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USS Gallery (FFG 26) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Gallery (FFG 26). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 213 crew members registered for the USS Gallery (FFG 26).

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Campbell, Dale0000 –Served aboard in the early 90s
McCoy, Timothy profile iconGSM1/GSMC (sw)1980 – 1984EngineringThis had to be the best ship in the U.S. Navy, the best crew i ever served with in my 20 yrs 2 months and 22 days of service. This the command that made me a CWO3, it wasnt me that did it, it was my shipmates that did.
Nostrud, LonnieSK2 (SW) Jun 1980 – May 1983S-1PLANKOWNER Excellent experience developing people skills. Worked with outstanding folks that taught me a great deal.
Bennett, Grayling (Radar)ET2Oct 8, 1980 – Dec 12, 1983ElectronicsPlankholder. First and only air search radar technician for two years.
Shinholser, BillLTJG1981 – 1983Plank Owner
Hawkins, Rodney (Hawk)STG 21981 – Dec 27, 1984PLANKOWNER
Carpenter, ThomasSH11981 – 1985supply
Leary, BillLT1981 –A lot of question marks on this questionnaire. Notice to know your still still out there.
Schneider, MarkSH1981 –supplyplankowner-anyone remember me
Meulemans, TerryBM31981 – 1985DeckPLANKOWNER
Martin, Charlesoscs1981 – Dec 31, 1983Operations
Maher, TimothyET21981 – 1983CS-4Plankowner
Travis, RandyOS3/2Feb 1981 – Feb 1985CSFantastic Ship. one of my favorites. Commissioning crew. Lots of great friends and memories
Thagard, MikeySKCS (SW)Mar 10, 1981 – Dec 5, 1984S-1Plankowner, best tour of duty in 20 years. Cried the day I was piped ashore.
Lovesky, TedE6Apr 1981 – Jan 1983Combat SystemsI only wish I had reenlisted. Looking back it was probably the best time of my life!
Schrader, LeonardFC2(SW)May 1981 – Nov 1, 1982CSPlankowner. Dan Thompson and I were the first FC's to report to the ship in Bath, ME. Great times in Pre-Com Bath, MSL-EX Rosie Rhodes and PSA Bath.
Miller, BrianSK3Jun 1, 1981 –SUPPLYI had a great boss SKCS Thagard to work for. That was the best crew I served with in my 20 years of service!
Nemmers, SteveET1Jul 1981 – Jan 1983CS4Plankowner Good memories, lot of work, lot of fun. One of my daughters was Baptized onboard the ship while in Mayport in April of 1982
Stefanovic, Radenko (Randy & Denko)LT (COMM OFFICER, CMS & SHIPBOARD INTEL OFFICER)Jul 1, 1981 – Oct 31, 1984Communications (Precom Crew)I am a proud PLANKOWNER. This was the best ship in the US Navy with the best crew. I have life long friends that I developed that I still communicate with even now in my 50's. I grew up on this ship and learned life lessons.
Lynch, MichaelEN2Jul 20, 1981 – Oct 1, 1984E-2Plankowner A great time in my life, that I look back on with fondness. Good friends, good times.
Colvin, StephenMR1Jul 31, 1981 – Apr 18, 1983E-2PLANK OWNER The best crew I have ever worked and sailed with.
Yarabinec, Dan / YarboEM2Aug 1981 – Jul 1984ENGINEERSPLANKOWNER It was the best of times and the worst of times but like they say you only remember the best
Mitchell, Joseph M. Jr.QM2 (ESWS)Aug 5, 1981 – Jun 10, 1984O1Plank Owner. In to get ESWS Current Lic./ Chief Mate(unlimited)Merchant Marine Work on U.S. Dredge Wheeler,US Army Corps Of Enginners.(since 1984!)
Post, JoeQM3Aug 15, 1981 – Jun 15, 1983
Britt, MichaelPNCSep 4, 1981 – Jan 15, 1985AdminServed and Personnel officer and X1JV phone talker on the bridge for all shipwide events.
