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Black Aces (VF 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Black Aces (VF 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 65 crew members registered for the Black Aces (VF 41).

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Polak, WilliamAT21955 – Apr 19, 1956
Lamarr, JohnAO3Jun 10, 1956 – May 7, 1958looking for members of vf-41 who served with me and went on the far east cruise from Oct. 1956 to May 1957. Also would like any names that you might have.Since it has been 48 years after returning it would be nice to hear from someone.
May, GaryAE3Aug 15, 1956 – Jun 15, 1957Special Weapons and Flight Deck trouble shooter on F2H-3. The 56/57 Far East Cruise was the best ever.
Adsit, Robert H. ( Bob )AQ2Apr 15, 1959 – May 20, 1961VF-41 flew F3h-2-Demons in '58 and ended with F4-Phantoms in '61.
Hildabridle, JerryADJ 2Jan 1960 – Oct 1961
Shepherd, SamADJ31961 – 1965
Reins, RonaldAE1Oct 27, 1961 – Nov 23, 1965Great and exciting tour. Three Med. cruises.
Richards, OkeyAMSCMar 1962 – Jan 4, 1965The Independence & VF-41 was an outstanding ship & squadron of men who knew their jobs and always performed to the highest naval standards and ideals to accomplish our mission regardless of what, when or where required.
Campolettano, TomYN3Jul 1964 – Jul 1966Served as Flight Operations POC for VF41. Proud of ship and shipmates, especially during Westpac deployment. Will never forget those who did not return and the POWs. God bless them all
Trumps, SpencerAMH-2Jan 4, 1965 – Oct 1968Was a plane captain, and work in VF-41 metal ship shop, made West PAC & 2 Med Cruises, was running mate with Melvin Dobbins,
Santangelo, Bernard (Buddy)ADJ31966 – Jan 1969Best time in my life great fellow crew members. Med cruise April 1968 to Jan 1969 USS Independence
Hough, JackAZ3Sep 1966 – Jul 1968Looking back, you realize it wasn't so bad. Great times with great guys
Perrot, RobertADJ-2Jun 1967 – Jan 1970Was with the Black Aces after they returned from westpac cruise. Did two med cruises one on Independence the other on the Roosevelt. Started out as plane captain, moved to the powerplant shop white shirt
Theodore, WaltersAQ2Jun 1967 – Nov 19691 Med cruise and a Carribean cruise. love the Navy. great shipmates. great experiences on and off the USS Independance and Roosevelt. Oceana was a fun place. rented a 3 bedroom apt for $150 month
Callahan, PatrickPN3Jul 1, 1967 – Jan 29, 1969I was a black shoe in this airdale outfit, handling personnel records and enlisted education and testing. Had a great Med cruise, 5/68-1/69 aboard the USS Independence. I'd be glad to hear from any mates who were aboard.
Giaquinto, GeorgeADJ-3Dec 1968 – Sep 1970VF-41,Oceania Va. Med cruise on the Rosie - 1969 - 1970.
Shapiro, AllenAT31969 – 1971
Tudor, LawrenceAME2May 9, 1970 – Aug 20, 1973
Gill, TerryE31971 – 1973
Hamlin, Robert (Hambone)AMHANMar 1971 – Feb 1973I am looking for any fellow shipmates that made the 71-72 Med deployments and worked the line.
McPhillips, Mac Or BillE-3, usually1972 – 1975I need to contact line rats from the 72-75 period to get coroboration on the manner in which we handled JP-5.
Brockman, Jim profile iconAirmanMar 22, 1974 – Dec 11, 1974Looking for squadron members
Dobbs, DanANApr 1, 1974 – Apr 28, 1978Enjoyed the Liberty Ports we visited and enjoyed the sea life.
Csapo, FrankE-41977 – 1980Looking for other squadron members of that time
Koncius, Bob profile iconE-5 AE-21978 – Mar 1982I had served in VF-41 Black Aces as a AE-2 1978-1982 as well as USS Nimitz CVN-68/NAS Oceana Remember USA 2 Libya/Muammar Gaddafi 0! Remember Crossing Equator to become a trusty Shellback Remember May 1981 EA6 Crash
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Swany, DonE-4Jan 1978 – Sep 1979
San Agustin, John/guamE4 ADNov 1978 – 1981Med. cruise ship board ac crash,over 100day on board no liberty. 1day steak/lobsters and 1 BEER ONLY. Fly. Deck swimming pool.rescue mission, no drill 35 nots max carrier shaking all the to rescue mission
Laurin, JohnAE31980 – 1984Served as Line Rat and also in AE Shop. Remember all the good times on the line and some sad one's like the crash. and how proud we were when vf-84 told us about the shoot down of the su-22's
Smith, ForrestAMH 1Jan 1980 –
Kattalia, Tim (Kat)E4Mar 1980 – Dec 1983Plane captain, Power Plants shop and Power Plants troubleshooter on the flight deck.
Bonzani, Carey / Bonz(ryhmes Like Fonz)E5 / AO2Jun 15, 1980 – Jun 26, 1984 I was a plane captain (line rat or flight deck warrior) then I transfered to AO (ORDANCE) Top Gun and the famous USA-2 & Lybia-0. My 2 fearless leaders were Cdr. Hank Kleeman(CO) and Cdr. Mike Fields(XO) The USS Nimitz & VF41...awesome!
Ammon, TimothyPN21981 – 1985
Grady, JeffreyAO3Feb 1981 – Oct 1984great times
Rademacher, MichaelAE2Apr 1, 1981 – Sep 4, 1983I worked in the Micro Miniature Repair Shop under AE1 Steve Howe. Play Softball for Avionics was the pitcher for 2 years.
Andrews, BryanmssrFeb 1982 – 1985First ty duty station. Made alot of good friends and learned alot also.
Ward, TomE-3Apr 1, 1982 – Sep 23, 1983F-14 Plane Captain in VF-41. 1982-83 Med. Cruise
Wilson, Harrison (Willie)azanApr 3, 1982 – Jun 14, 1984Hey everybody if you remember me I would love to receive some old photos
Sitts, RichardYN1Jul 1982 – Oct 1985YN1 in charge of Admin Office, worked along side PN1 Burns, PN2 Ammon, PN2 Padilla, PN2 Warford, YN2 Marshall, YN3 Lewis, YN3 Swanson, YNSA Tuck
Gemmell, TomAE3Apr 3, 1984 – Mar 11, 1988AE3 in I level shop on Nimitz, Roosevelt and Oceana base
Gaudio, Gabriel profile iconAms 2Apr 5, 1984 – May 8, 1988
Swisher, Larry (Swish)AT3May 1984 – Jun 1987Looking for all the guys I served with in VF-41. 1984-1987. Was in IWT shop.

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