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USS Curts (FFG 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Curts (FFG 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 298 crew members registered for the USS Curts (FFG 38).

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Davis, FrederickGSMC1994 – 1997Main Propulsion
Bonine, MattE-2Jan 17, 1994 – Jan 27, 1997DeckHey guys, I'm still alive and kickin. Married now and have two kids, i hope everyone is doing good. I miss all the good times we had in the honch and roppongi.
Class, John "Class Act"SH3Jan 31, 1994 – Aug 1998deck/S-3it was the best time of my life, got out and now in the army. Doing great wife and 2 kids. if anyone out there wants to BS send me an email would like to hear from some of you, miss everyone and all the good times.
White, Christopher/sigsSM3Feb 1994 – Dec 1996ON/OCConverted to IT after they took away my flags... on my way out-- y'all had me pegged right for a lifer-- thought my temper was gonna get me kicked out, but got about 8 1/2 months to go 'til retirement. Y'all drop a line.
Pfost, MarkET1(SW)Mar 1994 – Mar 1996CECurts was a great crew! I've been a wildlife biologist with US Fish & Wildlife Service for over 14 years. Presently in central Wisconsin. Any CE around ETC Johnson, IC1 Williams, IC1 Quick, others?
Scott, AnthonyFC2 (SW)Mar 1994 – Jun 26, 1996WeaponsI live in Charlotte NC and work as an Accountant. I have a set of twins that I love to death.
Sala, JohnE4Mar 17, 1994 – Feb 1, 1997S1Now I'm just wandering the world aimlessly. Is there life after Curts? Anyway, if you want the full details, drop me an e-mail and I'll fill you in. Anybody who served with me on Curts is very welcome to contact me.
Broyles, MichaelE3Apr 1994 – Jun 1997OD deckno remarks. Lost my mind back in japan. :P back in 94-94
Ferguson, GaryRM3Apr 1, 1994 – Jun 29, 1997OC1Radioman Third Class
Carter, JonQM3May 1994 – Aug 1997ON, XNJust looking to say hey to old friends. Feel free to say "hi", if you remember me.
Myers, RaphaelEM1Jun 10, 1994 – May 15, 1996E
Perez, Michaele3Jul 1994 – Aug 1995Deckhello if any one remembers me holla
Matos, RafaelLCDRSep 1994 – Apr 1996Combat System Department Head
Hopper, DamianBm3Oct 1994 – Jun 1998Od Had some good times. Mailman in cali. Married with 2 kids. My oldest is now in the nav. (AM)
Hower, KhaledBack then I was BMSNDec 1994 – Mar 1997Deck DivisionCurrently serving in the US Army with the rank of MSG
Sievert, HansHT31995 – 1996RI'm a Fire Fighter Paramedic in Warren Michigan Happilly married with three kids. Drop me a line.
Delgado, Michael profile iconE31995 – 1999Deck/SingnalmanBest time of my life. NO Regrets. None what so ever.
Hamilton, JohnEM2 (SW)Jan 1995 – May 1998Electrical DivisionJust saying Hi and a shout out to those who I served with on the Curts.. The days and the life aboard that ship, I will never forget.. They certainly helped shape the person I am today..
Mixon, JamesSMSNJan 1, 1995 – Mar 17, 1997opsserved aboard while stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.
Class, JohnSH3Jan 29, 1995 – Aug 16, 1998Supply
Fanning, Travis LamarrE3-E4Apr 10, 1995 – Sep 10, 1998OILooking for EW1-EWC Matthews or Cowan. Received BS degree in Math & Computer Science paid for by the USN.
Oneill, MattDC3Jun 1995 – Sep 1998OD/ERThe Curts was the best time I had in the Navy. Living in South Dakota now and missing the good times we had over in Japan.
Christisen, MattICNov 1, 1995 – Dec 1, 1997CE
Corl, JohnET3Dec 1995 – Sep 1996CEHere's to all who have served and currently serve in the US Military. Don't forget, the "T" in Curts is silent...
