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USS John L. Hall (FFG 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John L. Hall (FFG 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 258 crew members registered for the USS John L. Hall (FFG 32).

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Dayton, TracyGMM1983 – 1986
Padeni, JosephE-51983 – 1987audiology
Shepherd, DavidYN21983 – 1986S-1Best ship in the fleet. Enjoyed the ride, Persian, Med, Cen Amer., Suez, Panama Canal. J Williams, Walker, Cope, Smitty, PC, Weber, LCDR Young, and all the rest. Living in Ohio, Corp Mgr, Air Pollution Control.
Eckhoff, DaleETC1983 – 1986CS4
Wallyn, EricET 2Jan 28, 1983 – Apr 28, 1986CS 4I would like to contact some plankowners from CS 4
Pattan, Roy /generalEN3Mar 1983 – Apr 17, 1985Though my tour was cut short by an accident in St.Thomas VI It was by far the best 2 years of my life! That is until I married Piggs youngest sister in Sept.'97. I now live in Ohio, have a total of 5 kids and play Mr. Mom. I sure miss the you all!
Copeland, Rick / NormanE. N. 2Apr 15, 1983 – Dec 12, 1986AuxillarysJust want to say hi to all my engineering buds.the NPatton Pigg, West, Collins, Moore, and more. Best small ship inthe Navy. Im currently a Yacht Captain in south Fla. Anchors aweigh Mates.
Pigg, DavidGSM2May 1983 – May 1988E-1
Sterling, William (Bill)HT3May 1983 – Jun 1984E-2Best Sea-Duty I had. Crusing in my 68 Camaro with George Chow. Singing Christmas carols to the watch standers over the 21mc while Miller played the flute. Best Ship in the Fleet
Masarik, Bob / "Mazz"OS3May 10, 1983 – Dec 12, 1986CS-1The frist and only ship I was ever on.Had some great memories on that ship.Had some bad one's to. But I would do it all over again with the same bunch of people I worked with.I love sail on her one more time.You rock Johnny. Go Johnny Go!
Wachholz, RobertGSMFN/GSE3May 12, 1983 – Jun 1, 1986M
Guettler, RichardBM2May 26, 1983 – May 25, 1988MED/Persian Gulf cruise, Unitas, ANCON INN. Any Ancon Rangers out there?? SM3 Ray Russell and I both still live in Jacksonville.
Reichmann, MarkGMM3 E4 - GMM1 E6Oct 1983 – Sep 1987CS3"Johnny B Good" To all I served with Thank you! An 18 year old kid grew up! It was the best time of my life. Many memories i will never forget! It took bullets and gernades from this mighty warship to take down a lowly shark, Nicaraugua o
Whitehead, StephenMR3Oct 1983 – Apr 1986HT Shop
Westerman, BretGSM3-GSM1Oct 17, 1983 – Nov 30, 1988E-1My first ship and a great command. We worked and played hard on the Johnny. The CSO when we shot ourselves was a future CO of mine on the Nicholas. It was by far the best tour in my 30 years.
May, MichaelEN2 EN11984 – 1986AMade Med IO cruise and fished off Honduras. Had to leave ship due to becoming single parent. Life turned out good, and Child grew up well and went into navy. Sorry to here she's decommissioned. Getting old
Bailey, MarkSM31984 – Jul 1986SCAll my shipmates were (are) great! My term was up 2 weeks before S.A. Cruise in '86. I was going to extend 6 months, but the LCDR and I could not see eye to eye. Hope all are well! "Flags".
Bolenbaugh, TedBM3Jan 1984 – Jan 1987SC3
McCleary, RobE-3Jan 13, 1984 – Jul 10, 1986S-3I have many fond memories of all the ports we visited, MED/I.O., Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. My family and I live north of Seattle and I would love to hear from any shipmates that I served with. Take care and God Bless.
Cassidy, ThomasSn/BM3Mar 1984 – Aug 1987SC-3 Deck Division
Romero, Carlos / RomeoBM2 E-51985 – 19871st division
Paster, TimothySH2Jan 1, 1985 – Dec 31, 1988S-3Good ship and a great crew. My fours years on board were some of my best navy years. Went on to make CPO class of 1992 on the USS Underwood FFG-36 and i did get my ESWS pin and retired in 2001.
Pfaffinger, BruceMS3Jul 10, 1985 – Mar 18, 1989SupplyI agree with alot of my brothers that serving aboard the Johnny was a part of my life I will never forget. Served along side some great men and made some great memories.