Britt, MichaelPNCOct 1, 1981 – Apr 15, 1985SupplyRmember all the good and bad times. Especially the first day we pulled out of Bath, ME and headed to sea and Mayport, FL.
Niedhammer, GeorgeOSSR-OS2Nov 10, 1981 – May 25, 1986CS1Plank Owner. Just like Davy I'm still in the Navy and probally will be for life. 2004 Norfolk Naval Station, LDO working for the CO. Never forget the "Shooting Gallery"
Ortega, Humberto (Bert) OrtegaE-5Nov 25, 1981 – Jun 11, 1984Support division s-2Hello everyone
Martin, CharlesOSCS (SW)Dec 1981 – Dec 31, 1983ops Plank Owner and Retired from U.S. Navy aboard Gallery
Scott, NormCAPTAINDec 1981 – Feb 1984Commisioning Commanding Officer.Best Shipmates in the U.S. Navy on board USS Gallery.
Federici, LuigiGMM2Dec 1981 – Nov 1984GALLERY was a good ship and it set my path for my life in the Navy. I am CWO3 with over 26 years of service and hope to make it to 30 years.
Clark, MarkSM1(SW)Dec 1981 – Jan 1987OC PlankownerHowdy boys, Good to see everyone is doing great. I retired in 1994 drive a big truck and live in Ohio. I was the next to last plankowner to leave. Commissioning sure was a cold day! I was glad to see 30 knot Scott is with us, great CO! Hi Mike T
Kellems, TerryFTM3Dec 1981 – Mar 1983PLANKOWNER- From Precom to the day I left I will never forget the times and crew of the GALLERY. I am proud to be a Plankowner and to have re-enlisted on board while at sea. I miss you guys and would like to hear from you.
Strange, CarlGSM2Dec 4, 1981 – Jul 1, 1984E-1The best times of my life. Guided me to my present profession. Great friends and good times.
Pragg, Robert WayneMS3Dec 5, 1981 – Jul 15, 1985SupplyPlankowner
Brett, CharlieFCCM(SW)Dec 5, 1981 – Dec 5, 1984CSPlank Owner. By far the best ship, crew and officers of any ship afloat. I proudly served as the Commissioning Command Senior Chief and senior chief of combat systems. I can truly say it was my most enjoyable tour of duty.
Cromer, JesseHTC(SW)Dec 5, 1981 – Aug 15, 1984E-2Plankowner Best crew ever Back in New York
Hammontree, CurtisEM3Dec 5, 1981 – Jun 15, 1982Plankowner
Thompson, DougICC (SS/SW)1982 –E-3Hey: I kind of miss the 'Shooting Gallery'
Lashley, Steve (Flint)HT21982 –Engineering
Doyle, AnthonyE-51982 – 1984OS
Slagle, TimOS 2Jan 1, 1982 – Mar 15, 1984OIWould like to hear from old shipmates.
Beaulieu, Robert ( Blue )EN 3Apr 1982 – Feb 1986EngineeringWould not have missed it for the world. Friends and life's lessons.
Canavarro, TimEM3Jul 31, 1982 – Mar 1984Will the Moe Heads ever play again...Let's hope not. Remeber Bahrain? I'm in Reno now....look me up or send a Hello anytime.
Burke, Richard (Rick)HT3Sep 1982 – 1983RepairLeft Gallery FFG-26 due to another broke leg
Adkins, JackOS2Oct 1982 – Jun 1985Ops
Myers, Jim profile iconFTM2Oct 1982 – Aug 1984CS-3Sea Trials, Gitmo (twice), Med cruise, Multinational Peace Keeping Force, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Equatorial Line (Shellback), The "Shooting Gallery" was the best!! Thank you shipmates.
Marsico, MikeOS3Oct 3, 1982 – Oct 10, 1983
Patrick, Curry-- Kidd CurrySTGOct 15, 1982 – Aug 15, 19854THyo yo Rat Hollar Back,,,,,who can remember 3 months of roast beef,,,,,,,im just starting to eat it again,,,,,

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1982 | 1983 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – now

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