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Blue Diamonds (VA 146) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Blue Diamonds (VA 146). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 45 crew members registered for the Blue Diamonds (VA 146).

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Bester, Vaughn RonAMH-31962 – 1964Phone 724 2822751
Reinert, RonaldADJ-2Feb 1962 – 1965Graduated with A/P, comm., inst. & multi licenses. Retired in 2005 wth 40 yrs/ Inspector wth Amer Airlines & also owned my own RE Co. as Broker. Sailing 54' boat around world & B-25 crew mbr Exec. Sweet. 562 787 5654
Bosic, JackPO 3rd class AESep 30, 1962 – Apr 22, 1966
Zilske, Aladj3Dec 26, 1962 – Sep 8, 1965DC Smith Call me 951768 4482
Donald, Smithadj-3Jan 23, 1963 – 1965did vietnam war am now golf pro
Dewitt, DennisADJ31964 – 1968Looking for Blue Diamonds that served during this time.
Bruce, Ronaldpn31966 – 1970
Wood, WoodyANSep 1966 –
Shelton, StephenANApr 3, 1967 – Jan 16, 1968I worked the line Div as a Plane Capt. --june 67 to Jan 68 . I remember Jim 'Grif' Griffith ,Duke Potter, Chief Grey ,' Denny' the line PO--- Be nice to hear from some of the old airdales!
Ford, HenryAdj 2Dec 1, 1967 – Oct 9, 1970went into line division as plane captain on 305. went on wespac in 1969 on CVN 65 Enterprise.1970 went on wespac on CV66 America, night check line petty officer in march 1970 until discharge in October 1970.
Downes, JamesE-41968 – 1969serving in the blue diamonds VA-146 squadron was an honor
Tuchel, DaleADJ3Aug 1968 – Sep 7, 1971Made Westpac 1969 - USS Enterprise as plane captain for A7's. Made Westpac 1970 - USS America as ordnance man.
Dewitt, RobertANAug 1, 1968 – May 1, 1970Started as a plane captain. Ended up in the AT shop.
Neville, Michael (Mike)AO3Sep 1968 – Jan 1970I came into the squadron as a nondesignated striker and wound up in the AO shop. Made the 1969 Enterprise cruise.
Amundsen, John K./kenAK3Oct 1968 – Dec 1969serve in VA-146 at Lemoore California...deployments to USS Enterprise, Fallon Nevada
Brogdon, JimADJ 2Jan 1969 – Jul 1969looking for any old friends
O'Keefe, HarryAO-2Jul 1969 – Oct 1971It's hard to believe that that America cruise was 40 years ago.
Ruppel, TomAQ2Jul 1969 – Oct 1972
Norton, WesleyE-4Aug 1969 – Nov 22, 1972Looking for John e Nagel was with VA 146 1970-71 and 72 last known address East Orange New Jersey
Washington, RichardPN2Oct 1969 – Dec 1971Looking for people I knew.
Miller, Joseph / PigpenAMH-11970 – 1976I started in Airframes then went to Corrosion Control, on my first cruise I worked the flight deck replacing oxygen bottles. I liked working on the flight deck and wanted to become a troubleshooter and I fianally made it
Leighly, CorkyE5Feb 11, 1970 – Feb 11, 1971I became an E5 18 months after joining the USN. Iwas stationed at LeMoore NAS. I repaired ASCU'S in the AIMD department (intermediate maintenance department).
Gill, JimAQ3Apr 1970 – Jun 1972
Gill, JimAQ3Oct 1971 – Jun 1972I was a VA-146 plane captain on the 71-72 Westpac cruise.
Kelly, FrankAE3Nov 20, 1972 – Jul 10, 1974Trained with VA122 at Lemoore NAS before being assigned to VA146. Was on 1973 9 month cruise on the Connie to the South Pacific
Coleman, GregE2Dec 15, 1972 – Sep 18, 1974Looking for Dan Fredrickson. Si Dan, Onclang! :)
Ralston, MauriceAQ-2May 19, 1973 – Jun 16, 1976First command worked in IWT
Bellinger, Robert / LibertyE 2Aug 10, 1973 – Jul 17, 1975I was a plane captain at LeMoore NAS in California. Made a West Pac crusie aboard the Connie in 1974. Went to the Persian Gulf, Pakistan, Hong Cong and the Phillipines. Loved the flight deck, always something going on.
Fencl, TobyAO3Oct 1973 – Mar 1976
Neail, Dougams3Jun 1974 – Nov 19771st cruise va146. 2nd cruise va147 crud crew both skate in training teacher frank Priefler va 146. Jerry Caruthers buddy va 147
Young, JakeAO2Dec 1975 – Sep 1978made the 77 westpac with the grearest squadron and AO shop in the fleet. We were the best as friends and as a squadron too. miss these guys and the times.
McCabe, PatrickE-51976 –
Brown, WilliamAMS21976 – 1980Started in Line Div. & got PC Qualed. Then Airframes Div & got Low Power A7E turn-up Qualed. Then AIMD Airframes. All good times..................................................+
Timbrouck, PhilVA-146Feb 20, 1976 – Feb 19, 1980hi looking for old friends...jack robinson
Santos, David (Radar)AE2Sep 1976 – Oct 1979
Eilers, DavidAO1Apr 1977 – 1981Had a great time abaord Connie. Made 3 West-Pacs including the 110-day at sea period and of course "beer day" The PI was awesome. Miss those times.
Westgate, Frank profile iconE-3Mar 23, 1979 – Aug 14, 1981Served during the Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 - 81 Visited Hawaii and Philippines on the way to the Indian Ocean. For the next 110 days, VA-146 operated off the coast of Iran in support USA. Website:
Jeffrey, JeffAO3Aug 1979 – Sep 30, 1980Worked in the Ordnance Shop, deployed on West Pac 80 on the Connie.
Hammonds, KeithAMS2Aug 1979 – Oct 1980Enjoyed my time in VA-146.
King, JimAT2Sep 1979 – Sep 1982

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