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USS Crommelin (FFG 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Crommelin (FFG 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 278 crew members registered for the USS Crommelin (FFG 37).

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Villareal, George "The Cake Man"MS3Mar 1980 – Jun 1984Supply- Food ServicePrecom/Plankowner-I believe I made a cake for that too. This site is great, glad I found it. I recognize many of the names listed. I eventually retired, I retired the 2nd time - 1997 - after I sold my 12 bakeries. I am now a brain doc. (Dr. Dr.)
Cain, JohnET1 WHILE ONBOARD1982 – 1985CS-4member of Precom unit, I helped to bring the Cromelin to life. Only got to make one westpac cruise onboard.
Labine, Mark (Beaner)GSM21982 – Sep 3, 1986Gas Turbine/Oil King/EngineeringPrecommision Crew. Liked it in Seattle, so after my tour I got a Job in Boeing. Wish I had kept in contact with Shipmates, life was a blast back then. We knew how to have fun, and did it well. Sehchelle Islands was the best, wow. what a ride.
Kraintz, AlEM31982 – 1987Electric ShopMember of precom unit2 Plankowner Excellent times on the ship good and bad. Everone there was Great!!
Bentley, DonGSE11982 – 1986E-1The Glory Days of The Mighty Crom !! From Pre-Comm duty to West-Pac, the best crew that ever sailed anywhere. We were immortal (and sometimes immoral) but we had a blast!! "Don't worry about the fire, sir, the flooding is putting it out".
Cooper, Gary (Hollywood)FTG21982 – 1984CS3PLANKOWNER-Great times in Seattle (Sea-Tac Tavern) and all the partying in Long Beach. (Dragon Inn, Shanghi Mike"s,The Blue Room, The Rooster, Ace of Hearts, Li-Ly'sPlace, The Orient Inn, just to name a few.
Smith, DonaldEW11982 – Sep 1984Another plankowner. Unbelievable times in San Diego, Seatle and lets not forget Vancover. I did my time and got out. Spent some time in Saudi and I'm now live and well in the land down under. Anyone seen/herd from OS2 Dave Dion....
Carl Davis, CarlPN31982 – 1984PersonellPrecom/Plankowner - What a great time I had onboard - Made lots of friends - Now I live on the eastcoast and miss the pacific.
Luna, RichardSH21982 – 1986S3Plankowner. Great Command and Greatest Precom crew. Please contact me Email
Knudsen, JohnIC2Jan 4, 1982 – Aug 10, 1985engineeringI was an ICman, One of only two that didn't pull watch at night
Walker, DavidGSM1Feb 1982 – Mar 1985E1
Ulin, Todd "Toolin"MR2Apr 1982 – Aug 1985Pre-comm, Plankowner.Great times from San Diego to Seattle and beyond. Go for a walk on the bulkheads anyone?Remember the "pop corn" when leaving Long Beach for west-pac!!!What happened to LCDR Paul Shultz-XO then??? Remember the Grenades guys?
Stringham, KellyEW3Jun 1982 – Apr 1984Combat SystemsHave great memories of my days on this great ship. Plank owner. I'm now retired from the Air Force.
Gonzalez, RobertHT1Jun 10, 1982 – Aug 10, 1985ER01What times. I retired in 2000 as a CW03. I was even the Fire Marshal of the USS Nimitz, now I am a school teacher at Nimitz Middle school.
Kennedy, TomOS1Jul 10, 1982 – Jun 15, 1987CS-1lots of fun being a plankowner, 2 long but fun deployments. sad to hear she is sunk (sinkex/rimpac) off Hawaii, good hearing from all. retired 2003, OSCS
Vandevelde, Nicholas ( Vande )ENFA- EN3Aug 1982 – Jun 1985Engineering/AuxPart of the commissioning crew. Remember the office at 32nd street and the world map on one wall and throwing darts at it Remember Oakwood Garden Apts.
Miller, Rex "Papako"EWC(SW/AW) RET.Oct 1982 – Sep 1985OIOh what a blast. A lot of hard steaming but damn, in port, lucky nobody ever got killed. Pervin' was tops in SF with Spud, Scott, Smitty, Dave, Trash Man, RonMo Beeetch, and whoever else had a dollar. Gutters make for hard pillows!
Kramp, TimEN2Oct 1982 – Dec 1986Engineering/RAST TechPrecommision Crew/Plank Owner, Would like to hear from shipmates esp. Mark Labine (apologies), Sure had alot of fun back then! Visited alot of awesome places, Sechelles was the best but there was a lot of great places.