Trail, ChristopherET2Aug 20, 1985 – Nov 23, 1989CS4I'm not sure if this appropriate, but I lost my shipmate, my friend, my brother, Micheal A. Pitocchi last week to a tragic accident. I have the JOHNNY to thank for knowing him. It was the best/worst of times. F'n Officers Passage Way!!!!
Stantz, DwayneNov 8, 1985 – Feb 4, 1988sc-3
Russell, AlanGMG 2Dec 1985 – May 13, 1989CS-3Great ship.......Better people! Had lots of fun but mostly the kind you can only endure once in your life. Never thought I'd miss it, but I do. Thanks Johnny for a great time.
Schassar, FredRMC1986 – Jan 30, 1990OCThe Johnny.......what a ship & crew. I retired onbd her in Mypt FL after Avondale shpyds in New Orleans where I fell in love with the city, its people, food, culture, and the woman of my dreams! What a way to go out !
Ferguson, BrianLTJan 3, 1986 – Jan 31, 1988SupportMy time on John L Hall was, by far, the most memorable and enjoyable experience during my 22 years of Navy Service. The finest ship and the finest crew in the fleet - without a doubt.
Spence, Mark "Spanky"OSFeb 1986 – Oct 1989CSThe best ship/crew ever.Never thought I'd miss her,but I do.Will never forget crossing the line twice,Ancon Inn(Panama),UNITAS 87,the late Bob Burns(OS2),St.Patricks in Savannah and all the men who made her the best ship in the fleet.Thank you all
Cortopassi, TravisETCFeb 1986 – Jan 1991C-4Watched her tail get ripped off and lengthened at Avandale Ship Yard in New Orleans. Was on the JLH when all hell broke lose in Aug 1990 while deployed. We were in Israel when Operation Desert Shield started. Yep Shield came before Storm. We lost an
Lewis, Allen, Fc2(Sw)FC2(SW)Mar 1, 1986 – Sep 19, 1990CS-3Best sea command ever!!!
Ristuccia, JimLTApr 1986 – Jul 1990It's interesting how the comments about JLH remain the same not matter when you served. It was my first ship and the finest.
Cathcart, JeffPN2(SW)Jun 1986 – Dec 1989S3What a great ship and crew "The Johnny". So many awesome memories. I pray that God watches over all of you, my shipmates. May you always enjoy fair winds and following seas. Amen.
Schassar, FredRMC(SW)Jun 15, 1986 – Jan 3, 1990OCGreat ship, Great crew, scored highest tycommex mark in mayport history in desron twelve. spent almost a year and a half in New Orleans at Avondale s/yard. I retired off the John L Hall with 25 years in the Navy. Best CPO Mess in the Navy !
Dougherty, Joe (Doc)SM2Jul 1986 – Apr 1990SCWOW, So many memories. I hope all my shipmates are doing well. What ever happened to SMSN Dale ? I am sure SMSN Grace would know.
Dotson, TracyE-5 /MR2Jul 1986 – Jan 1988Engineering
Morella, John0S3Aug 15, 1986 – May 6, 1988cicgreat ship great crew
Sowards, MikeETC (SW)Dec 1986 – Feb 1990CS-4I made Chief on the Hall so it will always be special to me!
Clayton, DanielEM11987 – 1991Electrical
Moore, TerryCDRJan 5, 1987 – Jun 1, 1989COOut of 29 years 7 mos and 28 days in the Navy, my 30 mos on the Johnny were by far the most memorable. To the greatest crew I ever sailed with - thank you again. I still owe you. God bless!
Barry, HowardGMM1/GMCMar 1987 – Oct 1991CS3the years on johnny where good years, the friends some of the best. i'm back in florida and would like to catch up with some of the guys. anyone know where GMM2 Yeager is?
Wingard, Edward (Edly)BMSN TO BM3 TO BMSNJul 1987 – Aug 19891stOf my twelve years the Johhny was the best ship I was attached to (SBU-20 gets best command honors). Falling asleep while on sound and security watch soured the experience, but I only have myself to blame for that. The professionalism was first rate.
Pohl, GregBM2Aug 1987 – Sep 1989DeckOf my time in the Navy, my time on the Johnny was the best. Great crew, good teamwork, Gitmo, Avondale and much more.someone help my memory, maybe the only ship with actual flooding while in dry dock. Can anyone verify?
Harrington, Jim/harringboneOSSNSep 15, 1987 – Sep 15, 1991CSIt was great on the Johnny. I woke up in 1991 and all my boys were gone where yall at? T-bone still missing in the keys and wegner is still passed out @ the parking lot of pier 1.Capt odies still open. call me.
Hall, GaryDC3Sep 22, 1987 – May 1991E2wow JOHNNY B GOOD
Marggraff, FritzEW1Oct 1987 – Oct 1990CS

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