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Dambusters (VA 195) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Dambusters (VA 195). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 51 crew members registered for the Dambusters (VA 195).

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Drew, RonSecond Class Petty OfficerSep 1965 – Sep 19694 tours in Vietnam. Did not know a man landed on the moon. Communications back then was just FREE letters no cell phones or any of the good stuff today.
Banfield, JackADJ 21967 – 1968
Ball, EdAMS2Jul 9, 1967 – Apr 29, 1968Airframes, nite check
Glenbn, FuselierAQF2Sep 15, 1967 – Apr 3, 1970No billet for AQ when reprted to squadron for A4C. Worked in AT shop, AO Shop on the 68 TICO cruse. On the Oriskeny cruse A4E, had an AQ SHOP, also worked in QA shop. Got early out in 1970 due to conversion to A7's.
Williams, PatrickAO21969 – 1971
Wagner, Steve profile iconAE31969 – 1972Made the 70-71 and 72 Westpac Cruise on the Kitty Hawk with VA-195 based in Lemoore, Cal.
Morrison, RickADJ3Apr 10, 1969 – Sep 15, 1971
Mann, Thomas AE31970 – 1973
Donaldson, CharlesE-3Nov 7, 1970 – Jul 17, 1971I was a A7 - Plane Captain from VA-195 Stationed at NAS Lemoore, CA. before coming aboard the US Kitty Hawk in November, 1970.
Johnson, LelandLtjg1971 – 1973
Bork, FredAT-2Apr 1, 1971 – Nov 27, 1973Bootcamp San Diego - Comp 732 -- 1969; A School - Memphis -- 1970; AFTA School -- 1970/71; VA-195 (A7E) - 71-73.
Frolkey, MikeAK2Jul 1971 – Dec 1974
Smith, WesAQ2Dec 28, 1971 – Dec 28, 1975Looking for Larry Douglas and others that went on the 72 and 74 cruise with the Kitty Hawk
Lumbard, LonnyE-51972 – 1972
Reynolds, AlAE2Jan 1972 – Nov 1973Hello to all the squadron crew members that made those SLUF (A7) drivers look good!
Danzberger, John BergerairmanSep 10, 1972 – Sep 18, 1974
Hawkins, Michaele1Nov 1, 1972 – Aug 1, 1973danzberger, cain,mccutchen
Cain, StevenANDec 8, 1972 – Aug 12, 1975What a great experience in life VA-195 was. Would not have seen the world as well without it. PI, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mombasa etc.... And had a blast passing out supplies.
Rowe, DarrylAQ2Aug 1973 – May 19, 1977ASCU, ASN-91 technician
Brannin, RalphAT 21974 – 1977Enjoyed my time at Lemoore and acouple of cruises on THe Kitty Hawk. Went intermediate maintenance for a while but loved the flight line. As most do, miss those days and all of the fellow sailors.
Buck, DougAME3Feb 25, 1974 – Jul 9, 1976Had a good time met a lot of good people I've only talked to a couple of my squadron mates since I have gotten out
McGonegal, Kelly MacAZ2Nov 1974 – Dec 1976What great times 75 westpac Pi what a place cobo Hall Lemoore Hanford email wish i had keep in touch with you all
Green, JohnAT2May 1975 – Aug 1978Did 2 West Pac's aboard the "Shitty Kitty" '75 & '77. Hated it at the time but looking back those were the best days of my life. Now I have a kid who's a Senior Chief. Unbelievable.
Roatch, FredrickAT2May 10, 1975 – Jul 12, 1979Worked AIMD during 77-78 cruise and then worked squadron during 79 cruise to MED
Trasp, JoeYN3Feb 1, 1976 – Jul 2, 1978Did WESTPAC on KItty Hawk and Med on America. Was some good times. If I knew then what I know now would of kept in touch.
Difiore, JoeAE3Oct 17, 1976 – Oct 29, 1979Hope all my brothers are doing well. Contact me any time. Live in Los Angeles.
Johnson, RonaldAD 11977 – 1980
Abelon, BartolomeAE31977 – 1979
William Allen Maloney Jr, MoeAMS3Mar 1977 – Aug 8, 1980Looking to connect with ole shipmates! Made West-PAC 77-78, med cruise 78-79!!!
Young, James profile iconAMS2Jun 1977 – Jul 1980Did '77 Westpac and '79 Med cruise with a great bunch of guys. Wouldn't trade it for anything!
Scogins, RobertAD2Aug 1977 – Feb 1977
Wortheim, DavidAQ-2Sep 7, 1977 – Jul 15, 1980Hello old squadron mates. Still alive and kicking. You know time flies when you can remember seeing the very first F/A-18 fly by the hanger and now they are being phased out. I miss the old A-7E's. Feel free to e-mail me
Cook, RandyAD-1Oct 7, 1977 – Jun 30, 1979Chippy Ho - MIA's Edward Johnson, See that Robert Scoggins is aboard and so is Ed Trasp
Benefield, TomAO2Jun 1978 – Nov 1981
Thomas, BobAME-4Jun 19, 1978 – May 31, 1981worked AME was TAD w/CAG the whole med cruise in 1979 top side started out lox crew and final checker,LOVED doing the final checker
Heideman, BrianAME 2Sep 1978 – Dec 18, 1981I remember Lt. Talcott, I think he was our division Officer. Think it was just 8 days before his fatal crash he was involved in a mid air crash with LT Lowe. He was one of the Good Ones.
Ashley, LenAE2Oct 1978 – Feb 1981TAD to AIMD at NAS Lemoore and USS America
Cantero, DaniloAMH2Dec 1978 – Jul 1981Mostly all the personnel in the shop were 2nd class when I came aboard. We have to rotate ourselves for Hangar deck clean up, during our first cruise aboard USS AMERICA.We were all desperate to have a non rate in the shop at that time.
Evans, JohnAMS 3Jan 1979 – Oct 1980Looking for help with any info for our med cruises,
Alexander, Robert profile iconAMH3Jan 1979 – May 1982before I went to 195 I was in VA 122 and after I did the cruise's went back to AMID for a while - Fun Stuff
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Roark, TimothyAT2Jan 3, 1979 – Sep 22, 1979Lt. Talcott will forever be in my prayers. His was the first passing of a friend and sailor during my career. I miss him and everyone else I had the pleasure of serving with. Great times, miss you all.
Weeks, RichardE-3Mar 1, 1979 – Jan 1, 1981
Hoel, RobertATANMar 3, 1979 – Sep 15, 1979Plane Captain

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