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USS McClusky (FFG 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McClusky (FFG 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 244 crew members registered for the USS McClusky (FFG 41).

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Hicks, JohnBM3 UNTIL MY LAST WEEK ON BOARD.1992 – 1994DeckI lost money for those who thought I'd make out with my rank - Sorry. Had great times on the Mac. Hated it at the time but would not trade my two years on that ship for anything. I would like to hear from an old shipmate or two.
Guy, LelandBM31992 – 1994deckjust what to say hey to everyone .i miss u guys alot. after leaving the uss midway, i thought it would be hard to find a good home and kind friends. yall came through...thanks a millon.
Litchfield, LitchSM1992 – 1996OC
Spickes, MichaelOS3Feb 1992 – Oct 1994OPSGreat to see you guys listed! Badami, Cotton, Ware, and many others. We had some great times in Yokosuka! Mast 5 times and never lost rank! Only a few of us to could by with that kind of luck. Great ship! From Austin, TX
Foster, TonkRM2Feb 12, 1992 – Feb 20, 1995OE
Wilson, TonyLTAug 1992 – Jan 1995CSOGreat time. Shining ship moment during Missilex. SM1 skin-to-skin and a bunch of 76mm BL&P. Saw each rd on radar. Trip to Vlad and the Honcho were a hoot.
Flowers, JackAA1Nov 15, 1992 – Apr 23, 1996AA
Moore, TedEW2Nov 15, 1992 – Jan 13, 1995OI/OE/CSGreat time in Yoko! Great ports we visited. Hated sea and anchor. All those ruined uniforms.
Moore, MichaelOSSN1993 – 1995OIHad a great time aboard that ship . I had a blast in THAILAND and SINGAPORE.
Paul, Briangmg31993 – 1995deck/wepslong time ago
Cross, JcsnJan 1993 – Nov 1994deck
Wille, ScottGMM3Mar 15, 1993 – Jul 10, 1995CM/CGyou cant give me a million dollars for the sights and thing i saw and did but you cant give me a million dollars to do it all over again. I will never forget the time I spent aboard the mighty mac. Thankyou doc Bill for stich job.
Magoon, ChrisBM3Apr 1993 – 1995ODI miss some of the good ol times. Had a lot of good memories and good friends. contact me at or 925-625-2708
Yeaman, YeadogEM3Apr 15, 1993 – Oct 25, 1995a/eFirst ship after A school and ffg-7 pipeline 2 of the best years of my life
Bawar, Romie profile iconSHSA-SH3May 1993 – May 1995S3My first ship! I actually enjoyed my time aboard ( even crankin' in the scullery?) I would love to get in touch with "shipmates" from this time. Find me on Facebook! I miss Japan, too..... and the Hounch!
Suarez, Jose (Sal)SNMay 1993 – Jun 5, 1995DECK
Reilling, TomRM2Jun 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1995OCMy last ship, those were good days. Looking to find old shipmates.
Rodriguez, JuanE-4Jun 1, 1993 – May 1, 1996EngineeringSeems like a life time ago, sending a shout out to everyone.
Nichols, GeraldGMG3Jul 1993 – Aug 1996WEPSThis was a great command I enjoyed my time aboard the Mighty Mac.
Brannon, SamGMG2Aug 1993 – Dec 1995CMCGReally learned a lot on the Mighty Mac. Made good friends. I owe much of my leadership success to my time on board.
Yates, ParisYN2Sep 17, 1993 –ADMINI had the best time in the navy onboard that ship!!!!
Zahn, RandyGM3Nov 4, 1993 – Nov 4, 1996WeaponsGreat time while on board. Went home two weeks before the ship went back to San Diego from Japan
Cerasani, LouisEW2Mar 14, 1994 –OI01My first of four ships and counting! I loved every minute spent onboard her! If she was still in Japan, with the same crew that was there, I'd still be on her to this day!
