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USS Underwood (FFG 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Underwood (FFG 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 309 crew members registered for the USS Underwood (FFG 36).

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Dumas, DaleSN to HM3Jan 1984 – Jan 1985S-2Came aboard in Bath as a lowly SN, Made some great friends( and had a terrific mentor in HMC Calvin Vine).Went on to become HM1/IDC aboard USS REUBEN JAMES(FFG-57) and USS MISSOURI(BB-63),but no crew better than FFG-36!
Lewis, LarryEN3Feb 1984 – Jun 19, 1987EngineeringHad lots of good times and some bad. Med cruise, shuttle, cruising with the coast guard. miss being there sometimes. miss all the guys.
Collazo, MikeSH3Mar 1984 – Mar 1988SupplyNo way, I still have dreams I'm on the Underwood
Walsh, BillyOS2Mar 25, 1984 – Mar 25, 1988CS1
Kraft, Casimir (Bud) profile iconSTG3Jun 1984 – Jan 1987CS2
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Farwell, ShawnSN TO BM2Jul 1984 – Sep 1986DeckMy first ship. I remember all of youse bums! Underwood....underway....underpaid...LOL!! Im now retired in CC, Tx. Always a perfect 36 in my mind. Remember the Challenger.
McElvein, RobertSNJul 1984 – Aug 1985deckhey man i wasnt there long but still remember it fondly. Mike Morgan you out there?
Santiago, AnthonyQM2Aug 1, 1984 – Mar 1, 1988SC-1It was a great crew.And the guys from the other divisions "remember the good times".
Gaither, Rob (Gator)GSCS(RET)Aug 8, 1984 – Feb 8, 1990ENGWhat a great time, 5 1/2 yrs. 3 deployments... best ship I have served on, retierment is great
Clements, DougOS2Sep 1984 – Jun 10, 1987CS-1First ship and won't ever forget it. Made the Med in 85, Challenger recovery, and a host of other stuff. If you were there, you know that we did it all. Left to reman the USS Stark (FFG-31) in gulf. It was quite an honor to help bring her home!
Hayman, Mark "Doc"HM1/HMCOct 1984 – Jan 1988NXMy first IDC tour and took her on her maiden deployment to the MED. Had a great SNFL deployment. Sadly, was first on scene for Challenger disaster.
Wardingley, Scott / Hakki Dont Ask!EW2Dec 30, 1984 – Jan 4, 1988Combat SystemsThe Best Damn EW in the Fleet! The proficiency tests proved it. Hey, between, me, Lambo, and Monte, we were the best!
Mumley, BrianGMM11985 – Apr 8, 1988CS-3I miss using the foxtail! And the Russians!!!! Rosie and Brinkley!
Rumery, ThomasGSE31985 – 1985PropulsionI was only onboard for 6 months but you're my first.
Tatroe, Eugene GSM31985 – 1986engineering
Moorhead, DaveQM2Jan 1985 – Jan 1989SC-1Retired in 99. Living in central Texas and Still married to DeAnna! Too many memories (mostly good) and not enough space. Would love to hear from anyone I served with.
Phillips, CraigICC(SW/AWMar 1985 – Apr 1990CS-4Talk about flash backs! My first ship and by far the best. Retirement is awesome!
Lamb, HiramEW3-EW1Mar 19, 1985 – Oct 1, 1989CS-1Hakki was right. We were the best EW's.
Malmborg, JeffFC2Apr 1, 1985 – Jul 21, 1988CS-3
Riffe, GregSTG2May 21, 1985 – Jan 20, 1990CS2Shout out to all the gang - Johnny B., Stalcup, Gladyz, Elliot, Maloney, Zeringue, Linden, Gucci, King (belt buckle), Brown, Boyd, Craft, Rohmer. 3 long tours, a Law Enf. Ops, and a shuttle rescue - will never forget.
Bradshaw, JohnnySTGCS(SW)Jul 1985 – May 1989CS-2Looking for old shipmates.
Sankey, StevenRM3Jul 2, 1985 – Aug 22, 1987RadioHey, Hope everyone is doing good. The best times I had in the navy were spent on the underwood. Still married to monica. I have two kids Samantha (12) and Alex (10).
Rohmer, RichardET! (SW)Aug 1985 – Oct 1987Combat Systems
Walsh, BillyE-5/OSSep 15, 1985 – Mar 25, 1988CS1If they only knew
Foote, AllenRM2Oct 3, 1985 – Dec 1, 1986ships controlAbsolutely the best bunch of sailors I could have served with.
