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USS John L. Hall (FFG 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John L. Hall (FFG 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 258 crew members registered for the USS John L. Hall (FFG 32).

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McDonald, Shane "Biff/running Man"FC2Jun 1997 – Jul 1999CS3The world famous John L Hell what do you know. You guys know me...I had fun and got screwed. Oh well life goes on. Believe I am out, but now I work for the Nav as a contractor...oh the irony.
Petric, AaronFCCSep 7, 1997 – Oct 31, 2001CS-3One of the hardest working ships in the Navy. I had a great time. Take Care
Gomes, LexsenIT3Sep 11, 1997 – Apr 17, 2001OC02
Goodman, JohnE-5Nov 1997 – May 2002OIHow is the Johnny doin after all these years
Kapanzhi, VitalySN(SW)Dec 7, 1997 – Jul 16, 1999operationsif you have not felt the wind of the sea in your face, you have not served in the UNITED STATES NAVY
Roche, ChadOS2(SW) ASTACDec 17, 1997 – Aug 6, 2001OIIf I never stand port and starboard again I will have lived a great life.
Arnett, John R. , IIIIT2(SW)Mar 12, 1998 – Aug 3, 2001OC-02Made friends and left friends. Do a Frigate or oyu haven't done the Navy. You don't know you're on the water unless you can feel it under your feet.
McManus, ThomasET1(SW)Mar 19, 1998 – Dec 27, 2001CS-4URT-23s. WSC-3s. R-2368s. LINK-11. NAVMACS. UYK-20s. RMs. OSes. All these and more made me lose sleep. Where the hell is everyone? email me at
Bretches, Evan/buzzHT3Apr 10, 1998 – Jun 6, 2001E-2
Hanson, DavidET2Jul 1998 – Jun 1999
Jackson, HenryGSE 2Nov 16, 1998 – Nov 16, 2001E-1
Renaud, BrianQM2 (SW)Nov 24, 1998 – Sep 2, 2003NavigationWOW, 5 years on the Johnny, what can I say? Had some great times in Europe, South America, Carribbean, and the East Coast. Had the time of my life, whether it was drinking beer in almost every country in Europe, or having a steel-beach picnic.
Rooks, AaronEW2Dec 27, 1998 – Sep 12, 2002Deck, OILot's o' Good memories on the Johnny. Looking for some of the old crew. Especially those on the SNFL in '01.
Robbins, ShawnFC2(SW)1999 – 2001CS3USS John L. Hall, giver of ulcers and chest pains. They haven't cut this dang thing up and made razor blades yet? The sad part is that it sucks so bad everybody ends up bitter and makes life hell for the new crew.
Nye, BrianGM2Feb 1999 – Jun 12, 2000CS-3A good place to end my enlistment!
Harris, JasonSKSNMar 12, 1999 – Apr 20, 2000SUPPLYMORE GOOD TIMES THAN I CAN REMEMBER.
Parker, JamesFC2(SW)Apr 10, 1999 – Apr 15, 2003CS3
Kirkman, CaryFC 2Jun 30, 1999 – Jul 20, 2002CS-3What can I say, CS-3 to me was the tightest division on the ship in my opinion. But CS-04 was by far the best workcenter. Even though MK 92 was old, we some how made it work. Someone please contact me.
Gray, WilliamFNSep 10, 1999 – Sep 22, 2001E-1Good times!
Bell, RobertSep 19, 1999 – Jun 19, 2003OD/EMO4Seaman to E-5 in three years.Two NAMS and warfare pin and all kinds of awards.WOW.Really helped my career
Bell, RobertHT2Sep 19, 1999 – Jun 14, 2003E-2
Miller, JeffDC2Oct 31, 1999 – May 11, 2003EMO4
Davis, GordonFC32000 – Apr 2003CS-3Went from Fire Control in the Navy to working in the nuclear power industry - not as big a transition as it would seem at first. If anyone wants to talk, reach me at
Mau, ChrisDC2 (SW)2000 – 2002E-2 DivAllot of great people on the entire ship. E-2 div Chief Chute LPO HT1 Uss ....Nato cruise 01 drank my ass off...Commander Wilson was a great captain! MS1 Elliott what up.