Ferguson, JimSK2Oct 1982 – May 23, 1986SupplyI was in Pre-com crew. Would like to hear from other Plankowners. Had some good times but was sure glad to get out. I got my B.A. in '88 and am living in Miami working as a manufacturers rep for GE in Latin America.
Wasiak, JoeENS/LTJG/LTOct 1982 – May 1986ORDO, EROPlankowner - spent my entire blooming Navy life aboard CROMMELIN - best times of my life - Munus bene Factum!
Aspenwall, SteveOS1Nov 1982 – Jan 1987CS 1The "Mighty Crom" What a ship..What a crew! Lot's of work and loads of fun. Hey Scar, Spud, Smitty,,, Libs in Vegas, Australia, Seychelles.
Meehan, JohnMSSN PRECOM / PLANKOWNERNov 1982 – May 1984Supply-hash slingerKept ya all drunk didn't I ??? After court martial got a BCD but enjoyed the wild times with my fellow plankowners Quit drinking in 1987!!! No more Johnny Cocktails!!! Quit cookin in 1989..drivin big rig now nj to va nightly, got 5 Kids!!
Smedinghoff, JoeOSCNov 1982 – Nov 1985CS1
Morris, RonOS2Nov 10, 1982 – Jun 16, 1986OIHey Rex -- man what a trip it was! We had some great liberty in Long Beach and all over the world.
Baughman, EverettET2Dec 1982 – Apr 1987CS4What a wild ride with the greatest group of guys, lots of fun, trouble and more fun. "clap, clap, clap" - remeber that guys? Group up on facebook!
Kosmerl, RudyOS31983 – 1985operationsWould love to hear from any pre-com shipmates.
Titus, JohnBM21983 – 1987
Walls, DonaldHT21983 – 1986RepairPlankowner. Reported as an FR in Precom and left as an HT2. Enjoyed all three years on board. Miss alot of my former shipmates and think of then often.
Gudge, Robert (Tim)GSM2/1 THENJan 1, 1983 – Nov 9, 1986MPAwesome times and the tightest of crews! Remember the lunch stops at Kings in Seattle and the dumpster races at the Apts, Westpac & boarding crew, Holding the XO's stuffed toy hostage. Now CMC of CVW-1 in Oceana (in NMCI). Great memories/friends.
Roth, BobSTGCS(SW)Jan 18, 1983 – Jun 20, 1986SonarProud to be a Plankowner. Proud to have served. Proud to see what this ship has accomplished in all these years.
Eades, Scott0S2Feb 10, 1983 – Oct 22, 1985OI(PLANK OWNER)
Hudi, Mark (Spud) (duty Booty)E-4Mar 1983 – Nov 1985CS-1Well the this is a pleasant surprise to find this we just need to get others on here too like chief Smed and Chief Andy if we can find them. I have been in touch with Chief Smed before and will let him know about this. The Seychelles? Oh Lord help ME
Shubert, Michael L ShubertBM3Mar 1983 – 1986Deck SC-3hey anybody still alive from .'83
Thompson, KevinHT2Apr 1, 1983 – Feb 1, 1985EngineeringPLANKOWNER! Reported onboard to deck division then went to R-Div. Would love to hear from any of the original Deck Division guys! I retired from navy in 2007- Chief Warrant Officer 2.
Jones, LarryPO2Apr 17, 1983 – Apr 12, 1985Ships ControlI loved serving aboard the Crommelin as a plank owner. Our first West Pac was a great life out at sea.
Carroll, EdSR - SM2May 1983 – Mar 1987SC01The best CO, XO, and crew! CROMMELIN is the reason I stayed for 20 years. During WESTPAC-85 SM1 Duffy and I did the fancywork on the flag bags, he did the rolling half-hitches and I did all of the five-strand turks heads.
Bickler, KyleQM3May 10, 1983 – Dec 15, 1985SC01Amazing times. The ship was new, so the crew pretty much stayed completely intact for three years. Right out of high school and into the Pacific. What an eye opener!! The most amazing people I've ever had the privilege to hang out with.
Johnson, EarlBMCSJun 1983 – Feb 1987SCPOC/1st LTIt time to think about having a reunion.
Miller, JohnPetty Officer 3rd class Sonar Tech.Jun 1983 – Jan 15, 1987SonarGood times
Kosmerl, RudyOS3Jun 1, 1983 – Sep 20, 1985operationswould reallly like to hear from any pre-com shipmates.
Barber, Brianengineman first classJun 15, 1983 – Oct 31, 1986aux amr 3I retired nov 94

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