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USS Boone (FFG 28) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Boone (FFG 28). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 259 crew members registered for the USS Boone (FFG 28).

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Corwin, Heston (Art)TM1/TM21984 – 1988CS2/ A.S.W.miss all my freinds in the OS,STG,ET,TM3 kenny, IC,and all my drinking freinds in the gulf clean on the boone still clean for 24years. email
Mathews, Ron A.k.a MatGSM3Jan 1984 – Jun 1986EngineeringRemember the Gulf. What a cruise. I thought I hated it, but it was a great time. Wished I stayed in. " Koch" was the best. Miss you bud. Also miss Charlie, Terry, Bill and "Gig". Hope y'all are good.
Cohen, HapIC1Feb 1984 – Aug 1984CS-4Came aboard just in time for the first Med cruise and before my enlistment ran out. Great crew.
Wakefield, Russell/ RoscoeHT3Feb 15, 1984 – Jun 8, 1987engineeringi was in with ht3 robert francis warren ,jeffrey bello's was my first class po james wyant was my lt. lt. esker was chief eng. phil lamb was also afirst class po. we all did a persian gulf tour in 84 as well as 86 if anyone can remember me
Thompson, BradleyQm 1Mar 1984 – 1986operatons
Nagy, Timothy ( Suess)ENFNMar 24, 1984 – Aug 22, 1985Engineeringhey buds remember the gulf hell cruise? if anyone would like to contact me feel free. kinda glad i'm out kinda glad i'm not. hey matthews, hudson, fish, butler and all the rest how the hell are ya? still got the cat in the hat puffin' a smo
McKinney III, JdHT2May 16, 1984 – Dec 26, 1985ENG/E-2Do you remember Overmyeyer & Pepino & GTMO almost 3 months & Teays? Dillion & Yarmy & so on...Francis & me changing fm vlvs for emi?
Warren, Bobht2Jun 15, 1984 – Aug 14, 1987engineeringwhats up guys...wooohoooooo thier are some names on here that are bringing back some fun ass memories...ROSCOE my boy russ wakefield..anybody from our crew e mail me
Williams, DarrellQM3Aug 1984 – Mar 1988Quartermasters
Keckler, RaymondGMAug 10, 1984 – Aug 10, 1989
Campbell, TimQmc(sw)Aug 26, 1984 – Nov 1, 1987NavHey shippies I am still alive and well, It was fun and ? I retired in 99, went back to school and now in charge of Disney's special event carpenters, They don't get the squid humor.
Sturgill, LarryITCNov 1984 – Oct 1987S1 Had a good time. Visited countries like: Barbados, Bermuda, Puerto RIco, Spain, Amsterdam and Norway. Got off active duty and finished my career in The Navy Reserves with C7FLT. Retired as a Chief! Navy Chief Navy Pride!
Sorrell, TonyBM3Dec 15, 1984 – Jul 15, 1987DeckThanks for the memories that will last a lifetime
Wendell, JonnyGSE31985 – 1986E-1
Proulx, Mikesk31985 – Apr 24, 1987s-1What an experience would'nt change it for the world
Carter, BoydBm31985 – May Best time in my life
Lord, John profile iconET31985 – 1986OE
Lien, RonaldMS 3Jan 1985 – Apr 1988SupplyI have to agree with other comments I had some of the best times on board the Boone. I look back and smile with the memories I have. Sail on Mother Truckers
Himmelberger, EricIC3Feb 1985 – Apr 1987Deck / Combat SystemsHello all & anyone who remembers me.Heard from Kassmeier or Sorrell?Clyburn Cheatham Geter "Whit" Beamon Woods ICCDaly Mitchell Thornton RHRobinson Yeninas(yapenis) Highstreet Slavin Prioux Burgess Estes Lt. Zanty MED Cruise '85
Dickey, LeeE-4Feb 13, 1985 – Oct 18, 1990SC-3WHATS UP YALL, WHAT A LIFE.
Anderson, Richard "Andy"EW3Mar 1985 – Apr 1988CS-1Always wonder what happened to all you guys(OS's)! Especially, EW's like French, Thebaud, Walling, Fischer(Fish-bone), and who could forget EW1 Jackson(Jack). Sure does bring back a lot of memories. To all who remember me, chat with ya soon.
