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Main Battery (VA 196) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Main Battery (VA 196). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 57 crew members registered for the Main Battery (VA 196).

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Paxton, Henry profile iconCM1943 – 1944My grandpa Henry Paxton was part of the crew during WWII. He was a Carpenters Mate.
Paxton, Henry profile iconCarpenters Mate1944 – 1945My grandpa who just passed away was a crew member of the USS PITT during WWII. He was proud of that as were his family of him.
Miller, Raymond (Ray)AME3Sep 1961 – Aug 1963Stationed at NAS Moffett Field, Mt. View, Calif, deployed aboard the USS BON HOMME RICHARD. Served under CDR. Powers, and Delaware. Captain M. Beebe of CVA31. Rode out Typhoons Nancy and Violet. Last of the Spads.
Stevens, JamesAE31963 – 1965Friends with Bobby Adams-lives in Poteet Texas and Thomas Layman-passed away. You can see my picture at website-Arthur Rhodes section.
Hannan, Jed profile iconAO3Mar 10, 1964 – Apr 10, 1966I am looking for anyone who served in VA-196 in 1964, 65, 66. I have contact info on 8 guys from the squadron and would like to hear from more of them. Jed Hannan, Tehachapi CA
Kreis, JackAO3/AO21966 – 1968Transitioned to A-6As at NAS Oceana/VA-42 and made the '67 Westpac Cruise on the Connie with VA-196 Main Battery. Great Squadron/AO shop.
Crowell, DaleAME 11966 – 1969
Bradley, PaulAO21967 – 1968Retired in Tn. as AO1.
Gandy, William (Bill)AQB21967 – Jun 23, 1969VA-196 was a remarkable squadron top too bottom . Would like to hear from crew members . VA196 , the " Connie" , and our ports of call are a very important part of my life .
Davison, RichardAQB3Jun 1, 1967 – Jul 19, 1969Anyone who served with the squadron during this time frame.
Moore, BillADJ2Dec 1967 – Aug 1970VA196 was my very first squadron, what a great bunch of guys in Powerplants Shop. The whole squadron was a "Work Hard, Play Hard" group. What an experience !!
McKinnis, JohnAO-3Jan 1968 – Oct 1969I was proud to have been able to serve with VA-196, and make the 68-69 Westpac deployment to Vietnam. It was quite an experience. I always thought VA-196 was the Best Of Best!
Noble, WillieVa196Jan 1, 1968 –
Pence, TravisAECJan 25, 1968 – Jan 11, 1971"Best of the Best" squadron of all during my 20+ years and some of the finest Electrician's in the Navy! Thanks to all I served with!
Firch, PhilipAMS3Aug 11, 1969 – Apr 1970Phil died 2/20/2010 - I am posting this for his widow who needs help to establish VA benefits We need to find a buddy who served with Phil in Vietnam for a few weeks around 25 April 1970
Musgrove, MuskieAMH2May 8, 1970 – Sep 29, 1973Hey Joey, are you still in New York, Bronx if I remember right. I am still in Lakeside, CA been a bunch of water underneath that bridge, Both of my kids are grown and I have 4 grandchildren. riding my Harley all over.
Winfrey, Bogusadj3..plane captainJun 1, 1970 – Oct 30, 1972I was a pc on 501 with beaver.out fo sea trials and off to yankee for fun in the sun x2. If you have a pic of my plane I would love to see it
Adamson, Sherman "flash"ATN3Oct 10, 1970 – Oct 28, 1972Worked in the AT shop first cruise and humped ALQ100's up & dn! Second cruise back & forth between shop and FD Troubleshooter. Fond memories of the PI and my buds, Hemi, George K, Geb, Snail, Dancin Denny, Stoddard, Woody, Squeek & his b
Moore, Alanams11971 – May 16, 1974I am looking for richard allen sfm2 r division 1-8648399149
Green, WilliamPR-1Jan 1971 – May 31, 1974Fond memories of base housing, the friendliness of the citizens of Oak Harbor, and two 10 month deployments to Vietnam with CAG 14 aboard Enterprise are part of my memories 30 plus years later.
Martello, JosephAMH-2Apr 1, 1971 – Nov 18, 1974Worked as Mech/TS out of the A/F Shop. Did 3 WestPac Cruises on the CVAN 65. Worked with a great bunch of guys in 196: Bruce Noble, Don Haverfield, Chief Cox, Gary Ruther, Ken Norton, to name a few from 71-74.
Daniels, WayneYN2Apr 1972 – May 1975Lots of good memories!
Blankenship, BobAQ-2Apr 26, 1972 – Apr 26, 1976Worked on the flight deck as a prefilght troubleshooter. Claim to fame: IN the "Flight of the Intruders" I was the one who told them where to kick the computer.
Turpin, MikeFAJun 29, 1972 – Aug 6, 1973I made the cruise on Enterprise not bad, but loved the mountains probably to much got lifted off by the coast guard one cold night. Got out in 85, worked nuke plant, Fed. Govt. 1st Gulf War, then working for the State watching persons.
Thompson, GranvilleAE-2Jul 1973 – Jul 1977Looking to contact other personnel that sailed on our 1973-74 cruise and 1975-76 cruise. Specifically Clark B. Anderson and William Durego. Also would like to say hello to Lt. Woods, Chief Conklin, and Commander Nakagawa
Shivers, VirgilAE21975 – 1981I enlisted in the USN in March 1974. Did two tours with VA-196, 1975-1978(AIMD), 1981-1982(squadron), My last enlistment ended in March 1982. I would really love to hear from my shipmates.
Stiff, GregoryADJAN1975 – 1976I was part of a replacement group for VA 196. Came aboard the Enterprise from the USS Flint off Vietnam prior to the evacuation. Line shack PC. My first time on a Carrier. A lot of growing and catching up fast.
McCants, Joead anAug 15, 1975 – Jul 15, 1979Was in power plants div.worked the flight deck as a trouble shooter ,in the phase crew. made two westpac cruise's 76/77& the 78 cruise .
Sweeney, Jerry LAZC1976 – 1978Was on board for the cruise when Enterprise went to Tasmania. Was Maintence Control Chief at Cubi Point (Uncle Jerry).
Davis, DaveAQ31976 – 1977Where are you Brad Johnson
Cook, FredAT2Mar 1976 – Jun 1979
Zabell, DaveAT3Dec 8, 1976 – Jan 27, 1979AT Shop for 76/77 cruise. Trouleshooter for 78 cruise. Good times!
Crider, MarshellAE1Sep 27, 1977 – Mar 23, 1981 When to QA as a PO2
Bashore, DocYN21978 – 1981The most remarkeable duty station I ever served. Looking for James Wease if anyone knows his where abouts. Anyone knows if the Battery as a whole will have a reunion?
Wheeler, David/wheelsAQ21978 – 1981Made the 78 cruise on the Enterprise and then the 79 and 80 cruise on the Coral Sea. Worked in the AQ shop and on the Flight Deck as a trouble shooter and final checker. Wonder where the shop guys are.
Gleason, MarkAE21978 – 1978I made the wespack cruise and hit all the port of calls. Left Alameda and hit Oahu met Australian navy and got drunk. The whole cruise was so much fun.
Risley, BarkillerAO31978 – 1982I enjoyed having served in the Navy.Went on 2 west pac cruises.Would never change the time spent aboard.
Vanderbloomen, DutchAT1Jan 1, 1978 – Dec 31, 1980Great Unit......
Rippinger, Dan RipperLtJun 1978 – Aug 1981
Mark, JohnsonAQ2Jul 1978 – Dec 1982AQ shop, Flight Crew de-briefer, AIMD

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