( William)BM3Apr 14, 1989 – Apr 16, 1992
Klages, BillBM1Apr 16, 1989 – 1992DeckGot sober in 2006. Batteled HEP C. Survived rare form of Cancer in 2008. Been in remition now for 7 years. Im retired in Oregon, on disability for going on 5 years. Loving every day!
Warren, JimboDC2May 16, 1989 – May 16, 1994E-3What's up people?
James, AlanLTJun 1989 – May 1993ASW/ERO/CICOIn the various chapters of my life, the was a good one. Still waiting to make it to Australia though!
Granquist, DaveSTGC(SW)Aug 1989 – Feb 2002Here's to those who have served and played onboard the "Mighty Vandy". Fair Winds and Following Seas!
Myricks, RobertDC1(SW)Aug 1989 – Jan 1992What up Snipes and apes
Doherty, MikeE3,GSM3Sep 1989 – Jul 1991EngineeringE3,GSM3,E3 AGAIN! How do we steer with no steering wheel?
Morrobelcanelo, AlphabetE2Nov 1989 – Jul 1991DDGot kicked-off the victory ship, BEHOLD, I was falsely accused!!! PROUD to have served alongside U brave men in the PGW ! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Wat ^ Manny, Hawkins,Moreno, Williams. E-mail, bradcanelo@yahoo. com
Emrick, Mark (Tater)GMG2Nov 1, 1989 – Nov 30, 1992weaponsnothing but good mems on the vandegrift. open for e-mail.
Moore, DuaneGSM21990 – 1991Engineering
Fellows, HaroldRMCJan 1990 – Jan 1992OCLots of good folks in Comm on this ship. You guys were great! We were a really tight Radio Shack, and we were the best!
Branham, ErikE3/EMJan 1990 – Oct 1993EngineeringHad some of the best and craziest times of my life on the Vandegrift! I'll never forget some of you crazy bastards and the Westpacs and other times we shared! Email me @
Radich, DavidBM3Jan 20, 1990 – Jun 20, 1991Deck OD-01"OW! My Finger!"
Cernick, EddieSM3Feb 1990 – 1994communicationshey would like to hear form all of you. got to love the "Vandy"?
Blackwell, ScottQM2Mar 1990 – Mar 1992OperationsHey "Frigate from hell." I hope all is well and life is less stressful for all of you. Feel free to call (775) 338-1024
Fox, DaveRM 3Apr 4, 1990 – Apr 4, 1994Operations
Mathis, Edward "Slim" profile iconBM3Jun 1990 – Aug 19941stI hope everyone is well " i'm glad to have found my brothers " deck div i salute guy. A quick update SM3 Jerome Warner was murdered 8yrs ago really miss him I hope to hear from yall " ROLL TIDE
Jarnagin, Sean/shaggyEM3Aug 1990 – Jul 1993E-2HEY EVERYONE, Long time no see or talk. Travis Scott, Eric Branham, Galang, Diputado, Sanez, Concepcion, Peters, Kellog, Breeze, Non- Skid, Melvin, Zimmerman, Innes, Agillera,Mendez,Ogidi, Warren, Plummer, EMAIL me
Bade, MichaelDS1(SW)Oct 1990 – Mar 31, 1993CEI was part of a great crew during this period. Although it's already been over 20 years since I retired (WOW! Where does the time go?), I actually miss it.
Pannell, MikeRM2(SW)1991 – 1993OC"VANDEGRINCH" The ship that stole Christmas! That ship will get underway just 'cause there's water. Every 05 buckin' 06. Good times, great friends but it's good to be a civilian.
Monks, SteveRM3 (SW)1991 – 1993ComLeft Active Duty Navy in 93, joined the Navy Reserves 93-96, crossed over to the Air Force Reserves 1996-2008, crossed over to the Air National Guard as an AGR (Active Duty) 2008-present, now stationed in Knoxville, TN.
Scott, TravisEM3Feb 1991 – Dec 1993eng.
Vien, TrevorET3Apr 11, 1991 – Apr 11, 1995CS4
Boyd, RichardBM3Apr 25, 1991 – Jun 25, 1993DECKJust like say hi to all sailors aboard vandegrift boy do i miss those westpac1992 and those ports especially thialand. so keep up vandegtifts good name there not another 1 like it. bm3 Boyd....
Wright, RichardSH3May 1991 – May 1995SupplyHey there! Wanted to say hello to all those that have served on the Vandegrift. Many fine memories during my days onboard this ship.
Dutcher, Terry (Dutch)RM3Oct 17, 1991 – Aug 17, 1995Deck, Radio2 westpacs, 1 home port shift, 3 skippers, countless days at sea......that pride of knowing I was a crew member of the U.S.S. Vandegrift....Priceless!
Presa, Nestor "Ness"SKC(SW)Oct 21, 1991 – Jun 14, 1995Supply (S-1)A mostly greatest sea experience in my Navy career. Something I will cherish and remember in my whole life.
Anderson Jr, Donald R.BM1Nov 25, 1991 – Dec 12, 1996Deck
Lundgren, DouglasEW11992 – 1993OIWorst command ever experienced! Glad to get out after seeing what had become of my Navy while I went recruiting! Early out after 1 year onboard, hated every second aboard the "ass kissing capitol of the Pacific"! Good EW gang though.
Bockman, DarinFC21992 – 1995Weps
Raiford, Darnell "Dee"seaman1992 – 1995DeckHey whats up guys im tryin to reach some of u like "slim,peppers,blocker,randall,ced,would like to hear from u guys hit me on my facebook page "
Robbins, JohnEWFeb 1, 1992 – May 2, 1994OperationsHey guys.. Send me an email some time. Would love to hear from some fellow Vandy sailors. How bout you Tony Hardesty. Where ya at man
Angelmaier, ScottGSE2Feb 1, 1992 – Aug 1, 1994EngineeringBig shout out to Squish, Eric, Scotty, Murph, "Mr Cornelison", Charlie, Hubbart, Cigarette Butt Drinking Larry, Travis, "Get the boys up" Kellogg, Jack, Hollywood Jim, Berv, Dave B, Pat, Yordy, Jim "Mosh" Davis Long live o
Attebury, ArchieE-3Mar 6, 1992 – Aug 29, 1993DeckHey how's everybody that was on the vandy back in 1992-1993.
Joubert, LeighSNMay 1992 – Feb 10, 1994DECKIt's been a long time, but I still think of my days on the Vandy and I miss so many of thsoe I served with. After I got off the Vandy, I went reserves and became a Corpsman, serving with the Marines - 8404. Semper Fi. Drop me a line sometime.
Tabor, ChrisEN3Oct 1992 – Jan to throw some big hugs to those that made my time worth serving.dan v,raliegh c,matthew,eric d,scott a,larry p,me-me,encs k,kenny b,griff,big daddy g,golden tooth cedric,ed dodo w.maa1 wingate eat these.en1 joarnt lick these.hope all is well cya
Gaillard, MichaelFNNov 1992 – Jul 1994
Urquhart, DonET2(SW)Dec 1992 – Feb 1997CS4
Weydert, DanielSK2Dec 25, 1992 – May 31, 1996Supply S-1Just wanted to say hello and see if I could get in touch with some of my old buddies off the USS Vandegrift FFG-48. Some of the best memories of my life were on board the ship, actually more on shore :)

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1992 | 1993 – 1997 | 1998 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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