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Golden Dragons (VA 192) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Golden Dragons (VA 192). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 39 crew members registered for the Golden Dragons (VA 192).

Thiessen, Jon profile iconAT2Oct 1, 1957 – Oct 31, 1959Started with F9F's Then FJ4B's. Retired after 40 years with Telephone Company . Then Broker/Owner of Larkspur Realty Now live in Castle Rock, CO
Wallan, MikeADJ31966 – 1968At the time I couldn't wait to get out, but now I realize that was the best time of my life. Wish I'd have stayed in.
Goldsberry, RichardA)2 - AO1Jun 1, 1966 – Jun 1, 1968Best damn ordie bunch in WESPAC. USS Ticonderoga.
Ball, FredAO2 Retired as NCC1967 –
Faith, David profile iconamh2May 5, 1968 – Jul 17, 1970
Tonnemacher, MichaelATR3Dec 1968 – Aug 1970Spent most of cruise on a beach det. TAD to Cubi Point. Transitioned to A-7 aircraft upon return to Lemoore. Also worked at the Officer/Enlisted club.
Moeckli, DuckAQ2Jan 1969 – Oct 1971Made some good friends and will always be proud to be a "GOLDEN DRAGON" lived with Andy Baxter and Ken Person after we got out and they finished school. My time in service paved my way to a good career and family.
Steinshnider, AlanYN2May 1969 – Dec 1969Joined the Dragons in Subic Bay and finished out the WESTPAC 69 cruise onboard the USS ORISKANY. Ship's cruise book listed me with the Executive Staff (my picture was there, but with wrong name). Retired as YNC.
Sukup, JohnAOCMay 15, 1969 – May 15, 1972Had 17 yrs in when departed the Hawk. Spent next 5 yrs Recruiting Duty in North WI . Retired in Weston, WI Sept. 77. Got married in 73, 6 kids. BS UWSP in 84,taught 6th Grade. 2 yrs. Had Pest Control Co. Sold it in 98
Hickman, Don profile iconAO3Jul 1969 – Jun 1972Aviation Ordnance...Busy days and a Great crew... IYAOYAS!
Cappawana, SkipPN1Aug 16, 1970 – Oct 19, 1974Spent most of my time on the Beach Det with some great guys. Spent the next 17 years on Recruiting Duty. Retired in 1991as a NCCS and live in Sacramento, CA
Erickson, BradTN1971 – 1974I was a steward. for all of you who were in the squadron when I was, google and you will see some old pilot pics, and pics from the pilot reunion that the skipper puts on every few years
Beal, KennethE-41971 – 1973I was a Plane Captain.
Landry, Roger LAE 2Jul 1971 – Aug 1972I have worked in Aviation for44 years first with Sikorsky, eastern and with gas turbine then with USAIR I am now 64 and on layoff with USAIRWAYS from BDL , Hartford/Springfield
Scott, StephenPR3Jan 4, 1972 – Oct 15, 1972I was assigned to VA-192 parachute loft for the wespac cruise '72.
Talley, MichaelAQ5Sep 1972 – 1976At the time deployment was long, but, it was the best time of my life, made great friends and would certainly do it all over again.
Torrence, BillAME-31973 – 1975
Newton, JackE5 Aviation ordnancemenOct 11, 1973 – Oct 10, 1977Looking for anyone assigned to VA 192 Ordnance crew.
Ferry, Robert J profile iconat21974 –Joined VA192 in Subic Bay half into WestPac cruise on Hawk. After that spent a lot of time in Lemoore , had a trailer offbase and apartment in Fresno...that terrible fog driving down highway 41. Remember the coyotes?
Eppihimer, CurtisE-31974 – Oct 13, 1977I was in V.A.192 learned a lot about life in the Navy had a lot of good friends
Cook, BobVA-192Jun 1974 – Dec 1975SSHWFGD
Stephens, ScottAMS-3Oct 15, 1974 – Oct 15, 1977West Pac 1975 SSHWFGD
Allen, JohnE-3May 20, 1975 – Jan 8, 1981Was A Plane captian on the Nimitiz,America, and the Enterprise Carriers. worked with the AO's,truble shooters,AMID Crew,power tested Aircraft,rebuilt engines and sytyems on craft.Drove a Avgas truck for 6 months.
Adams, RobertAD2Nov 1, 1976 – Apr 15, 1978Worked in Power Plants and as the Flt deck T/S. There was Gary Meshew, jimmy Love, Gordon Wentz, and few others whose names escape me now that i hung around with..
Cross, BillE5Mar 28, 1977 – May 28, 1980Got to VA-192 out of "A" school. Worked the line division as a plane captain from 1977 till the end of the westpac in 1978. Worked my rate in the "AT" shop before working the line division again as "AT" troubleshooter.
Adams, JoeAE3Sep 1977 – Jul 1978I crossed decked with a guy from the line division who wanted to go back to the P.I. i came from VA-25. Made the cruise 77-78. I am the guy on top of the plane in the cruise book. I went into the TAR program and retired
Velazquez, Nolberto (Bert)AME2Nov 1977 – Mar 1981I caught up with the squadron while they were on a West Pac in 1977-78 on the Kitty Hawk CV66. Made a Med Cruise on the USS America CV67 and a few trips to Falon NV, I worked as AME troubleshooter and in the AME/PR shop.
Montgomery, BillAD21978 – 1980
Rigdon, TomAMH2Feb 1978 – Jan 1981Started as a Plane Captain for our first MED cruise on CV66 America, 2nd Med Cruise I worked in AIMD as a NDT inspector for the air wing.
Lynn, Rustye-5Mar 12, 1978 – Jul 29, 1981started out as plane captain went to shop then to troubleshooters
Myers, RalphAE2Jul 1978 – Sep 1981The usual TAD, when I first came aboard, then 2 cruises (79 & 81), with a stint in AIMD (80 & during 2nd cruise). Some of the best years of my life. Not forgetting to mention, the great friends!
Carlson, EdwinE-5Jun 27, 1979 – Jun 27, 1984Are there any U.S.Navy Squids out there that served in the Navy while I was there...1979 - 1984 U.S. Navy Reserves Alemeda 1984-1987
Rush, GaryE5 AO2Jul 15, 1979 – Jul 1984Hello my fellow "GOLDEN DRAGONS" Anybody know where I can get a patch?
Casillo, Josephpran1980 –
Holt, PatrickAT21980 – 1983My first command. I was night maintenance, then a flight deck troubleshooter, then an avionics component level troubleshooter. Remember It. Pat Walsh who became. Blue Angel, eventually becoming a 4 star. USS America.
Keebler, RickAE 2Apr 1983 – Feb 1984I have never been able to get the events of Nov 1st, 1983 out of my head. Anybody else have that problem?
Reiger, StevenE-4Apr 10, 1983 – Apr 10, 1986served as a parachut rigger
Apgar, David (Gun Boats)AD2Jul 7, 1983 – Feb 18, 1984WESTPAC 83-84 VA192 Power Plants and Corrosion Control. Lost 10 Good men that cruise. Never forget them. Attended the Decomm in San Dog. Great time and great shipmates (both ship and s.sqd) We knew we are all brother

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