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Silver Kings (VF 92) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Silver Kings (VF 92). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 44 crew members registered for the Silver Kings (VF 92).

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Townsend, GlenAO2Dec 1955 – May 1956Went aboard after Christmas 55 in VF 92. Was an AO2. We had skyraiders, an ordies dream lol.
Bowen, TomAT21958 – 1959I came aboard with VF92 DET N for the 58/59 far east cruse. Great time. As an AT in a fighter squadron I didn't get flight time so I used to bum rides with VS37. Later I served in VP and had lots of tine as crewmember.
Geer, Donaldao 21958 – 1959I remember the guy named Bowen. Would like to here from him, a guy named dockerie, casbeer, Willie Williams, Lt. Wolf or comander burtshell. Thank you. Donald geer
Ballstadt, DavidAQF 2Jul 4, 1958 – Aug 1, 1960
Colunga, DanielADJ3Jun 12, 1962 – Jul 23, 1963I was in the night power plant crew.
Fletcher, ElliottE31964 – 1965
Griffis, I. DeweyAOANApr 20, 1964 – Apr 1965I WAS 17 AT THAT TIME ,I GREW UP ON THE FLIGHT DECK
Porter, JohnAMH2Aug 5, 1964 – Apr 10, 1965
Whipp, JohnAN 2Apr 5, 1965 – Apr 5, 1967John is my father. Served on the Enterprise in the mid 60’s. He passed over 20 years ago. Wanted to see if anyone remembered him and had stories I could tell my son. He just finished Navy boot camp
Turner, MichaelADJ2Dec 10, 1965 – Mar 1969I would like to connect with others that served during the same period.
Phillips, Edatn2Jan 5, 1966 – Sep 12, 1969was flight deck tweet 1st wespac, then became ECM AIMD specialist fixed the black boxes for 2nd and 3rd wespacs. just got off duty jan 14 at 8:19 AM a day I'll Never forget. any body from that era say Hi
Gillette, KenAE3Jan 5, 1966 – Aug 8, 1967Worked in the AE shop aboard USS Enterprise 2 westpac cruises. Chief Blivens and Chief Smith and a bunch of great guys.
Solis, Richard DickAms3Feb 1, 1966 – Apr 15, 19693 Wes pacs on BIG E .airframe / troubleshooter. Great guys
Carpenter, George (Carp)ADJ 3Dec 1966 – Jul 1969
Ray, ForbesAN1967 – Sep 20, 1968Meet two great guys (Brown & Bear)
Kochanski, JoeAO31967 – Dec 1970Really did enjoy the cruises ,worked hard but rest of crew worked just as hard.don't miss loading the 500 lb bombs though. F4's were a bear to load ordnance on.
Sawicki, Mike/stashAE2Mar 1968 – Jan 1971Really didn't care much for the "mickey mouse" stuff, but wouldn't trade it for anything now. Great bunch of guys in the AE shop. Rich Simpson, Summit Witt, Newby, Gerry Kwiat, Keith Davis.
Vogt, MickamsanOct 1969 – Feb 1972Great squadron. Served with Kerry L.
Jacobson, JakeAMH1970 – 1972Guppy's cheese and the great galley guys bringing up the hot bread in exchange for a "smoke" during times the lamp was out! Remember "Jake the Snake"??
Couch, Wm. BruceAMS-3Oct 14, 1970 – Sep 15, 1974I worked airframes,check crew,flight deck aboard USS CONSTELLATION 71-72 ,72-73 ,73-74 cruises. Lost XO CDR Harry "habu' Blackburn jr. 5-10-72 MIA POW shot down over Hyphong Harbour North Vietnam remains returned 1983.
Durkin, Patrick AO3Nov 1970 – Mar 1974Made all the combat cruises from 1970 to 74, and I remember "Pear" getting his foot run over. Worked with a great bunch of people in the "Ordie" shop. Remember Smoke too. Ended up staying in and retiring an "AOC" surpris
Petrillo, FrankADJ-PC1971 – 1975Best 4 years of my life without a doubt. What an experience and a great group of guys to be associated with. Nothing compares to that time in my life. Too many names to list, mentors and friends that will be remembered.
