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Ghostriders (VF 142) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Ghostriders (VF 142). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 56 crew members registered for the Ghostriders (VF 142).

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Pankey, JimPR21963 – 1965
Johnson, Steven JohnneyPN31963 – Oct 21, 1966Two Great Cruises on Constellation & Ranger Home Base NAS Miramar San Diego Calif.
Burke, Patrick (Stoney)ae2Jan 10, 1963 – Jul 22, 1965One and only cruise but one of the best experiences of my life. First half of cruise I was flight deck electrician for squadron. Great time with great people.
Pease, MichaelADJ2May 1964 – Jul 27, 1967
Miller, JerryADJ2Sep 1, 1964 – Jul 10, 1965I have been looking for a shipmate, last name Hatfield. He was an ADJ2. We were on the USS Constellation, VF 142 together and became good friends. I spent 10 years in the Navy before being medically discharged in 1969.
Nace, RodneyPR-31965 – Apr 24, 1969The Ranger was my 1st. Carrier (2 tours) then went to the Connie (Constellation CVA-64) until I returned to NAS Miramar after 3 tours to Vietnam. Still ware my bracelet of ENS Patrick L. Ness a good friend,downed 8/23/67
Hardung, JimE 31965 – 1968Searching for Steve Black and anyone else in my Squadron who would like to contact me.
Snell, Roscoe Jack (Pappy)Chief Petty Officer1967 – 1974Trying to look up some old friends and schedule a get together
Suarez, JamesAE2May 1967 – Aug 10, 1969AE Squadron level maintenance F4B Mod. 05/67- 12/68 WESPAC: Served TAD Ships Company AMID 04/68 - 01/69 WESPAC: TAD Perm. SP Sandiego, Ca. 03/69 - 06/69: Squadron Level Maint. F4J Mod. NAS Mirimar 06/69 - 08/69:
Montizor, Franklin "Banzai" profile iconADJ3Oct 12, 1967 – Nov 30, 1970
Ibert, CharlieADR 3Jun 1970 – Nov 1971Looking for buddies of the Ghost rider squadron, Driver, WallyH, Fredric Talerico any and all other, Remember Rio De Janerio, Mardi Gras, Shell back iniation
Collier, MikeAMS3Mar 1971 – Oct 1971Airframes.
Porter, PaulAMH2Mar 1971 – Dec 1971Started with VF-142 @ NAS Miramar San Diego CA. Joined the air wing USS Enterprise CVAN 65 in July of 71 and left December 71. Enlistment up January 72.
Hebert, LarryHMC USNRETApr 11, 1971 – Jun 30, 1973Retired from USNavy Nov. 1985 in Va. Bach. Va. Am still there today. The Pukin dogs are still flying here. I brouse through the Cruise book often and remember those days well. Many good times were had.
Hunt, Georgee3Jun 3, 1971 – Sep 1972 I am looking for shipmates that may be able to help me out with eyewitness account of a accident i had. Kinda hard to get facts when they are 40 years old. I was T.A.D. to ships company twice from my airwing.
Steinike, StevenAQ E-41972 – 1974I was assigned to the AIMD area and worked on the radar systems for the F-4J birds. I made the last 'Nam cruise on board the USS Enterprise and the following cruise to the Med on board the USS America
Mounsdon, TomAT3May 1972 – Aug 1973looking for anyone who knows where to find chuck reed. anyone with any squadron info from that time such as names and ranks such as a cruise book or squadron book would be great
Smith, ForrestAMH-11973 – 1976
Jackson, Lowell “ray”AQAN/AQ3Jul 1973 – May 1976This was my first command. The Ghostriders were a top notch group and will always hold a special place in my heart. I served as an airman then as an AQ3. They were a step in the right direction for my career in the Navy
Hilton, ChrisAT21976 – 1979looking to catch up with anyone from IWT shop from '76 thru '79
Barnhard, Jamie / BarnyADANMar 1, 1976 – Nov 18, 1977Any one remember Chuck Hoob & the man overboard drill? Roger No Neck Mc Fillen our CO. Or the beer party the night before deployment? I was in the line shack & Power Plants
Spaul, BobbyAR3rd class1977 – 1981 hope to hear from those i served with.Think of navy life from time to time.Look forward to hearing from old fiends
Peterson, Duane / Pete profile iconAQ21977 – 1980Made 2 Med cruises with VF-142. First on the USS America and then on the USS Eisenhower. Spent most of my time working in AIMD in the VAST shop.
Midgett, LelandAE 21977 – 1980
Rankin, TimHM3Feb 1977 – Feb 1978A great time serving with all the guys. Ghostriders were the best!. Aboard USS America CV66 and at Oceana. Best Wishes to all especially my fellow "Doc" Jack Scheck.
Dragovich, TomAQ2Feb 1977 – Nov 1979O-level IWT, TAD to Line Division as IWT Flightdeck Troubleshooter representative from IWT. AIMD on AWM23 RFTS and other positions. Made one "Med"cruise on U.S.S. America (CV66) and one on U.S.S. Eisenhower (CVN69).
Glidden, JohnnyAO1978 – 1980I live in Danbury Tx. south of Houston its not a very big town just stop in at the only store we have and ask where to find me.
Davis, BarryPR 31978 – 1981Was on the Eisenhower's first med cruise and I.O. in pr shop and in AIMD, I remember the dets to Roosevelt roads P.R. and the Virgin Islands. Good times in my youth.
Fulmele, ThomasE5Sep 1, 1978 – May 1, 1979Only made half of the inaugural cruise on the IKE. Was honorablly discharged while in the Med 1979. Got to catapult off the ship. Excellent ship and excellent crew. Glad to see the ship is still in active service.
Marotta, RickAT21979 – 1982Worked in VAST (AIMD)
Vega, ElmerE-5Apr 15, 1980 – Dec 23, 1980
Faison, Malcolmamh2Jun 2, 1980 – May 3, 1983Freddie Spates.Jeffrey Summerville Eddie King contact me Malcolm Faison 8432870945
Holder, Robbie/ Iebbor RedlohAK3Nov 20, 1980 – Nov 19, 1982Caught end of 1980 IO cruise 1981 Nato cruise and 1982 Med cruise. Also on 1981 Puerto Rico det. Haze gray and under way
Tartaglione, John "Guido"CAPTAINMar 6, 1981 – Dec 31, 1983
Meyer, DaveANApr 20, 1981 – Apr 19, 1984Lots of good times on IKE, and at NAS Oceana.Work hard, Play hard, Stay hard!
Harding, BillE-4Jul 15, 1981 – Apr 15, 1984
Doran, Jim "Gunner"CWO4Dec 1, 1981 – Jun 30, 1983Currently work for West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance
St Lawrence, BillE-5Mar 1983 – Oct 1983
Wilson, PatrickAQ3Apr 1983 – Jan 1986Best damn squadron in the atlantic fleet. Battle E 1984. Callsign for Topgun. Go Ghostriders. Best time of my early young military.
Thompson, Jeff (Buddha)ATCS (AW)Apr 1983 – Apr 1995Was with the Ghostriders 3 times...April 1983=July 1984, Jan 1986=April 1991, and Feb 1994- Decommission 1995. Best command I ever served in. Great aircrew and maintainers.
MacInnes, ScottAMS3Jun 14, 1983 – Jun 13, 1989

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