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Be - Devilers (VF 74) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Be - Devilers (VF 74). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 43 crew members registered for the Be - Devilers (VF 74).

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Smith, Robert F SmittyAMSANMar 1, 1960 – Dec 31, 1962
Smith, Robert F SmittyAAJun 1, 1960 – Dec 15, 1962
Textor, JamesPetty Officer 1st Class1962 – 1967
Gaboury, DonaldE31963 – Feb 14, 1964Nothing to say right now but being 70 I wonder how many of my old mates are still with us.
Selheim, JohnAZ3Jun 1964 – May 1966I was proud to serve aboard the Forrestal in CAW 8 and VF-74. I was a plane captain for the F4-B Phantoms and in maintenance. Would like to hear from anyone there at that time. Remember the Be-Devilers.
Olds, WallaceAE41965 – 1968
Ceisner, BruceAMS2Dec 16, 1965 – Jul 17, 1968Came aboard in Lebanon and finished Med Cruise. AMS A school, then Wes Pac as airframes trouble shooter, back to Va Beach,back to civilian life. Good tour except for 1 bad day.
Perkolup, Petere4Dec 20, 1965 – Aug 4, 1968At the time of the fire I was night check. I was sleeping in the rear compartment on the port side. When general quarters sounded I left the compartment and I was first and last out on the port side.
Hom, Jimmy L.AE-21966 – 1969I was on the West Pac cruise in 67. Plane Captain for 205. Robbie Stark and I launched our birds for CAP duty about 15 minutes before the fire started.
Clingerman, Addison ByronE-4Apr 1966 – Oct 6, 1969Served on West Pac cruise. Plane Captain then Airframe Troubleshooter. Assigned TAD with Chief Taylor to Forrestal AIMD Airframe shop during Med Cruise. Re-enlisted and retired from 171st ARW PA, Air National Guard
Siburn, GeneADJ-2Apr 1966 – Jul 1969Member of the USS Forrestal Association, many members are from VF-74 Started on the line division, Plane Captain, Trouble Shooter, Line PO then transferred to the shop and on to AIMD Jet shop.
McKibben, Rufus (Mac) profile iconAO3Apr 1967 – Jun 1970I survived the fight deck during the fire of 67. For part of 1968 all of 69 and 70 until discharge I was TAD to AO AIMD at NAS Oceania and Aboard Forrestal.
Mulhern, OscarAQF-2Jul 1968 – Jan 4, 1971Aboard CVA-59 for two cruises '68-'69 & '69-'70 Separated just prior to the '71 Med cruise Worked the AQ Shop and was TAD to AIMD for parts of both cruises KO Knight J Breaux & T Laginja showed me the ropes GR8 shop
Mohr, JohnAmh3Mar 4, 1969 – Jun 7, 1973Anybody still around how about Jake Coleman or Terry keeling
Delgado, Robert (Zip)ADJ21970 – 1974West PAC & Med: Uss America / USS Forrestal 70-74 1983 to 1987 USNR Seabees 1998 to 2011 USCG Retired Master Chief
Coleman, James/jakeADJ 21971 – 1973I HOPE I'M DOING THIS RIGHT!! Also VF-101 Det 66
Keeling, TrrryAZ31971 – 1974Best fighter squadron on east coast flying F4 Phantoms, great bunch of shipmates, looking for David Brooks or Bob Glenn
Van Lente, RonaldAT3Oct 1971 – Jan 1973
Franks, MichaelAT-2Apr 1973 – Aug 1976Avionics Shop & A.I.M.D.
Raimundi-perez, Herminioams2Jul 14, 1973 – Jan 28, 1977
Winterrowd, Ralph Or MississippiAMS4Sep 25, 1974 – Sep 27, 1977Plane Captain ACFT # 201
Stump, BruceADJ-3Mar 15, 1975 – Oct 26, 1977Plane Captain and PP Troubleshooter
Gray, Steven profile iconADJ1Jun 19, 1975 – Nov 26, 1976It was so nice being on a brand new ship. My name was Mike and my nickname was Wolf. I was a Plane Captain on side number 204.My favorite memories were live flight ops and when it was dark with no moon.
Panchame, MauroE5Jul 6, 1976 – Jul 1980I did 3 tours in med cruise from 1976 - 1980. I was attached to the airframe and hydraulic shop. I started as E1 and ended as an E5. Looking for Juancho Virata who left to the Philippines in 1980.
Lowe, PhilE-4Oct 1976 – May 1977one heck of a ride
Haldi, RobertPRANFeb 1978 – Aug 1979
Lemaire, Jerry profile iconAQ21979 – Jan 2, 1981Reported aboard after shore duty tour at NAS Oceana. Made '79 - '80 Med cruise. Best TAD tour to MCAS Yuma, Az. Left Squadron after "shakedown" cruise w/embarked Marine squadron 11/80. Always wonder how that worked out.
Hull, LarryAQCMay 1, 1979 – Jun 25, 1980Ran AQ shop on USS Forestall until commissioned CWO 2
Obrien, ObAMS-2Nov 30, 1981 – Jan 5, 1985I did 1982 and 1984 med cruise's. Worked the line devision, Air Frames, Corrosion Control, and ships Master-At-Arms Worked on both F-4 Phantoms, and F-14's, take a Phantom any day.
Brown, SteveAE21982 – 19841983 SOY
Ryan, JayE41983 – Jun 7, 1987My tour with my brother in VF-74 were some of the best years of my life I would like to know what my brother Nick Carducci is doing these days and say hello
Bamberg, LarryChief YeomanJan 1, 1983 – Sep 1, 1984
O'Brien, Mike Ob profile iconAMS-2May 1984 – Nov 1984I was TAD to Ships Master-at-arms for the 84 cruise from VF-74, what skate duty.
Cannon, RobAT21985 – 1989I served as an electronics technician in AIMD VAST shop for VF-74, I made two Med cruises during the 80's
McKinlay, ThomasE-3Mar 1, 1985 – Aug 28, 1985Went out on Sarah's first Med cruise after the yards in Philly but only got to Naples. Disabled on the deck, damn it!
Mullins, Scott (Smiley) profile iconAD 3Jul 1987 – Dec 1989It's been a long time since we transitioned to the F-14A+. I was young then but learned so much from the crew. I still use teamwork everyday. I now work for DOJ and teach. Never stop moving forward. Education is the key!
Burdick, BuckAT31990 – 1991IWT TROUBLESHOOTER
Calhoun, RobertAmh E-51990 – 1991I was discharged from this unit.
Chinn, James profile iconAOANJan 1990 – Aug 1990Finished out my sea time from decommissioning the Coral Sea
Franchino, Anthony (Franky)AK3Aug 7, 1990 – Sep 19936 transits through the Suez Canal, 1st Gulf War, tragedy off the coast of Haifa Isreal, in Turkey during Thanksgiving, 83 days straight at sea with 2 steel beach picnics, and this was all in one cruise 8 months long.

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