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USS Curts (FFG 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Curts (FFG 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 298 crew members registered for the USS Curts (FFG 38).

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Mesa, RubenHT11998 – 2001RI Served, I suffered, I endured, I Retired! Back home in Texas working a job I disliked in the Navy, "QC". Now I'm QCM for a pressure vessel fab shop. Who knew?
Hollingsworth, JamesIT2(SW)Mar 1998 – Mar 2001OC01Some of the greatest times I ever had. RIMPAC 98 and Drug Ops. Went to VAW-78(DECOM)/COMNAVNETWARCOM/MHC Crew Bold(DECOM)/USS Pioneer. Got out after 10 working as a network systems admin in OK
Kelley, WyattOS1(SW)Mar 3, 1998 – Oct 4, 2000OIWhat a change coming from a Flag command and a carrier, to a "SmallBoy" but it was great fun! Wish I could go back to South America a few more times right about now. I felt like a Panamanian citizen.
Yetter, AdamFCJun 12, 1998 – Feb 9, 2004CW
Avelino, DanyYN1(SW)Aug 20, 1998 – Sep 22, 2000XX2 WORDS "MILLENIUM SOUTHPAC!"
Abernathy, Pat profile iconET2Sep 1998 – Dec 1998CEOn-board for 6 or 7 weeks between USS Lewis B. Puller decom and separation. ETC gave me 3.0 separation eval after 6 years of 4.0 evals. Asshole.
Lewis, CharlesFN / EWSNOct 18, 1998 – Oct 18, 2000A-GANG / OI
Smith, JoePC2Nov 1998 – Oct 2002S4mail call!
Cain, KevinSTG1/STGC/ENSApr 1999 – Feb 2003CAWhat can I say, great ship + great people = great tour. Loved every minute of it, and hope I run into more of you in the future.
Jipping, Ken (Fco)LtJGJun 1999 – 2001CGWas Gunnery Officer
Barbero, DanielGm1Jun 5, 1999 – Jun 30, 2003cwlooking for friends, that insurf wouldn't allow to atttend my retirement
Delgadillo, Jose A.k.a. TitoOS2 (SW)Aug 1999 – Jun 2003OI3 CRUISES SOUTHPAC 2 CARAT CRUISES
Dierikx, LarryDC1(SW)Sep 1999 – Oct 2002RepairLots of good memories. Nice fuel spill in CC1. GSM2 Lamb-cant forget the Alabama redneck. 3 More years to go and I switch to the crew of the USS backyard. Good times and better friends. Gotta love the H2S alarms going off in CC3 at 3 AM.
Steele, TomSH2Sep 1999 – Nov 17, 2000Supply/S-3Hey all, good to see ya on here. It was so fun running the Ship's Store and helping with the Bible Studies and Church services we had on deployment during the counter drug ops in the Caribbean. I hope all is well!
Thomas, JtOS 3Sep 8, 1999 – Dec 1, 2000OIGreat group of people. I was blessed to have served with. Also, I enjoyed being the "Football Coach" when things became slow.
Velazquez, RaulE-4/SH3Dec 1, 1999 – Aug 3, 2003S-3Nice to see some of the my shipmates whom I had great memories and fun.
Earnest, MichaelQM1(SW)Jan 6, 2000 – Jul 14, 2004XNFinal ship. Kept my 5 Gold stripes. Capt. TT Smith was over ridden by higher authority. Retired now. Not the best ship in the fleet, but it was a nice cruise liner. Anyone remember 2000-2004?
Somarriba, AristidesSK2Feb 10, 2000 – Feb 11, 2005
Day, JamesGSM1/E6Mar 2000 – Mar 2003MPCouldn't have asked for a better crew to serve with. Hope you all are doing well. I was medically retired in 2008 due to a shoulder injury, currently work for Ameren UE in St Louis.
Powell, Joshua GrantIT2(SW)Mar 29, 2000 – Mar 29, 2006COMMUNICATIONS
Petermeier, Brian Aka PdQM2Apr 2000 – Jun 2005XNworked with lots of good guys! Enjoyed my time there.
Demicco, JamesDC2Sep 2000 – Sep 2003R-Div
Sea, CharliePO2Sep 30, 2000 – Apr 28, 2004Operational SpecialistSingapore, Australia, India, Thailand. 2001-2004
Seijas, HermanPO2/GSM2Dec 8, 2000 – Jan 8, 2003MHardly any engineers on here. Thought I would remember everyone that knows me about the gallons of fuel we spilled in ops berthing during one unrep. I know Chief ramshur remembers also Padin, and SHinker, and who can forget GSM2 LAMB haha.
Starkey, JoshuaE5/OS2Feb 16, 2001 –OI
Cordova, Paul (Dova)OS2Feb 20, 2001 – May 15, 2003OIThe best ship I was ever on. Made great friends, have great memories.
Brubeck, RandyE6/ET1(SW)Mar 1, 2001 – Mar 1, 2004Combat Electronics
Stomp, BradBMSNJun 14, 2001 – Feb 26, 2004OperationsA great deal of fond memories occured in my life, as a result of my experiences, on and with, the command(s) of The Curts. Congratulations to all whe shared the same experiences as I.
Silva, JustinFC2Aug 31, 2001 – Jul 1, 2005CW
Wright, RobertOSCSep 17, 2001 – Apr 25, 2005OIGreat times in OI Division, but the whole crew onboard was great. I miss the guys and the great memories made there.
Schinker, MarkGSM12002 – 2004M
Carey, HankBMCSFeb 1, 2002 – Sep 30, 2003ODHave been working for the Army since I retire. Would like to hear how my old shipmates are doing.
Voelkel, JasonSTG2(SW)Mar 6, 2002 – Aug 25, 2005CAStarted in Deck Dept., and struck out to Sonar Div. The crew made that ship what it was... awesome. Loads of good memories and insane port of calls. Humbled to have been part of that era. Hope everyone is well.
Grigsby, DavidOS1Apr 1, 2002 – Apr 1, 2004OI5TH SHIP.
Ayres, NickGSM3/E4Nov 22, 2002 – Apr 11, 2006MP
Johnson, StefonCS3Dec 29, 2002 – Apr 12, 20051st DivisionStarted in Deck Division , undesignated seaman, in 2002. Learn everything I needed to know to navigate military politics from this ship. Thank god I started here. It saved me when I went to my next command.
Kidd, Andrew (Tubes)TM2(AW)2003 – 2005CA
Haddad III, Ferris Aka DookieENFNJan 21, 2003 – May 15, 2005EA
Sanchez, JuanSK2Jan 22, 2003 –S-1
Murray, ParrishBoatswains Mate Second ClassDec 2003 – Jun 2005Deck

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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