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USS Underwood (FFG 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Underwood (FFG 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 309 crew members registered for the USS Underwood (FFG 36).

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Burnett, Willard (Billy)DKSNAug 1981 – Jul 1984PayrollCurrently in Los Angeles, Plankowner and hell raiser. Hey guys do you know of any other ship that had a limousine? We had some good times.
Ballard, James/jim profile iconbm e-5Sep 19, 1981 – Jun 26, 1983deckI just found out about decommison sad to here
Moon, BillyICC(SW)Nov 1981 – May 1985CS-4Good ship better crew. Plankowner
Jaynes, JoeGMM31982 – 1984CSPlankowner. Anybody out there? Biff? Dig-Dug? Jeremy? Mikey?
Tremaine, BobHT2 at the time1982 – 1984ER01Plank owner. Had some really good times onboard. Remember hosing down the XO LCMDR Chappel after completeing our perfect score for smash and crash crew training
Gibbons, DavidSM1Feb 1982 – Apr 1984SC-1PlankOwner Proud to be part of PreCom. Had a lot of fun
Hawk, JonEN2Mar 1982 – Jul 1986EngineeringPlank Owner to the old girl left the Underwood an went to EODMU 4 in key West an now presently retired She was decommissioned Friday march 8th at 1000 , it was nice to see some of the OLD guys again
Bartkewicz, Dave (Pee Wee)YN3Apr 1982 – Dec 1985Supply/Support - Ship's Office-hardly ever there thou -sorry SchliemyWow. What a list of characters on this page. Seen most of you come and some go. Great times. Lets have a reunion.Burnett can pick us all up in a limo.Live in San Diego now.Met up with Dumas,Holin,Osuna djb11853@yahoo.get in touch anyone.
Friend, EricLTJun 1982 – Oct 1985SC-2 and CS-1Good to see all the names and comments. God bless you all. Morrissey remembers libs in Baltimore with Coleman, I still laugh about it?
Day, WilliamFTG1Jun 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1983WeaponsThe sleepwalker
Stagman, GlennQM1(SW)Jun 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1984NavigationPlankowner THE FIRST MASTER HELMSMAN for the ship!!!
Reiffenstein, FrankSH-2Jun 11, 1982 – Aug 20, 1986S-31 of very few to be invited to the launching at Bath Iron Works in Bath Maine. Proud plank ower and maiden voyage and pre-com crew. Hey Doc (Mark Hayman) how are you doing?
Austin, AnthonyE-3 DeckJun 17, 1982 – Mar 21, 1985SC-3Enjoyed myself, have not heard from anyone since i left, George B., Omar C., Kevin F., John J. sure would like to see or hear from you guys,Had a good time in the Navy and re-enlisted in the Army in 20040618.
McGrath, Jim (Biff)FC2Jul 1, 1982 – Dec 16, 1986WeaponsLooking forward to hearing from any of the plank owners. I'm surprised to see all the familiar names. Joe Jaynes contact me. Pee Wee can I borrow your Lees.
Baugher, TrentQM1(SW)Jul 18, 1982 – Nov 1, 1987SC-01 NavigationPlankowner, came aboard as a QM3. Great times and lots of good memories-and LOTS of underway time! Remember the LAMPS MK III quals? Retired in 2000 as a QMCS. Good to see all the names here.
Haynes, MichaelET1Aug 1982 – Oct 1984CS4Ok James Reed, Jack Parsons and Ensign Melges what's happening.
Rollins, Wendelle3Aug 1982 – Jun 1985deck
Gunter, Bryan {keith}PN3Aug 1982 – Sep 1986SupplyPlank Owner and was happy to have served with all of you other Plank Owners
Rosenow, MarcPC3Aug 15, 1982 – May 14, 1984AdminI had some very good times while aboard and met some great folks. Bartkewicz,what the heck are you doing in CA and Osuna try to keep that New Jersey Ex-Yankee at bay. It would be great to see you guys again!
Eisenman, TomGSM3 GSM2 GSM3Sep 1982 – Jan 1985EM01Plankowner. All around screw-off. Where is Jeffy Joy?