Gall, Steve (Zippy)AD1(AW)Jan 17, 2000 – Apr 15, 2000squadronThe Mardi Gras/SNFL 2000 91-day cruise for us HSL-42 Airedales. Super fun from start to finish. Great skipper, great food and cooks<MS3 Edwards & his spicy spaghetti> & Mongolian BBQ (x2!!), and great crew! Thanxsh!!
Roche, Billos2Apr 2000 – Apr 2002oiit was quite an exprience had fun most of the time
Collins, JimGSM1Apr 22, 2000 –
Larkins, AlET2 (SW)Jul 16, 2000 – Jun 12, 2003CS-4I must say that life on the Johnnie deffently had there ups and downs, but deffently more ups.My first deployment was the SNFL in Northern Europe and that was a blast and the second not so remarkable was CDOPS in the Eastern Pacific.I'll never for
Adams, NeilOSSNAug 1, 2000 – Nov 26, 2001OPSDidn't enjoy my "stay" on the Johnny. That's for sure.
Daniele, JamesSRAug 21, 2000 – Apr 1, 2002DeckMy time on the Johnny was great. Good crew, good food and good ports!! My first deployment was the SNFL cruise to the north atlantic. Had a great time. Wonderful part of the world!! The ship was always always in the Caribbian. WONDERFUL!!
Stripling, MichaelSTG2(SW)Sep 2000 – Apr 16, 2003SonarGood times! Hit me up at
Braswell, ClaytonEW3 (SW)Jan 1, 2001 – Apr 13, 2003EE02One of the best ships I've been on. 01 SNFL cruise is the best cruise ever!! I thank the people that was on the boat that made it a hard for me that made me what I am today. Holla at me at Shoutout to my Braddas, Fisher
Jardine, RyanGM3Feb 1, 2001 – Oct 1, 2003CS05Had a great time on the Johnny, the SNFL cruise in 2001 was the best time I have ever had!!. I crossed over to MAA when I left the Johnny and ended up getting out of the Navy in 2010.
Colon, JoseE-3 ITFeb 12, 2001 – Feb 22, 2002 oco2This wreck is still floating
Barclay, JasonE-5Feb 16, 2001 – Feb 16, 2006S-2Johnny Life was good for teh most part. A few bad times, but a lot of good times. Great Crew.
Patterson, JasonLTMar 5, 2001 – Sep 1, 2002A-Gang
Shepherd, AllanE-3Mar 14, 2001 – Aug 30, 2002OD01came on board thinking of career. well that didn't work. too much fun brings too much trouble. to the Johnny....
Wright, DionSK2Apr 15, 2001 – Sep 1, 2003S-1"SK's" of the Fleet stand up.
Fowlkes, Chris "ghettobuck"ET2(SW)Apr 23, 2001 – Sep 7, 2003CS4I had a blast onboard the "Johnny." I have yet to find a division as tight as ours was.Shout out to the CS4 team.I'm doing the pilot program for AJM in Norfolk right now.I would love to hear from some of the old crew. cfowlkes73@verion.
Ellan, ChrisOS2May 10, 2001 – Nov 20, 2004OIBest damn group of people I have been able to work around. Rough times, but better stories!!!
Bunting, BuntingIT2 (SW)Jul 15, 2001 – Nov 13, 2003OC02Whats up ship wrecks. Is that thing still floatin?
Hix, Charles/ ChuckyBM3Sep 19, 2001 – Dec 16, 2003OD01Came on board a Deck Seaman, tried to be a GM end up with BM and damn proud. oh yeah "don't drink everclear"
Cryan, David S. (Baby Doc)HM3 (FMF)Oct 1, 2001 – Mar 22, 2002BASWas an strange time i wish i had spent more time onboard. Where is HTC "Buddy" Love?
Bronson, JeffFR TO FNNov 2001 – Sep 2003Engeering Main Purpolsioncame on board as a fireman and loved every minute of it and then i tried to become a GM and that didnt work so now i am a Corpsmen with a marine corps unit i love my job but i miss the johnny and the old crew nothing beats its

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1982 | 1983 – 1987 | 1988 – 1991 | 1992 – 1996 | 1997 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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