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USS De Wert (FFG 45) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS De Wert (FFG 45). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 196 crew members registered for the USS De Wert (FFG 45).

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Sankar, BryanE-4Jan 20, 1997 – Mar 18, 2000MPBest time,on this boat,UNITAS 97,NORTH ALANTIC 99
Messina, Big PaulieQM2Feb 14, 1997 – Feb 14, 2001
Huggins, JoeENS/LTjgDec 1997 – Nov 1999OCBest crew in the Navy ever.
Ide, MarkFCC1998 – 2003CO
Nordstrom, JohnGSCS(SW)1998 – 2002MPFirst couple years were challenging, but remainder of tour improved with new leadership and continued support of mess and Engineers.
Jones, PhillipGMCJan 5, 1998 – Mar 31, 2002CS3
Atler, DennisOS (SW)Mar 1998 – Oct 2001OI01Had a lot of Great times and a few bad, overall I love the Navy and do miss the overseas deployments. Now an automotive master technician in Albuquerque
McKee, Mikebm3Mar 1998 – Mar 18, 20001st
Esckilsen, BrianHTCAug 31, 1998 – Aug 30, 2001Dirty "D" Forever...
Michael, CoxGM31999 – 2002CS3If only I had done things differently!
Schultheis, DaveEW2Apr 1, 1999 – Aug 17, 2003OII loved that ship. I hated that ship.
Cole, RobertSTG2Jun 1999 – Dec 2002CANARCS in 2000 and MED in 2002.... tons of fun, lots of sun and memories to never forget.
Brown, DustinIT2 (SW)Jul 10, 1999 – Jan 19, 2003OCGreat ship for advancement, came to ship as E-1 and left as an E-5. The "Dirty D" was a great ship and did 2 cruises on her and made a lot of memories.
Bryan, MarlonPO3Dec 28, 1999 – Aug 1, 2003m
Swim, PaulSN2000 – 20021St.
Haley, RandyDCC2000 – 2001RepairAwesome crew!
Hardy, JonDC2Feb 2000 – Feb 2005RFive long years with 3 deployments but had some great shipmates!
MacLeod, DanielFc3Feb 1, 2000 – Oct 10, 2003COreported aboard dewert left in 2003 for Ma school then to my command after their, i was discharged medical with honorable rating Ma1
Francis, JustinLTMar 2000 – Oct 2002SUPPLY"THE FOOD WAS GREAT!"
Adame, RandyMA1May 2000 – Nov 2001XNAV"Dirty D" Had some good times with some good people. My boys: Barry, Chris, Runnels, and the entire 1st Division. Look me up, fools!!!
Robinson, BarrySM/QM 2 May 2000 – Jan 2004NAVI was there for 2 deployments 1 c/narc & 1 MED. Went back to Ar sometimes I still miss the Dirty D.
Robinson, BarrySM/QM 2 (SW)Jun 2000 – Jan 2004NAV
Lora, WallyIT1Feb 17, 2001 – Jul 15, 2005OCGreat tour came on a Seaman and left a First Class... Easy ship for one to stand out and spring up their Naval Career...Nicknamed "Dirty D" but pretty clean compared to some of the other Frigates in Mayport!
Russ, JoeGM2Mar 10, 2001 – Nov 16, 2004CO
Pierce, CraigMA1Apr 2, 2001 – Jun 2004
Klemm, RichardEN1(SW)Aug 2001 – Jul 2003A-Gang
Greifenberger, EricLTJG/LTNov 15, 2001 – Jun 6, 2003A GANG!!What an awesome second tour DivO job!! These engineers aren't that bad... Well most of them. Thanks to my guys for an incredibly rewarding tour. Please any former shipmates who want to get in touch, feel free. FW/FS to all.
Botts, JarradDC22002 – 2006RIf you see me running, you better make sure you are not far behind!!!!
Stevns, Anthony (Boats)QM 3Mar 6, 2002 – Mar 6, 2006NavigationWish I would have listened to Commander DeClue and stayed. Miss it everyday- great crew-
Perry, SeanSTG 3Apr 2002 – Oct 23, 2004CAYo!!!! It's Perry. In jax for another month then back to Philly. Would like to catch up with you. Drop me a line. "Zoltan!"
Smith, KennethEM3Jul 2002 – Jun 2003EMI was aboard the "Dirty D" for a spell until I was hurt aboard the ship in 2002. My LCPO was Sergio Grant, my LPO was Angel Lopez. I went on a cruz with them from July 2002 until December 2002. You may be gone, but not forgotten!
Stanley, DannyEM2(SW)2003 – 2007EHad a blast. I made some life long brothers and friends.
Donovan, Williamwas E-4/BM3 onboard, now E-6/AG1Apr 2, 2003 – Mar 3, 2006DECKWhile I'm not a BM anymore I miss it! I'm glad I got to serve on the Dewert instead of a big deck.
Vanderbilt, Kevin (Vandy)GM2(SW)Apr 5, 2003 – Aug 13, 2007CO/CG
Dykman, RussellDCFNMay 23, 2003 – Feb 18, 2005Came on board as an undesignated Seaman. Served in OD Division until I transferred to R-division. Was on board for the 2004 Deployment. I struck fr RP3 and made is in September 04 then transferred t NSA NOLA in Feburary 05.
Lawler, VincentSNJun 15, 2003 – Feb 25, 20051ST/CA
Vogt, TimothyQM3Sep 3, 2003 –OD01/OI02
Sullivan, BrianFC2 (SW)Oct 24, 2003 – Oct 17, 2008CO/CF4 DEPLOYMENTS 5 YEARS
McCandless, ZackeryCS3/E4Nov 11, 2003 –S2
Dolan, MattQMSNJan 21, 2004 – Aug 8, 2005NAVI should have stayed onboard as a QM! Went through two awesome skippers. Wish I would have took Terry's advice on becoming an MA......
Kraklio, BrandonCTI2May 24, 2004 – Sep 17, 2004OICrackpack sure was interesting
McBryde, JasonSEAMAN NOW HMJun 4, 2004 – Mar 8, 2006OD01Bluejacket of the year for 2005, offical go-fast spotter
Rozier, NathanSN, NOW HNDec 10, 2004 – Feb 9, 2007OD01/NXWorked in deck division for about 13 months and worked full time in the medical department for about 11 months before going to corps school
Colon, RamonGSM3Dec 10, 2004 – May 30, 2004MP/ EMO1It was interesting, I had good times and bad, also good leadership, and really bad... But overall fun times...

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