Webber, RandallFC1/FCC(SW)Mar 1985 – Jun 1988CFHad a decent time. "Wild Bill Walsh" as XO, what a guy! froze my butt off in the frjords (SP?) of Norway, dove it off during the pena colada cruise..what a test of the liver and pocket book! put up with "skunk" the aussie left tena
McCarthy, MonicaHT3Apr 1985 – Dec 21, 1988i really enjoyed my time on the boone htc bello is a true friend, all of yall were great thx for the memories
Webber, RandallFTM1/FCC(SW)Apr 3, 1985 – Mar 7, 1989CF Mk 92 FCSRemember the "SKUNK"? the aussie officer? Dan Mineikhiem (FC1) and I used to drive him nuts!! and LT "Scooter" in CIC all the OS's use to go over by him and fart on him...I saw you guys do it! Great times in Gitmo and Lt Beaty you
Bruce, MichaelGSM3May 1985 – Dec 1986E-1Enjoyed my time in Mayport.
Mulvey, DaveLT.Jun 1985 – Aug 1986SupplyDepartmant head tour. Huge changes throughout the entire ship. One of the hilights of my career. For that matter, one of the highlights of my life.
Gillin, Peter profile iconLEUTJun 1985 – Dec 1986OrdnanceI very much enjoyed my exchange with the crew of USS Boone. Sometimes a bit of an eye opener with different perceptions. I also want to know what happened to my cruise book. I wish my best to my shipmates.
Beamon, RobertBMSNJun 12, 1985 – Dec 10, 1986boats
Exford, ChristopherRM3Jul 1985 – Nov 1988SC2Had a great time oboard this ship Learned alot from Rm1 Hatch made some great friends tk hall, morales, newhart just to name a few will always remember the days aboard the boone
Garvey, JamesGSE2Jul 1985 – Jun 19, 1989E1
Parker, Michael "Mike"OS2Aug 1985 – Dec 1988CS-1I'd never have guessed I'd look back on those years as some of the best of my life. But, they were! Webber, Drake, Dougie "Fresh", Burgess, Bailey and all the rest. I'd love to hear from you guys. God I wish I was sailing agai
Cullen, KevinMSSNAug 1985 – 1988Supply S-2I had a great time on-board the ship. It would have been better for me if I would have had a mentor to guild me along the way… I still remember faces and what people liked and disliked (FOOD) DK2 liked five egg white ome
Stewart, JohnFC1Aug 1, 1985 – Aug 1, 1987CS-3Great memories with Gnarly, Randy Webber, Dan Menikheim, and many more. Lots of fun giving our resident Aussie a hard time! Remember the "Copa, Copacabooner--Where there's never time for a nooner!"
Grose, RobEN3Sep 1985 – Apr 1988E3
Grose, RobEN3Sep 1985 – Apr 1988E3E-mail address What a time, best engineering crew ever.
Van Deusen, JeffGSMC (SW)Oct 1985 – Dec 1986Honorably served in the Engineering Dept with some of the finest the USN ever had.
Sorrell, TonyBM3Dec 26, 1985 – Sep 27, 1987deck
Spiller, EdwardQM31986 – 1989Operations
Doane, Charles (Gene)ET2Jan 10, 1986 – Mar 1, 1989CS-4Went through the SLEP in New Orleans. Never figured Sea Duty would include being in New Orleans for a Mardi Gras. Did the Persian Gulf Cruise of 1-86 as the comm tech with Highstreet, Polingo, Bowersox and Ken Wing in CS-4. Pretty good tech team.
Kirkland, GlenBM2Feb 7, 1986 – Jan 15, 1988Deck
Elijah, KeithEW3Mar 28, 1986 – Oct 17, 1987CS01Great first boat! Great trip to the Caribbean, 4 mos of Island Hopping! Miss that!!!
Bowden, Josephgmg2Jul 15, 1986 – Feb 13, 1989Deck, then Gunner's Mate. Tim Cambell, Doane , Kirland ,Morales Hall. The 4 horsemen. Still miss Harvey and Pete Smith. Beamon, Dickey Peacock, Keckler & Dave . Senior Chief Ward, Chief Orr
Bean, John E. Jr.RM2Oct 1986 – Apr 1989OCO2
Kenney, JohnTM3Oct 1986 – Jan 1990
Billesbach, Joestg2Oct 1986 – Nov 1990cs-2

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