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USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 240 crew members registered for the USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29).

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Cesare, MikeBMC(SW)Feb 3, 1988 – Nov 4, 1992OD/1ST LTHard Working Ship. Great Shipmates. Chief's Mess was tight. How are you guys? Anyone seen callloway, williams, or dabney? UNITAS was my favorite cruise..
Sarver, Dean "doc"HM3Feb 5, 1988 – May 10, 1989MedicalIn memory of "Guido" Gandino, a great friend, who tragically lost his life aboard the USS Stephen W Groves. Life long memories and friends, Jim Steck, Steve Milleson, Doc Morissette, and many others. Yo, where's the party at?
Morissette, DocHMC(SW)Mar 1988 – Mar 1991MedicalOne of my memorable duty stations, no better assignment than being on a "small boy".. Never forget Capt Dick setting Sea and Anchor Detail out of the shipyard in Boston. We did great things after Hurricane Hugo.
Reichmann, MarkGMM1Jul 1988 – Jul 1990CM/CGGreat ship and a great crew
Yaun, JeffDC1Aug 29, 1988 – Oct 1, 1991R-DivisionGreat Crew Warship 29. Enjoyed my time onboard her. UNITAS was one my favorite cruises during my Navy Career. Loved LL Cool Dick's Underway Song, I'm your Captain/Grand Funk. Fair Winds and Following Seas SWG Shipmates!
Garriott, ScottGSE2Sep 1988 – Sep 1990
Williams, LarryOS2Oct 1988 – 1992CSMy first ship, loved my time on her!
Pitbladdo, MarcEN2Nov 23, 1988 – Aug 23, 1990
Downs, TimothySK1Dec 1988 – Oct 1, 1992Stores division
Hathcock, PaulGSM21989 – Jul 15, 1991Main Propulsionhad a blast on the unitas
Willis, K. ScottEM3Jan 1, 1989 – Dec 12, 1990Engineering
Smith, Michael (Pc)PC2Feb 1989 – May 1992Unitas XXXI was a good cruise! CDR Dick was a pro at driving that ship.
Madison, Sanforde4Feb 1989 – 1991communicationsSm1 beddingfield helped me get through some tough times,larry Jones,Sigmund Sims,were some of my shipmates
Bryant, Baby Doc profile iconHNJun 18, 1989 – Oct 23, 1990MedicalMy first sea command it made a real sailor out of me. I had some cool and some not so cool shipmates, but we survied it. Unitas Cruise was the shit all those ports, Not like that no more. we was one of the pioneers.
Renshaw, PeterLTJul 19, 1989 – Jul 20, 1992DCA, then CM/CGGreat crew. DESRON 8 hated us. Captain Dick with sneaky tactics and tequila tolerance trusted us and made us proud.
Schmidt, Dan profile icongse2Sep 1, 1989 – Sep 9, 1991MPUnitas.....
Day, Michaele2Oct 12, 1989 –bmshould have made more out of it then i did big regreat
Johnson, BrianMS2Nov 15, 1989 – May 20, 1991S-2
Regalia, RobertBM3Dec 30, 1989 – Sep 10, 1992ODBMMC Callloway" You look like a monkey F***ing a football son!" Unitas rocked... Med Cruise Rocked... Home port was PR, not Mayport right?
Small, JasonSTG/SN1990 – 1991SONARHey who has the sonar log? Why does Goat call me PP. Does any one have pics of the UNITAS? I pp will never die! Mugs, Brian, Spero, Chadwhic someone lol
Foley, SeanE-2Jan 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1990ODWas only there a few months before leaving from PR. Met alot of good friends there and was able to keep in touch since I was re-assigned to the U.S.S. Leyte Gulf CG-55.
Hall, ColumbusRM2Feb 9, 1990 – Feb 10, 1994OPERATIONS/COMMS
Derks, JasonGMM2Apr 14, 1990 – Jan 8, 1992CM/CGIt was a great ship and a great place to start my Navy career. Loved UNITAS XXXI. They don't make deployments like that anymore. I missed the Navy so much I came back after 13 years off.
Klein, ScottGSM3Apr 15, 1990 – Apr 30, 1994engineeringGreat times with great friends. I will always remember all the Engineering dept. for the rest of my life. you were my brothers..
Hogg, Jonathan JdEN2May 5, 1990 – May 8, 1992A
Margheim, DennisSTG3Jun 1990 – Mar 1994CAUnitas XXXI and Med/Red cruises. Shellback, Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Straights of Magellan, Order of the Rock.
Barnes, MikeSNSep 1, 1990 – Dec 31, 1991OD / DeckMy first command/ ship in the Navy. Worked my butt off but wouldn't have traded it for the world. Some real great experiences, not to mention made some real good friends there. Miss you all!
Casey, BruceSTG1 (SW)1991 – 1993CAGreat Ship with a better crew
Archer, MattE-4Jan 1991 – Mar 17, 1993OD5th Deployment, we cut off a lot of date syrup comin' outa IRAQ. Drank too much Hurgahda Rum, but Haifa was nice.
Wooledge, EricSM3Apr 1991 – 1995navigationfirst ship two deploys many times in hurgada became locals. thanks too the steve g the sea became my mistress. we had great times with spanky, chaney and snoopy.
Gray, RichardGSM2Jul 1991 – Feb 1993MP
Studniarz, JohnGSM3Aug 1991 – Jul 1993
Binge, James RM3Oct 1991 – Mar 1995OCI look back and miss her. Great crew. She is missed.
Leger, EverettE5/QM2Nov 1991 – May 25, 1995NavigationGreat times! Always gone is the right thing to say about her. 2 Med cruises, Operation Desert Shield, Gitmo, North Atlantic, on and on and on.....
Trent, JasonEN3Dec 27, 1991 – Oct 1994Engineering
Andrews, BrianEW21992 – 1994Operations/Combat Systems
Resendez, JulianSM31992 – 1995
Brown, Mark... BabeRM41992 – 1996Operations I made 3 cruise to the Gulf in 4 yrs yea I did my time. Joined The ship @ Bender
Marvich, LanceSTG3(SW)Sep 1992 – Sep 1994WeaponsSecondary boarding party during that last deployment - Groves made a dent in Iraqi shipping! I met & left her in the Red Sea. Hurghada again???
Hall, RobertSK3Nov 1992 – Aug 1996S-1

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