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USS Jack Williams (FFG 24) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jack Williams (FFG 24). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 227 crew members registered for the USS Jack Williams (FFG 24).

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Jeffrey, SamGMM21980 – 1986CS-3Good times on the ole Happy Jack
Dail, LeeFTM1Jan 16, 1980 – Apr 3, 1985CSARKIE was haze gray and underway and we started her off great! On the rag poem (classic), Coast of Beruit (tragic), Torp on the pier (Hmm), Fair Winds and Following Seas Shipmatates
Parker, DavidSN3May 4, 1980 – Feb 4, 1984DeckPlankowners rule
Parker, DavidBOATSWAINSMATEMay 8, 1980 – Feb 4, 1984Deck
Hangaard, MikeSTG11981 – 1984CS2Win the Battle E one day and shoot a torp on the pier the next! Arnie and Boemke what a pair!
Baublitz, RandyEN21981 – 1984EngineeringWow, been awhile. All the mid watches, in the yards at Bath, Med in 82-83, Tromso, Gitmo, Blue nose, got a pic with alvin meadows. I remember Lee, Gardner, wilcox, OB, Pink, Senior Chief Sears, Barry, Patterson & more.
Baublitz, Randyen21981 –engineering
Grabb, ClaytonQM21981 – Mar 1984SC1Great ship and great shipmates.
Thompson, Larry "bulkhead"FTM1/FTM2Jan 1981 – Jun 1985CS-3Hello all. This a a very good list of early "Arkie" sailors. I laughed when I read the comments. I guess there were some good times. I recall a lot of bitchin', especially from me. It must be true "A happy sailor is a bitchin&
Jones, AllanLCDRJan 1981 – Jul 1984ENGI was the commissioning chief engineer. Greatest bunch of guys ever to serve with and know.
Pettingill, AlEM3Jan 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985EngineeringRemember This one? The XO went down to Gitmo he was looking for an ass to chew, he was on the rag cause he found a bag and he was ready to bust the crew... Carry on the poem if your a true Plankowner.
Burson, Bobby LeeEM3Jan 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985EngineeringWhere are you bugger heads at Got any Cheese Ha Ha Al where are you has anyone heard from the old gang contact me
Crawford, MarkLTApr 1981 – Nov 1983SupplyBest Wardroom and CO in the Navy. The men in my Department were outstanding Sailors who excelled at everything they did.
Kissam, CharlieICFNApr 11, 1981 – Oct 17, 1982Combat Systems
Gates, DarrellE3/YNMay 1981 – Jan 21, 1984Worked in office with PO Carroll, Yanchune, Elster. From Jackson Mississippi. You probaly remember me as Brown and Gates from Mississippi. Hoping to connect with old mates. Remember blizzard in Maine in 1982 when ship returned to yard.
Collins, Noel "dudley"SNMay 1981 – Apr 1982deckI was deck seaman with Darrell Gates, Zelous Brown, Wendell Sanders, just to name a few. I left just before the Med cruise to attend DP A School. had some good times.
Beck, JamesBM2Jun 3, 1981 – Jan 5, 1985SC-3its not the years, its the miles!
Natalie, RobertE-5/SH2Jun 15, 1981 – Dec 24, 1986S-3Plank owner looking for a decom book for the Jack Williams FFG-24, can anyone help me? Thanks for any assisitance you can give.
Jeffrey, SamGMM2Aug 11, 1981 – 1986CS-3Had some good and bad times on that ship, all in all it was a great five years. Do not remember the year, but in getmo we took out a target boat because someone forgot to set the mil offset, oops!
Smithson, CliffET3/ET2Sep 1981 – Dec 1984CS4Plankowner. Rode the bus from Norfolk. We ran out of liquor before crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. Yes, I remember "He was on the rag, 'cause he'd found a bag". I missed Ocho Rios due to those lyrics. Ross, Rex, Jon...Salud.
