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USS Jarrett (FFG 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jarrett (FFG 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 270 crew members registered for the USS Jarrett (FFG 33).

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Noce, PatrickFC31991 – 1994CS3
Finegan, BarryPC31991 – 1993admin
Campbell, JasonE-31991 – 19931STLooking to talk to old mates and friends
Gillespie, Mike (G-dog)STG31991 – Aug 19, 1993ASW
Begaye, TerranceE-4/EN1991 – 1994A-GangHad a lot of fun times aboard the Mighty J!!! Seeing some old faces on social networks.
McCarty, LeonMA11991 – 1992CMAA
Moody, JohnRM3Feb 1991 – Jul 1994COMMODEPUTY U.S. MARSHAL IN PORTLAND, OREGON 503-326-3491
Stamler, ChristopherSM3Feb 1991 – Jun 1992ON
Gillespie, MichaelE-4Mar 1991 – Aug 1993ASW
Blanchard, AnthonyMar 28, 1991 – Jun 1, 1995combat systems fire control
Williams, Robert/ BradFC3Jun 1991 – Jun 1993WeaponsWhat was that? It sounded like the gun!!
Jeffers, Jason/ JaybirdEW3Jun 1991 – Jul 1994OSWhat's up mooley's? What happened to Sherrod, Collier, Kirk, RM-3 Robertson, Rollie Pollie. Nava, Moody, Hoeps, Hurte......we still boys. Stay in touch 608-576-7251.
Watson, BrianSTG3Aug 6, 1991 – Jul 1, 1994CS2Hey shipmates
Schlim, Johnmichael1992 – 1994CS-2
Bilbruck, Scott/ Baby DocHM31992 – 1994medical\supplyhey all that remember me. HM? windom or anyone else email if u want
Sharma, JoePN31992 – 1994Deck
Noce, PatrickFC3Feb 1992 – Mar 1994Holy crap, where the hell is everyone?
Culver, BenE-5 / FC2Apr 19, 1992 – Jun 17, 1996CS-3Now live at: 3220 SW 24th St. Gresham, OR 97080 503-492-6904
Johnson, PhilQM1Jun 15, 1992 – Jan 21, 1996ON
Elliott, CurtisOS3Jul 1992 – Jul 1996OIAwesome crew US ARMY 1997-2014 FORWARD OBSERVER (13F) RETIRED! IRAQ 2003-2004 2006-2007 AFGHAN 2008-2009
Mitchem, GrantMSSNOct 1992 – Apr 1996Supply
Gibson, BryanSK3Oct 8, 1992 – Jul 3, 1996S-1What's up Skeeter , big Dan O Leary and Channel (master guitarists). Remember the Break away band "The Black Cats" Thanks Tweety for all the giant omelets. Any old homies call me at work 903 838 4587 ext 355
Mitchem, TweetyMSSNOct 19, 1992 – Apr 20, 1996SupplyGot Married on ship on Feb. 14 1996 to Carla(Bray)!! Still married! WOW!!! Living in West Virginia now! Phone # 304-256-3919
O'Leary, DanielFC21993 – May 1997CS3Completed BS degree from UC Berkeley. Now a production manager at a high tech firm in San diego. Married, baby on the way. Good friends and times: Wireman, Channel, Summers, Jenkins, and ofcourse Mac... Ph:858-200-5825
Foust, CoreyGSE31993 – Dec 10, 1995MPGreat Ship, great Div. I learned alot. Thanks MasterChief for the "strong work ethic". I'll bet you didn't know I caught I can be reached at (360)698-6537 just lv a msg, maybe I'll call.
Nelson, ScottEW21993 – 1997Opsgood times, great memories.
Storozynsky, StephenPN31993 – 1995Admin
McCarthy, SteveETC(SW)Apr 1993 – Sep 1993CEThe Mighty Battle Frigate Jarrett!
Tillman, DavidApr 5, 1993 – Sep 22, 1995onwhat a ride. clegg, manu, where are you. phil is in New Mexico working on the rez. email me at here's to the PI one more time. i married a beautiful girl from long beach right near mikes old apartment. living in tucson az
Marshall, JamesOS1Apr 15, 1993 – Feb 1, 1998OIGreat Ship.....Great Crew
Goding, Michael/buddhaET3Jun 6, 1993 – Jul 7, 1997CS4One Rim Pack and Two West Packs during my span. Can't forget the countless circles between San-Dog and LA. First major instance that pops into mind is a certain FN bailing in Perth and staying in Australia. Fun in Bali,Singapore,Phill, etc.
Robertson, BobbySH1 (SW)Jun 14, 1993 – May 28, 1998S-3I had many frien ds, I would like to say hello to SM1 Tillman, EN2 Anderson , GSM2 Fowler, SK3 Gibson, SKSN Blake, FN Grantham, and everyone else. You were all great shipmates. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I am married.
Rife, Robert /robE-5 / STG2Aug 1993 – Jun 1998CS-2Miss the mighty J and all they crew!!
Henry, BillFC2Dec 25, 1993 – Aug 6, 1996CS-3Hello to all the guys I served, and drank way too much, with. Thanks for all the great times. That much fun shouldn't be legal. Married (Laura), two boys, and now a cop in Texarkana, TX. Drop an email, would love to hear how ya'll are doing
Hutson, GeoffreyBM31994 – 1997deck
King, BrianE-3/SN1994 – 19971stIC2 "Skeeter" Cruz,still lookin 4 u man. Also lookin 4 1st div. crew, - Sanudo, Ryan Carles, Jose Cruz, Danny Rojo, Jason Beyer, Amos, Rocha, Joseph Channel, villines, Martin, and ok yeah even Dewey
Joy, TylerIC31994 – Mar 30, 1997ElectronicsWould like to find old shipmates.
Maidman, RogerET11994 – 1996CS-4Just connecting with old friends.
Hutchison, Kelly SH31994 – 1996SupplyEnjoyed cutting hair on the Jarrett and had many good times...(mohawk of the month club) -- Got out of the service, got married, and became an oil painter/artist ( -- living in San Diego, today.
Rife, Robert /robE-5/STG2 (SW)Jan 13, 1994 – Jun 6, 1998CS-2
Collins, GilRM1Feb 1994 – Mar 1995OC03Not my best tour of duty, but I did what was necessary.
Musso, TommyE4Feb 1994 – Aug 1996DeckWhat's up my fellow shipmates! Trying to get back in touch with some old friends. Sounds crazy but I'm craving a Black Cats "reunion tour"! Give me a call if you know where all the guys are. 817-226-8787
Boice, PhilEW3/EW2Apr 1994 – Jul 31, 1995OW
O'Leary, DanielFC2Jun 1994 – May 1997CS3
Gregory, Adam profile iconFCCJun 1994 – Apr 1999CFGood ship. Great crew.
Amos, BradleyGSM2Sep 28, 1994 – May 12, 1998MPENGINEERS RAN THAT SHIP WHEN i WAS THERE
Rogers, MattBM3Nov 13, 1994 – Aug 3, 1998FirstI'm looking for Scott Loveland, or Jason Tamms, can anyone help me?
Rogers, MattSN / BM3Nov 21, 1994 – Aug 11, 19981st
King, BrianE-3/ SNDec 1994 – May 19971st / deckIC2 Norbert 'Skee' Cruz, where the hell you at man!?

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – 1994 | 1995 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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