Bowman, JosephDC21996 – 1998Repair / ER01, ER02 & ER09Was on the Curts when it was in Japan. What a great time. All the good ports like Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. And great food. Miss partying in Ropongi as well ! Got to ride her back to the states and be on it awhile in San-Dog too.
Ramos, VenHNJan 1, 1996 – Sep 15, 1998Medical
Main, ScottSTG3Jan 15, 1996 – Nov 26, 1998CAMoved backed to wales(uk) after serving onboard the curts( suprised i made it!). trying to get hold of mathew e christisen, robert e tacket or any of the other lads i served with.
Delira, RafaelEN 3Mar 1996 – Oct 1998A-GangWhats up ol'crew of the CURTS. I'm kickin' it San Jacinto, CA. Married with two kids and working as a Deputy Sheriff in San Diego. Good times on the West Pacs and our all nite drinking binges. Peace out fellas.
Metcalf, MattLTJGMay 1, 1996 – Aug 1, 1998OC
Ward, MatthewBM1Jun 1, 1996 – Jun 1, 1998OD/XN
Roy, TimGSM3Nov 1996 – Nov 1999MLooking for GSMC Minor
Giannotti, AnthonyOS3Dec 1, 1996 – Jun 7, 1998OIHea what can i say, Best time of my life, Japan, Rapongi, Honce etc.. Living In florida Married With Kids.... Just want to see if any of my OS?OI guys are still around. Drop me a line Whers Chief Young >>>>>>>>&a
Leavitt, BrianSKSR-SKSNDec 3, 1996 – Sep 18, 1998Stock Control / S-1Great Times, Great mentors who made me a great Sailor..Like Stine, Sala, Aicholtz and others. Nowadays, we only can wish for the great ports we used to have. Haunch, Club "A", Beef Bowls, Ropongi, Buddah, Cruise Inn "Chile Cheese
Scott, Dean "Spidermonkey"ic21997 – 2000cewas transplanted from the lewis b puller on her decom, worked in the ic department, after i left the curts i went to the nmcrc in albuquerque new mexico
Nadeau, NoelEN 3Mar 1, 1997 – Oct 30, 2000EA01
Surla, MarioHMCMMar 1, 1997 – Feb 10, 2000AdminFirst Command Master Chief. Great Command, from the CO and all. The best crew I have ever served! Successful depolyments.
Hansen, TadFC2Apr 1997 – Jun 2001CW
Okonski, TimOSMay 1997 – Jun 1998OPSMoved around a lot but this is where it started. The good old days! Living in Colorado, working in Wyoming as a Project Manager. Just seeing who's out there.
Labadie, Nelsonthen was E3May 1997 – 1998S-2 MSFun times on the Curts... Hit me if you know me...
Wright, RussellEN3Jun 1997 – Nov 1998AMR2
Harris, Manuel / MannyCWO3Jun 10, 1997 – Dec 1, 1998OEPanama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hawaii (RIMPAC), and Vancouver, BC in 1998. Last tour of a 30 year career. Left ship on my last day of active duty! How's that for a twilight tour!
Francia, RockyGSMCJul 1997 – Jan 2002MPI can remember so many shipmates from my tour. We were a tight group of professionals ready to make mission. I truly miss the old days of watchstanding, getting sea sick in the South Pacific and awesome liberty ports.
Kenley, RonOS2 - OSCJul 29, 1997 – Jan 1, 2002OIGreat 5 year tour on CURTS with the crew that brought her back from Japan. Back on CURTS to do my last 3 and retire.
Vaughn, ThomasEW2Aug 5, 1997 – Aug 1, 1999OIGreat times with the crew of the Battle Ninja Frigate.
Weldon, MattOS2Nov 1997 – May 2001OI
Levine, RichardEN 2Nov 4, 1997 – Oct 26, 1998A-Gang / RAST

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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