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USS Vandegrift (FFG 48) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vandegrift (FFG 48). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 278 crew members registered for the USS Vandegrift (FFG 48).

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McKinney, Mark1981 – 1986G
Danyluk, TheodoreIC 3Aug 20, 1982 – 1986CS 4Retired 2006 ICC (SW/AW) Proud to have served in the worlds finest Navy.
Ebenhoch, MichaelMS2 THEN 3 THEN MSSR THEN MS2 FINALLY1983 – Jan 1989Support/SupplyPLANKOWNER HERE Fellow Vandyians, Yeah Great times especially when I had keys to galley after late liberty. From the Barge in SD to Sandpoint to Long Beach..what a Great Trip its been of Websearch mt name..youll find me!! Go Vandy !!
Syvertsen, Michael profile iconLt1983 – 1987Chief EngineerLooking for Commander Warren Miller also on the commissioning crew. Please contact me ASAP. 206-940-9000
Christiansen, KcRM2Mar 8, 1983 – Aug 27, 1985OCPlankowner
Christiansen, KimRM1Mar 17, 1983 – Aug 10, 1985CommunicationsPCU in san diego and Seattle wa, then plankowner, anyone heard from Frank Schmitz, QM1??
Wheeler, EdEnsign to Lieutenant (Still on active duty in 2009 as a CAPT)Oct 25, 1983 – Jul 27, 1987Ordnance CS-3 Division OfficerPlankowner... I was first person to report to PRECOM shortly followed by CDR Clinton Coneway... Many amazing memories! Great voayage around the world! Some fantastic people. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
Monin, CraigEM1Nov 1, 1983 – Oct 1, 1987EPlankowner
McClain, JoeEM1Nov 1, 1983 – Nov 1, 1987EPlankowner - Precom in Seattle was the best duty one could imagine!
Cearfoss, James E. IIGMG11984 – 1985CS-3
Woerner, ChrisEM31984 – May 20, 1988ENGPlank owner !!! Remember me? Email me!!
Walker Jr, JackOS11984 – 1988OperationsAny OS's our there?
Lassiter, JoeEN31984 – 1987EngineeringYOOOOO Shipmates like Sr Chief Grady used to say. After Vandy I served 2 more ships and 1 shore duty and now spend my time in PI and FL. Woerner and Ralph and I used to keep the old salts on their toes. I wonder where (snotty) Kellogg is.
Shelley, ChuckOS21984 – 1987CS-1Proud to be a Plankowner. Jack, good to see you are still Kickn'! Not too many OS's on here that were the original 14!
Donaldson, KevinSTG31984 – 1986SonarAssigned to the Vandegrift right out of A school. Plankowner
Girke, DaleOS 21984 – Dec 1, 1987CS 1Plankowner. Assigned to the Vande right out of A school along with the rest of the motley crew that went to pre comm down in San Diego, and then to Seatle Wash to bring her down to Long Beach.
Darnell, James (Mike)HT-2 / E-51984 – 1988ENGPlank Owner. I can't believe it has been so long. The best part, is all the people I met. E-Mail:
Murphy, KeithOS21984 – Nov 1987CS1 great to see some old friends on here. it was a long time ago but seems like yesterday. you mess with one os you mess with all os's . take care old friends
Augustus, Lynn Raypetty officer third class e41984 – 1988supplyplank owner
Stohlberg, CliffFA-HT21984 – 1987RPlankowner. Best damn ship the Navy has ever had. Retired on Her in 2003. Thanks for the memories.
Stephens, DonMS31984 – 1987SupportOver easy
Baker, MichaelGSE1Jan 1984 – Jun 1988E-1Plankowner-working with GE frame 7EA turbines-I&E Tech. Good GSE training.
Steckler, FredLTJan 1, 1984 – Jul 1, 1987Comm, ERO, CICYo SHIPMATES ! What an incredible experience and an honor to serve with you all aboard the Vandy. Great memories :) ! Almost her 25th anniversary. Amazing. Fair winds and following seas to all.
Mordecai, PaulHT E3Jan 10, 1984 – Sep 1, 1987ENG
Schulze, BillEM2Feb 10, 1984 – Dec 12, 1986EPlankowner for the second time, now both ships have been decommissioned and I have retired after 30 years and 3 deployments to Iraq. I know I thought I was a Navy guy too. Miss all my buds and looking to touch base.