Moore, MikeE-3/SNNov 1985 – Jul 1987DeckLaw Enforcement Operations, Challenger disaster recovery, transferred to FF-1082.
Felt, MikeRM3Dec 1985 – Dec 1988Ships ControlHad many great times onboard the Underwood. Reported the day she returned to port after her maiden deployment in 85. Was onboard for the N. Atlantic NATO deployment in 87.
Tiedeman, Kenneth (T)E4/PN3Dec 1985 – Feb 1989Personnel/AdminArrived after Med cruise. Many long days with PN1 Halton "catching up" service jackets/Navy publications. Made alot of great friendships! Challenger tragedy/recovery ops, LEO's, "Rosey Rhodes", NATO cruise. Great crew!!!
Macy, RickET1 (SW)Dec 7, 1985 – Apr 9, 1990CS4
Jones, Robert/joneseeE3/NONRATE1986 – 1987DeckI remember many great shipmates. I just wasn't cut out for the ocean or the chain of command. I was part of a dedicated crew and I was proud of being the best in the fleet in 1986. Alot of blood sweat and tears that year of the battle "E"!!
Reid, EricFTG21986 – Oct 1989CS1Gone but not forgotten
Freeman, SteveFCC(SW)Apr 1986 – Oct 1988CS-3
Huddleston, Jeffrm3Jul 5, 1986 – Apr 4, 1989sc2 divisionHey hope everyone is doing well...I really miss those times on the underwood...I back here in bama...stayed in navy until 1995...would like to say hi to doug and matt...
Creger, RichardOS3Oct 1986 – Oct 1989OperationsI don't miss the life of a seagoing sailor much, but I do miss the camaraderie that comes from serving with a pretty solid bunch of characters.
Dembowski, EdSH3Nov 1986 – Jun 1988SupplyIt was an experience I'll never forget
Gerstenbacher, Erice31987 – 1990ms2
Murray, AlaricE-41987 – 1990CICWould love to hear from my old Shipmates!
King, John (Crash)TMO3Jan 5, 1987 – Jan 24, 1989ASWI had many great experiences from painting the helo & the side of the ship in blue poka dots. To running the ship into the pier at southhammpton. Even the 3days with out sleep as we limped to bermuda. I hope all my shipmates are doing well
Brown, KerrySn/Fc3Mar 1987 – Nov 1991Cs3
Lang, MattET2Mar 1, 1987 – May 20, 1991CS4Glad to be off the Underwood and glad to be out of the Nav.
Greiner, PeteEMCApr 1987 – Jun 1991Good ship/Good crew! Some great liberty in some great ports. Moosemilk on SNFL! 3 weeks with 24 hrs. sunshine in Norway. Remember unsched stop in Bermuda. OS1 swimcall!
Shipp, Billen2May 10, 1987 – 1990a gangeverything in the hole was always broke
Moesch, Rich/baby DocHM2Jun 1, 1987 – Mar 1, 1990MedicalRetired in 2004, living in Annapolis, MD working for the Naval Academy. Spent last 8 years on duty at the USNA. I can say that I miss the NAvy but I think most of all I miss the people. If in Annapolis let me know.
Thompson, SteveFC2Jun 17, 1987 – Aug 12, 1991CS-3
Diaz, TomE7Aug 1, 1987 – Oct 1, 19881st
Switzler, GreggDC3Oct 1987 – Mar 22, 1990HT/DCThe Underwood and the crew I served with will always be the great memories of my life. The NATO cruise was pretty awesome, Persian Gulf tour not so good, but Spain was cool. Still have dreams of being onboard her. Email me for pics
Phillips, VanceETCS(SW)Oct 5, 1987 – Oct 5, 1991CS4Learned a lot on this ship but 4 years was a long time. Lot of memories.
Austin, ChrisRM3Nov 1987 – Oct 1991SC2I had a lot of good times when I was in the Navy, but none of them even come close to my time spent onboard the UNDERWOOD. Chris. Hey anyone(besides me) remember the fight in the club Savannah, Ga?(ha ha)
Frye, CharlesHMCM (SW) E9Nov 19, 1987 – Dec 23, 1989MedicalWell I am retired now and getting my fat government check.
Crowe, KevinIC2Dec 20, 1987 – Jul 17, 1990CS-4Hey, anyone remember Rick Macy's fun film fest?

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