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USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 240 crew members registered for the USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29).

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Beckum, MichaelE4/OS3Feb 27, 1993 – Feb 27, 1997OIAlot of good times and some rough; but over all I enjoyed everyone, the places we traveled, the birthing wars and the stars. This is for you Armstrong....."The Stars at night, Are big and Bright, Deep in the heart of Texas......."
Mayo, TommyQM3Mar 1993 – Dec 1996Navigation
Pease, RobertOS2Apr 1993 – May 1997OI
Farrand, VincentE-2May 1993 – 1993CMCG STINGER DETACHMENTBest goddam ship I have ever been on!!
Rainey, CarlE-6/ STG1(SW)Jul 10, 1993 – Jul 17, 1997CS-2/CAThe SWG was hell. If not for the courage of a fearless crew, it would have been lost. I served with some awsome people, who i'll forever call my shipmates. To all that made it there mission to make others suffer. You failed. retired and loving it.
Pinkham, JustinRM11994 – 1996RadioCrap duty in the armpit of Mississippi....
Cherry, MichaelYN31994 – 1997AdmWhere is Seaman (Beaver) Lever?
Combs, GregDS1Jan 1, 1994 – Jul 29, 1995CE
Klein, AaronMR1(SW)Feb 1994 – Dec 1997Repair
Wood, Stephen (Woody)ET2Feb 5, 1994 – Jun 15, 1996CEAlways underway!!!
Hayes, LennyRM3May 1, 1994 – May 1, 1997oc
Padgett, BenE4/RM3May 12, 1994 – May 29, 1998OCMy days onboard the Stevie G wasnt that great to remember, stayed in trouble alot, thought I was getting out of the Navy thats for sure. Had the best buddies I still keep in touch with, Lukas Dearmin and Chris Peterson!!
Penner, Lawrencee-4/os3Aug 1994 – Feb 1997pascagula, msmiss the friends i made during my time in the navy.
Mullen, PaulFN1995 – 1997EngineeringLike it or not, you found me. Proud to have served with such a great group of guys. Share a lot of stories on Facebook if you want to find us there. Drop a line here too and we can see if we can help you locate someone!
Murphy, SeanGSM 3May 1995 – Sep 13, 1998Main Propulsion
Babineaux, ChrisOS2Jun 10, 1995 – Dec 14, 1998OIHave you tried the collard greens ? email:
Miles, AaronHT3Aug 1995 – Jan 1997Repair
Gray, RyanSM3Nov 1995 – Jun 1998NAVGreat times w/ great friends. NAV division, Hopson, Ramell, Lopez! SM's oh I mean QMs. At least the bright work stayed shined!
Carter, Joshua "Short Round"SN1996 – 1997DeckDeck Division on the Groves was great serving my country. PEACE! -J
Overstreet, JosephFN1996 – Jul 10, 1997
Shugart, JimGM31996 – Jun 1998Weaps
Mullins, MarkOS2Mar 1996 – Dec 1999OIAhoy!
Walker, DerrickSTG2 SWApr 1, 1996 – Nov 1, 2000CAMixed emotions on my experience, but glad I went through it. Did a lot of my growing up there. I miss the people that I became good friends with. Soooo many stories ; )
Lopez, JuanSM2Jun 1996 – May 2000Nav/commGreat years and memories on SWG. Got a few friends I need to find and connect with. Med cruise in 96, Gulf ops and SNFL cruise 99, great times.
Wilson, Jason JwilPC2Nov 20, 1996 – Dec 16, 1999POST OFFICEGreat ship and kick ass crew. Miss the great times, travels and friends I made. My best to all of you.
Stanford, Dwayne\redE-3Nov 27, 1996 – Mar 20, 1997s-2
Relander, BryanE-4/ DK3Dec 18, 1996 – Jun 21, 2000S-3
Ujvari, WilliamSTG1(SW)Dec 21, 1996 – Jan 5, 2002CAThat ship had to be the longest five years of my life! But it is nice to know that ships don't get any worse! All you guys I served with were awesome, without the fun times I think we would have all gone nuts. Why the hell did I go to another F
Cribbs, ShankDC1Dec 24, 1996 – Jul 2000RepairWish someone would've told me to bring all the Bailing Wire and Duct Tape I could lay my hands on. Cassel, Brooks, Putter, Adams, Metzger, we had some long hours and good fun.
Lange, CharlesRM 21997 – 1999Operations
Winchell, RonSK1Jun 1997 – Aug 30, 2000S-1Good Ship and lots of good times
Malouf, FrankGSE3Jun 1997 – May 2001nice cruise, good fun and nice friends. Don't wana do it again.
Farland, Stew BurnerMS3Jun 17, 1997 – Jan 1, 1999SupplyLong days and always deployed
Herman, Brandon "Big Pun"ET2 SWOct 1997 – Nov 2001MWR closet organizerWAS mad because they didn't make MEN BE TALLER boondockers. Wonder why that GSM1 Cressione sent me to captains mast? Afterwards my hookups in laundry never washed his clothes the rest of the cruise. then when he got a haircut they gave him a gap
Sampas, Kylepo3/cs1998 – 2001s-2life on the groves was really difficult but i made it through. .............................................................................................................................................................
English, MarkFC3Jan 1998 – Feb 2002CM/CGwent to captain's mast more times than the captain. had fun until ed brockavich showed up and ruined my party. Confused I thought sweepers meant sleepers. Had fun anyway
Noble, JustinFC2`Apr 12, 1998 – Aug 22, 2002CS04Fun at sea until the upper brass had to put on the curfew.
Brooks, PaulDC2(SW)May 1998 – Jun 2000
Okroi, AugustEN2May 5, 1998 – Sep 15, 2001AUX.had alot of fun. brooks, leach, and morefield made the time unforgetable.
Collier, BruceLT, USCGJun 1998 – Nov 1999NAV & CICUS Coast Exchange Officer, ANAV & CICO for the SNFL99 deployment
Wright, JosephEN2Sep 8, 1998 – Dec 20, 2001AuxWas an Expeirence to remember, ups and downs, but all worth it.
Canizales, CarlosCS3Oct 13, 1998 – Oct 15, 2000
Brooks, Paul/ BrooksieDC2Oct 15, 1998 – Mar 15, 2002"R" EngineeringHerman, Cressione was an EN1. I feel ya, that boat was full of weird critters. Four of us got locked up in France. R division ruled. Morefield,Rice,Cribbs,Castle,JabPutter and all you guys, thanks for the memories, but I dont want to do it again.
Mead, JamesBM3Nov 22, 1998 – Mar 21, 2001DeckHad some great times with noodle and the rest of the guys
Mota, KevinEM2Dec 1998 – Dec 2001EHad some great times with you all. Darryl, Shane, Gus, Paul, Joey and Bear... You were some of the besy guys that I ever knew . You guys were always there for me. Had some bad times but we always made up for it. Love to see you guys again.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1987 | 1988 – 1992 | 1993 – 1998 | 1999 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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