Cleveland, Charles "marty"GSE3, GSE2, GSE1Sep 1982 – Jan 1988EngineeringHey guys! Broke out some of the old movies of the NATO cruise and it really brought out the good memories. Capn Rodgers dressed up like the Lone Ranger and the pumpkin contest at Halloween. Really miss those days. Take Care! Grover!
Grubbe, TimothyPN2Sep 1982 – Jun 1983AdministrationPlankowner and proud of it. Currently retired from Ford Motor Company 2007.
Covington, WilliamGSE3, GSE2 GSEC(SW)Sep 1982 – Feb 1987E-1I would like to wish Fair winds and Following seas to all my old shipmates and to the new ones too.
Osuna, EdRM2Sep 9, 1982 – Jun 8, 1984Original Plank owner. Im a cop in Madera, Ca, live in Fresno, Ca. I served with some fun people. It was a great crew. Maybe someday a reunion for the plank owners.
Blatt, ScottRM1Oct 1982 – Apr 1985RadioPlankowner. RMLPO. Left the Underwood to become a bubblehead (submariner). Retired in 1998 as an ETC(SS). I had a great time on the Underwood and we had the best radio division. Underwood was a great tour.
Wilson, MaxieRM3Oct 1982 – 1983Radioman I remember being sent to Bath Maine in 1982. My stay was cut short due to a broken ankel while playing football. I retired in 2000 and currently work as a Computer Network Engineer...Go Navy!! God Bless the FFG-36.
Gibbons, DavidE6/SM1Oct 1, 1982 – Jul 19, 1984SC-1/SignalsProud to be a PlankOwner and took part in Ship's first Ship Quals. Enjoyed every moment aboard.
Hamilton, Jimmy HamboneMS 3Oct 3, 1982 – Oct 23, 1985s2the best damn cook in the navy and the best whoredog right orvile
Reed, Jamesds1Oct 10, 1982 – Feb 11, 1984combat systemsGreat ship, Precomm her. Now DSCS Retired in Dec 1993.Fair winds and Following Seas to all hands who served onboard her.
Vincent, Gary Joe / Mr. RastEN3, EN2Nov 1982 – Oct 1985EngineeringPLANKOWNER, Wow, it has been a long time, hey! I still have all my hair. I went on to serve, USS Moosburger, Sister ship USS Doyle FFG-39 Made Chief there, CVN-73 GW got my wings. 2 tours teaching Great Lakes. Retired ENC (SW/AW) 21 years.
McClure, Tim/macBM2Nov 1982 – Oct 1984Deck
Sitton, CephSTG3Nov 1, 1982 – Feb 26, 1984CS-1Plankowner - Oh My GOD.
Baldwin, WilliamBM2Nov 1, 1982 – Jun 30, 1986sc3
Nicdao Jr., Placido V.SKCNov 6, 1982 – May 15, 1986S1PRECOM CREW AND PLANKOWNER. Misses everyone and most of all the med /carribean deploy. Enjoy working with LAMPS MK III DETACH TOO. Hey Holin check down the storeroom if Mata is down there reading. And also tell Butler to speed up.
Bell, DarraghMR2Nov 10, 1982 – Aug 13, 1986emo1Had some great times on-board
Hummons, KevinMs3Dec 2, 1982 – Feb 28, 1984MSOriginal plank owner.
Bates, ThomasET31983 – 1986CS4WHAT A STORY I CAN TELL.
Wilson, Gregory "Willie"EM31983 – Oct 3, 1985SnipePlank Owner, Med Cruise85 Retired in 2008 from the Army. E-mail @ Remember the Crystal Palace or the Circle Electric?
Thompson, MarkOS11983 – May 1987O1I have many good memories of the USS Underway. Contact me if you'd like to reminisce.
Pass, JamesEN31983 – Feb 1985engineeringAm a Plankowner and was in Engineering section. Joined the Army in 1985 and retired in 2001 as a CWO3. I think about my fellow shipmates all the time....