Goff, GregBM2Sep 1981 – 1985Just started talking to jack obrien last year, would love to talk to more people
Lee), Robert L Burson (BobbyEM-3Sep 19, 1981 – Feb 1, 1984EngineeringI know there are some plank owners out their list your name so we can talk.We were young and dumb but I would like to hear how you knuckleheads turned out
Dubose, KcEW1Sep 19, 1981 – Oct 10, 1986CS-1The first EW, actually when I reported we didn't have any gear it didn't get install for another 6 months back in Bath
Fryer, DonaldBM1Sep 19, 1981 – 1983OCo1
Williams, Robert (Tennessee)SNSep 19, 1981 – Dec 23, 1982deck BMAny plank owners e-mail me at I talk to Mark Chalmers all the time he is like a brother to me lets chat and may be get together some time
Pink, William profile iconENCSep 19, 1981 – Oct 1986Engineering "A"I was part of the commissioning crew. I was involved with the ship when it was being built in Bath Maine before commissioning.
Craig, FrazierHT2Sep 19, 1981 – Sep 1984E2
Phillips, RipOS2Dec 27, 1981 – Jun 8, 1986Combat SystemsNot an original plankowner--but i remember the Gitmo poem. I also have the highly classified cruise log that we kept on our second Med crusie. Contact me at
Lee, Richard [ricky]EN21982 – 1985engineering i was the cdd, sio, and saj man. mark gardner where are you? contact me through this site.
Santisteban, Felix, Aka SantiGSE1Feb 1, 1982 – Nov 30, 1984EM01
Kenney, ValEW2Feb 11, 1982 – Feb 11, 1985CS1Have a number of great memories from the "Happy Jack". Touring the Holyland after porting in Haifa, Israel. Also the port call in Italy. The three trips to GITMO. Med, North Atlantic and Banana OPS cruise. Always remember "Whatever It T
Richards, Edward (Ed)GSE1Mar 10, 1982 – Oct 10, 1984E1We were the test platfoem for everything the Navy wanted to TRY on the FFG's Haze Gray and Underway. Members of the Happy Jack. Myself and my friend, Brian (MR2) left in 84 to go to the Army Warrant Program
Butts, EdLTJGApr 1982 – Aug 1984CSJoined ship in Bath. Former enlisted JO - wrote Familygram for first deployments - the Persian Gulf and Med in the summer and the Baltic that winter! Helped win the Battle E ! Stayed in Reserves, in Public Affairs. Retired - LCDR in 2001
Patterson, CharlesE6/BM1May 1982 – Mar 15, 19851ST
Germer, MooseBM 3May 7, 1982 – Aug 4, 1984SC 3Had way to much fun on the Happy Jack hangin with the likes of Stumpy, Mate, Finkle, Chalmers and of Course Marty, the guy who kept kidnapping Lumber Dog
Elliott, MikeSK3May 16, 1982 – Jun 6, 1984Supply
Gardner, MarkEN3May 20, 1982 – Nov 14, 1984engineeringStanding watch night after night in Aux 3 making water in the Persian Gulf. Hanging out with all the Tennessee boys. Anybody remember me, give me a shout. I've got some good pictures to send.
Quigley, Martin "Jake The Snake"HT2 E5Jun 1982 – Sep 1984R
Mahal, ThomasEN3/E-4Aug 18, 1982 – Jul 18, 1986EngineeringJust looking for the old Crew especially my Pyro bros HAHAHA! Lets talk Engineers!!!
Baxter, ScottSM2Sep 13, 1982 – Sep 5, 1986sc Gitmo twice, shellback, bluenose; retired last year as an SMC in the reerves(ho would have believed?!) All that crap don't matte, had some good buddies aboard; Doug Johnson, Bleakney, Lutes, BB(WHERE RE YOU BROTHER?!) Glen Liebesperger
O'Brien, JackBOATSWAINSMATE E-4Oct 1982 – Oct 1985Ship ControlI will never forget the good times with Greg Goeff, James Beck, The Moose Germer, and the Rat Swartz, James Truesdale, Senior Chief Danforth.
Zgola, MarcET 2Nov 1, 1982 – Nov 28, 1986CS 4Who could forget the good and bad times on the Arkie, way too many memories to list. drop me a message if anyone remembers me. Best to all.
Adams, Tim SlimSK2/SK1(SW)RETNov 17, 1982 – Aug 5, 1986S-1Hey guy's drop me a line I would love to here from any of you.
Hansen, DavidFTG2Dec 29, 1982 – Mar 24, 1985CSFrom Blue Nose to Beiruit ,some times were fun and some were tradgic. Does anyone remember Christmas in the Gulf of Hondrous or Tromso Norway? Hi Blukhead, Opie, and Lee!!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1982 | 1983 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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