Orlando, Louis profile iconE51971 – 1973great group of guys - proud to have served with you !
Draughon, LynwoodAO2Apr 1971 – Dec 1971Searching for anyone in VF 92 during this time. Particularly the AO shop. I watched the episode when an AO was sucked into an F4 intake. Would like to get his name.
Arnold, JoeAZ2 / E5Aug 1971 – Aug 1972Thought at the time we were fighting for our country, still do even though many people treated us like the enemy. We had a great team on our westpack cruise to Viet Nam.
Brooks, Robert/bob profile iconADJ-3Sep 1971 – May 1972I was in VF-92 Check Crew Power Plants and Fuel Systems.
Leifeld, KerryE4Oct 1971 – Jun 1972glad to have served on the ship and VF 92 as a plane captin Looking for help anyone have photos top share of the June 1972 ship to ship person transfer in the one man basket. I was one of them.
Gilliam, RichardAQ2Oct 1, 1971 – Jul 1, 1972Served aboard Connie in VF-92 (F-4J), CVW-9 during carrier quals and 71-72 extended deployment. I was proud to serve and we accomplished what we were ordered to do. 9 Migs splashed, some of our own MIA/KIA/POW.
Brann, Henry profile iconAO2Oct 1, 1971 – 1972My first and only ship! I worked in Intermediate Maint till I went topside. Was there when Cunningham and Driscol became the first Ace of the war. I was the guy that got run over by the F-4 on the way to the catapult.
Brown, Dennis Pappy Browne4Oct 20, 1971 – Dec 23, 1974best bunch of guys i ever knew
Janak, LeonAT3Nov 1971 – Nov 1972
Kelley, Jim profile iconAMH2/E5Dec 15, 1971 – Feb 28, 1975Worked three West Pacs. First in the airframe shop with Jake, Dirty Jack, Pappy Brown, Squeaky, Zogie, and Chief Joe Latshaw. Two more cruises on the roof as an airframe troubleshooter. Great group. great experience.
Brann, Henry George (Pear)AO21972 – 1973Went on same cruise that Randy Cunningham shot down 5 migs. Got run over by an F4J. Was med ret about a year later.
Smoke, HowardAOAN1972 – 1975
Jacobson, JakeAMH1972 – 1972Hello shipmates! I would love to hear from any of you making the cruise from 71 until the extension ended in 72. I saw Jim Kelly's posting and sent a brief email. Contact me and let me has been going on with you.
Casey, LewisAMS31972 – 1974Was pc from 1972-74, in 1973 was blown off side of my a/c when the ejection seat malfunctioned on the hanger deck.
Colvin, LouieE21972 – 1974My first duty assignment, I was a Plane Captain and went on deployment on the Connie.
Mowrey, Joseph profile icon  NEWAME2Jun 1972 – Jun 1975I joined VF92 at NAS Miramar when they returned from the 72 deployment. I made two west pac deployments and was among the last few to leave. I have retired from the Indiana Air National Guard with 36 total years mil.
Sisterson, Richardat3Jul 1972 – Jul 1974Did the Wespac Cruise 1973 on the Connie.
Soutiere, FrenchyAMS3Aug 1972 – Jun 1975Best line crew I worked the deck with. I had 303 as my plane. I would say Montgomery/ Wards line was one of the best. Had alot of good friends there. AMS3 Loyd (hoagie) Hoage. Craig Valentine. AMS2 Guppy koff. Many more
Ellis, Patrick profile iconE-4Dec 1, 1972 – Jun 30, 1975Went on both the 73 and 74 Westpac cruises. Best duty an AO could ever get. Best group of guys to party and work with. Jim Martin, Mike Bain, Gary Hough to name a few. Tore up Olongapo a few times. Silverking for life

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