Myers, StephenE5/OS1983 – 1985OSWhats up everyone Had a great time.
McGrath, BiffFC21983 – Dec 1986WeaponsIt's 21:00 on August 23, 2016. I just jumped through all the friggin hoops to get here, so I figured I chime in. I hope you're all doing well. Facebook, James McGrath - Enfield, CT LATER!
Sainsbury, JeffET3/ET2Jan 1983 – May 1986CS-4Plankowner. BS engineering UCF 1990 Ive been designing automation systems and networks since leaving the Navy in 87. Currently I.T. Director for heavy truck dealership in Florida. I will be attending decom.
MacKo, MarkRM2Jan 1983 – Mar 1986RadioMy first ship and best damn radio shack in Mayport. Many of you were right - I was a "Lifer" (well at least for 21 1/2 years) and retired in 2003 as a Chief Information Systems Technician. Still married to Sheryl and we have 3 daughters.
Gentile, Michael profile iconHT2Jan 1983 – May 1986Engineering E-2Plank-owner, miss the Underwood and serving with the men onboard, sorry to hear about her decommissioning. Bath Maine and Med cruise was awesome. Any shipmates in Connecticut? Where's HT2 Clifford Chess?
MacKo, MarkRM2Jan 1, 1983 – Feb 1, 1986SC-2 (Radio Shack)A great ship, my first & best. Retired as ITC(SW/AW) Aug 03, now a Supvr at an Omaha, NE co. Still married to Sheryl & have 3 daughters-18,16,11(as of 12/06). Recruiter, Gettysburg CG64, Scotland, Rota, Camden AOE2, US Stratcom (Omaha)
Anderson, DanBM2Jan 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 1985SC 3Plank owner , great bunch of brothers .still living in Ohio.everyone stay safe. Later.
Smith, James/ RockyEMFNJan 5, 1983 – Mar 15, 1985snipeI think about the first crew alot. I mis some of the good times we had. James Pass was the best man at my first wedding in Maine so Hey there buddy! Hey also to Willie, he was one of my bosses in the shop.
Melges, DavidLTJan 28, 1983 – Dec 20, 1987CS3 CS4
Thomas, PeterOSCFeb 1983 – Jun 1988CS-1You never forget the command that made you a Chief. Hi to the best damned Combat team in the Fleet!
Sherman, RichardIC2Feb 1983 – Sep 1985Combat Systems
Rice, Marken3Mar 1983 – 1985engineeringiam a plank owner of the underwood. left in 85 to go to great lakes then on to the uss spruance DD963.
Meadows, Jason WOS2(SW)May 10, 1983 – Feb 24, 1989CS-1best in the fleet 1986
Carmon, DarrellMS3Jun 1983 – May 1985S2One of the best commands ever. No other ships come close. And to one of the best crews ever. EW3 Craig Jones and still talk about the Underwood and the crew. We lost a plankownwr...MS3 Otis McCrary in 1991. Thanks guys.
Jones, CraigE5/ EW2Aug 18, 1983 – Apr 16, 1986CS1Just dropping in to say hello to the crew of the best ship I ever had the pleasure to serve aboard. Those were some fun days. A lot of us were just out of high school, this is where we transitioned from boys to men.
Fisher, JohnSTG1Sep 1, 1983 – Dec 19, 1988CS-2Hard to believe it's been 20 years.
Dierkes, JimDS2Oct 1983 – Dec 1987CS-4I will be attending the Decom of the ship. Hope to see some shipmates there. Working in STL Corizonhealth. We support medical types in prisons/jails thoughout the US
Long, Cary JGMM2Oct 1983 – 1986CS-3
Morrissey, DesLTJGOct 1983 – Apr 1986SupplyA great ship with a great crew. Hope you all are doing well. Our old XO (Joe Sestak) is a Congressman in PA now. Did you know that Hillary Clinton managed to get Capt. Roger's RADM star pulled?
Clark, Richard / Rb profile iconEMFA, EMFN, EM3Dec 1, 1983 – Mar 27, 1987E-2

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