Shanklin, ScottEW3Mar 1984 – Apr 1987CS1Great Ship. Looking to keep in touch with old shipmates.
Green, FredE NS, LTJG, LT-SCMar 1984 – Nov 1986SupplyFound this site and was surprised. Great to see names of old shipmates. Vandy still remains the best ship I ever served on. Best of luck Plankowners.
Rolland, GregroyEN2Mar 1, 1984 – May 1, 1987engineeringMiss the good times we had Plankowner
McLaughlin, TimBM2/BM1Mar 1, 1984 – Feb 10, 1987SC3/DeckPlankowner. Rember reporting in at San Diego, then after a few months there, going to some schools, got sent up to Seattle, man what LIBERTY that was. Retired after 20yrs, but the VANDY and the crew was by far, my best duty station.
Kendall, JeffRM3Apr 24, 1984 – Jan 14, 1986OC02Precom then Commissioning. Great commissioning party. My first Son was born the day before commissioning and I still "Manned the Rails". They gave the "Vandy" baby to LT. Tiernan. We got ripped off!
Lacy, Joseph (j.r.)ET2May 1984 – Oct 1988CS4Plankowner
Meskimen, MarkET3,2May 1984 – Jun 1988CS4Still in, CDR now. Will be a sad day when I see her on the DECOM list and I PRECOM'd her. I am getting old!
Keifer, WilliamOSSNMay 1984 – Nov 1985CICPLANKOWNER Had some great times in Long Beach and Seattle Precomision and loved watchjn R2D2 fire up
Arnett, DanEN2May 5, 1984 – May 1, 1987Plankowner
Ibanez, SteveEMC (SW)May 10, 1984 – Mar 31, 1989EProud to be a plankowner. Even more proud that Vandegrift has maintained the reputation for being the best of the best!
Brookins, C.d.OSC(SW)May 29, 1984 – Jul 2008OI/Operations
Bohm, DonaldGSM3Jun 1984 – May 1986E-1Plankowner
Bass, JackOS2Jun 1984 – Aug 1986OIThe FFG is like the roadster of ships, fast and maneuverable. They also have a narrow and roll like crazy. If it weren't for the "Fin Stabs" it would've been worse, I know because I was on her before they were put on.
Hood, BruceFC1Jun 1, 1984 – Feb 15, 1989weaponsfunny how I remember hating it so much, but now remember it all fondly.
Stevens, JohnET2.5Jun 15, 1984 – Apr 7, 1988CS4Plankowner, 1st twigit to report . Remember EW2 Murphy getting caught by the CO and mayor pissing in the fountain in France, or the Engineer (name unknown) with his nose in the butt of the girl in the cat outfit in mexico, she ended up being a he.
Olson, Robert "Bob"FC1Jul 1984 – Jan 1989Combat Systems CIWS / HarpoonPLANK OWNER 1 of 2 that were in San Diego in school while the ship was comissioned. Currently in Iowa and member of both AM. Legion and VFW
Nolan, DavidET1Jul 1984 – 1988CS4
Hicks, LloydEM3Aug 1984 – Feb 1988engineeringPlankowner
Hudgins, J.r.PC3Sep 21, 1984 – Jun 11, 1986Support (S-2)PLANKOWNER to all you boots. First PC of the Vandy. From Postal clerk to Firefighter. Always in the service of others. God Bless the U.S.Navy and all my shipmates.
Murtha, DanielRmcmOct 14, 1984 – May 12, 1989Oc
Cogman, MarcusEN2Oct 30, 1984 – May 16, 1988EngineeringBest in the fleet / Couldn't be touched REFTRA to Haze Gray!!!
Smith, PatrickCWO3Nov 1984 – Aug 1986MPAPLANKWONER.
Schlehuber, BartlySM2Nov 3, 1984 – Jul 9, 1989OperationsWow I guess the old Vandepop is still floating? Proud Plankowner here
Cook, GarrettYNCNov 24, 1984 – Nov 10, 1987NXPLANKOWNER
McAllister, JamesSKC(SW)Nov 24, 1984 –S-1PLANKOWNER. When I transferred I got two bells and a stinger at the end walking down the brow for the last time (that was a nice honor that I will always remember). Was an SK2 onboard...retired 1998 as a Chief.
Andrews, RobertRMSR/SA/SN/3Dec 1984 – Jun 1987OCPlankowner

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