Albares, DustunMSSNJun 7, 1994 – Sep 11, 1997If its a crime to drink, I woulda did 3 years in the yoko brigg. Wassup fellas. Them good ole days. All the guys that were real know who u are. Peace and have a great life
Burdg, ScottFC2Aug 1, 1994 – Feb 9, 1998CM/CGLookin' for my Yokosuka Drinkin' buddies. Big Jim, Randy Bill, Maddog, Litch, Willie, Nichols, Henry, King
Jordan, JasonIC2Sep 1994 – Oct 1999E
McNeese, Jeremy JdBM3Sep 4, 1994 – Sep 8, 1998bm
Norwood, Byron sh3Dec 1994 – Dec 1996s-3I still remember those train rides to roponji be out all night long drinking chu-hi and everything else. Albares hayes, Negron,Harris,Gonzo,Stiger and all my other club goers much love to all yall hope life is good 2 U.
Riddle, HarrySM3Dec 1994 – May 5, 1997ON95 cruise to the Gulf and took the McClusky back to San Diego. My first ship after boot camp and "A" School.
Bruce, ScottOSSNDec 1994 – Jul 1996OS
Costa, ThomasBM3 (SW)Jun 1995 – Jun 1999ODBest time of my life serving in the Navy, great crew, great ship alot of fun, wish I never left the service. Great times with the great guys from Yokuska Japan to San Diego, miss it all
Carrier, RobertRM/IT2Sep 1995 – Sep 1999OCI watched her be build at the shipyard in San Padro in the early 80's. Never thought I'd service on her. Good ship/Good memories. Many Friends. "Radio" You can talk about us, but ya can't talk without us.
Buhler, JohnGSM 3Nov 24, 1995 – Apr 18, 1999Main PropulsionI had a great time on this ship. Was also part of the Yokosuka drinking crew. *The Haunch Crawlers* The best 4 years of my young life was dedicated to the operational readiness of this ship!!!
Stagg, Archie profile iconET11996 – Oct 31, 1998CEEnjoyed Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines in just over 2 years. SIX TIMES the foreign ports the USS Ranger visited. Hope the US can stop domestic and foreign enemies and remain FREE!
Moorefield, TravisTM31996 – 1998Sonar
Wynne, PatEW3(SW)Apr 1996 – Sep 1998CE
Queton, "Joe"OS2Jun 1996 – Jun 1998OIMcClusky was the most memorable years of my time in the Navy. Glad to be apart of the Yokosuka Crew. But dammit i forgot to get my Golden Dragon Tatoo while i was there. Just wont be the same getting it now.
Johnson, Brian L.EW2 (SW)Jun 10, 1996 – Jun 20, 1998CE
Colvin, NotaviusE-4/SH31998 – 2000S-3
Silva, Jessems31998 – 2000s2
Huebner, RobSTG2Feb 1998 – Jan 1999CA
Reynolds, SabinEWC(SW)Mar 1998 – Dec 16, 2001CEChecked onboard as a push-button 3rd...left as a frocked First Class....made Chief at my next command. McClusky was the best of the best, and I owe my success in the Navy to her.
Brewington, Quentien (Quitn' Time)DC 3(SW)Mar 24, 1998 – Dec 14, 2001EngineeringIf Y'all Knew me then you know what's up
Stranc, Ronald/ronboETCJun 1998 – Jul 2002CE
David Jones, JonesyOS1Jun 1998 – Aug 2001OII enjoyed the ship and its crew.
Mask, WilliamOS/E-5 / NCC/E-7Aug 1, 1998 – Dec 3, 2003OI/01Great Ship great crew. I miss everyone and the Mighty Mac was a stepping stone in my life to get me to where I am at now. I crossed rated to NC in Mar of 2006 and have been full speed ahead ever since.
Turner, DonaldEW1Sep 25, 1998 – Jan 2000CECrapy Div with unrealistic LCPO/DIVO expectations. Last ship because my crappy detailer wouldn't give me a break. What a way to go out, crappy shore tour followed by the worst sociopath president ever, Thanks a lot Dick!
Barnard, Jason "bad Boy" "muttbone"HT3 (SW)Oct 1, 1998 – Apr 15, 2001R
Coslett, JeffHM1(SW/FMF/NAC)Nov 10, 1998 – Nov 2, 2001OPS/MEDICALI owe the success of my Navy career to this ship. I came onboard as a E-3 and left as a 2nd Class. I made alot of great friends & memories onboard. I will never forget the crew I served with on the "Mighty Battle Frigate"

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – 1998 | 1999 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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