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Tophatters (VF 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Tophatters (VF 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 62 crew members registered for the Tophatters (VF 14).

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Brandel, EddieAN1954 – Aug 28, 1958
White, Bill (Whitey)YN3Apr 15, 1955 – Mar 22, 1956Cdrs Roach & Leach were skippers. Also Lt Ed Feeks.Ens J R Barnes who died in plane crash near Miami. Eddie Brandel & Lyle Tupper. Many good times at Cecil Field.
Ploegstra, Andyat21956 – 1959spent time at cecil fld, forrestal and pt mugu
Hardesty, DonAOANJan 1956 – Dec 1957Joined squadron at Cecil Field, Fl. Worked for AOC Nick Galatano in Ord Shack. Made 1st Med Cruise on Forrestal in 57. Also Operation Strikeback in North Atlantic. Visited Scotland and England.Transfered to North Island, San Diego in Jan, 58
Donaldson, LynnYNSNDec 28, 1957 – Jun 20, 1958I worked in the office for PN1 named Draper. We had a pilot who was not old enough to buy beer. Lt. Childs was the Personnel Officer. My best buddy was "Pappy" from North Carolina. Other friends "Lant" & Loudermilk
Beck, RobertAT2Jul 1961 – Jul 1964Made 2 1/2 Med cruises. Began with F3 Demons and upgraded to the best A/C built, F4 phantom. From worst to best.
Kirshbaum, Stan (Kirsh)ATN2Oct 1961 – Apr 11, 1964
Melligan, Ed (Butch)pnsnJan 15, 1962 – Aug 1963
Wiggins, Macams-3rd classMay 15, 1962 – Aug 15, 1965Good Times and bad. Loved the We lost a screw,a few planes and some damn good pilots.Worked flight deck first cruise them made it to the shop ;-) Enjoyed it. I grew up in a hurry !!
McGough, BillE-3Jul 1, 1962 – Apr 18, 1965
Lamphire, Louis (Mike)PN3,2Dec 18, 1962 – Apr 23, 1964
Merrill, Benjamin (Ben)PH3Feb 26, 1963 – Feb 10, 1967
Conroy, JimAQF-21964 – 1966Did two Med Cruises on the FDR. Commander Savage was the CO and he was a good guy. We did lose a screw in the Med and we had to return to NJ for dry dock. That's where I met my wife. It was the best!
Dotson, MarvinAMS2Apr 1967 – Feb 27, 1970
Holte, Davide4Mar 20, 1968 – Jan 12, 1971sheet metal shop Made the first med cruise 68 then next on in 70. Got out in 1971 and worked on C 130s for the next 25 yrs. mn air national guard Great life . I can still rember the first that i smelled jet exhaust
Kirchinger, EdAN1969 – 1970first shake down,and first med cruise on J F K
Hunter, T.v.AOAN1970 – 1973Just feeling kind of old at the moment. That happens when you were on the newest carrier in the fleet and now it's been decommed. Are there any "old salts" left from that era?
Jensen, DoyleAQ2Jan 1, 1970 – Dec 1, 1971
Vaupel, ErnestPO3Apr 1970 – May 1971Assigned to VF14 Powerplants
Mize, TravisAMS11971 – 1972I was TAD to AIMD as night shift supervisor and AMS1 Cliff Barnes was the dayshift supervisor . I repaired the rudder that the russian bear crunched on VF14's F4
Clodfelter, TomAMS 21972 – 1976Started with F-4 phantom aircraft. Trained at Miramar California for F-14 Tomcats. Made two Mediterranean cruises . Stationed at Oceana Virginia when not out to sea ! We kept the Fighters flying .
Gist, EmanuelE2Mar 30, 1972 – Apr 30, 1975USS John F. Kennedy CV67
Thibault, Louis Ge4Feb 1, 1973 – Aug 8, 1976
Oaks, FreddieAMH2Apr 5, 1973 – Dec 17, 1976it was along time ago but we had one helluva time
Shumaker, RobertAQ2Jun 1973 – Jun 1977
Kienlen, AlexADJ2Sep 11, 1973 – Sep 11, 1977Worked Flight Deck troubleshooter for one Med and the N. Atlantic cruise, then in the engine shop. Also served shore patrol in North Atlantic and second Me cruise
Vantassel, Robert (Vt)AMH-3May 5, 1974 – Jan 15, 1977This site is a trip
Bybee, GaryAMS2Sep 1974 – Nov 1976What a ride it was.
Scioli, MikeYN2Nov 1974 – Apr 1978Got to VF-14 just as the F-14 arrived. What a great 4 yrs. Loved working in Admin with all the other crazy YNs & PNs. I remember them all - especially Dave Chivalette, whom we lost in the Belknap collision.
Parks, BillAO3Apr 1976 – Jun 1979Worked AO Shop.
Lassiter, John/budae31977 – 1979
Doran, Jim "Gunner"CWO3May 3, 1978 – Oct 28, 1979Am in touch with Jack Dantone who was XO/CO during my tour
Zook, RandyAD2Sep 1978 – Jun 1982Those were the good old days. I miss those "dog meat" sandwiches on the pier in Naples. Met some great people and saw the world on the 80-81 Med cruise. Miss my old buddy Tom Shields.
Vans, TonyVF-141979 – 1981Getting to see Europe was certainly worth 4 years of hell.
Burgess, Robert profile icone-3 AME1979 – 1982Good times, good friends! Made opsail '80 to Boston (Tall Ships), and all workups and Med curise. Miss MCPO Sinnet and Lt. Wildfong
Shepard, SteveAQ21979 – Oct 31, 1981IWT Shop (AQ's and AT's). F-14 Tomcat Troubleshooter and Final Checker. Miss the action of the flight deck and seeing the world.
Homans, ShawnAE3Mar 15, 1979 – Mar 15, 1983My first command on board the USS John F Kennedy (CV-67) I can be contacted on facebook. If you remember me come say hi! Or just email me at
Mestre, Hector L.Ms2/Ms1Dec 1979 – Jun 1981Advancement to MS1/first meritorius advancement by the Squadron for non aviation on unit.Cruise s On The Uss John F. Kennedy and Sigonella Det. and Uss Independance.Also worked at BOQ at NAS Oceana,VA.Made many friends,
Balbach, LarryYNSN - YN31980 – 1983Tophatters - any time baby
Payne, Sam profile iconAT21981 – 1984
Holland, RichardPN2Mar 1981 – Sep 1982

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