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USS John A. Moore (FFG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John A. Moore (FFG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 293 crew members registered for the USS John A. Moore (FFG 19).

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Clark, JohnEM1(SW)1994 – 1997E DivE Div LPO. Worked for the best sailors in the NAVY.
Schinker, MarkGSM11994 – 1998mGood Ship, Good Crew. Lots of work but Lots of fun in the many ports we visited
Whittington, JoeEMCApr 1994 – Jan 1999EGreat ship and crew. Met lots of great professional officers, chiefs and sailors.
West, LouisEW2(SW)May 1, 1994 – Dec 30, 1998OI/OZ
Lacross, MikeQM2May 17, 1994 – Nov 10, 2000DeckGreatest time of my life. The Jammin Jonny was the best FFG in San Dog
Long, AndrewRM1Jun 15, 1994 – Jan 15, 1995Served for a short period of time as a Reserve Augment. Came back numerous times as a ATG Observer.
Madrigal, DinoE-6/GSE1Jul 2, 1994 – May 4, 1999EM01Enjoyed my time on the Moore. Learned alot, met alot of people, saw alot of things, and countries. NEVER GIVE IN
Cote, Jason "Stan"E-3Aug 15, 1994 – Aug 8, 1995decklike almost everyone else i had some great fun on board she short time i was there like the first day of our carat 95 cruise in 20 foot swells . keep in touch !
Helms, Anthony (Tony)ET21995 –CEI spent 4 years and 19 days on the Jammin Johny. Had a great time on all those drug ops down south.
Rennie, BruceET21995 – 1998CEGreat Ship and even greater crew.
Fuller, Griffith EvanMS3Jan 3, 1995 – Jan 3, 1999S-2We JAM-Men, the greatest crew ever. Next Com=Command Naval Forces Korea Det119.
Mellen, ChuckFCCMar 1, 1995 – Mar 15, 1999Combat Systems FCsGreat crew! Lots of good memories. Made FCC while onboard. Thanks to all who help me get there.
Nemmers, MattPN3(SW)Apr 25, 1995 – Nov 14, 1997NXHad a blast on the Jammin' Johnny. (CARAT 95 rocked.) Hope all my former shipmates are doing well. Still in, serving on NAS JRB Fort Worth (as of 22 June 2005), so if any of y'all are in the DFW area, look me up!!
Deering, TimOSCMay 1, 1995 – Dec 5, 1999OIFun Ship..finally made Chief there!!!
Robinson, JuliusMS2Aug 1995 – Oct 28, 1998S-2Sure sucked to be underway NINE months a year. Had some good times aboard her. Shouts of to everyone that served in S-2, except Fat Assed MSC Walters (what a jerk)
Parks, Jim /sk1SK1Aug 2, 1995 – Aug 31, 1997SupplyAny body know how to get ahold of my old Suppo? Dane Denman, probably a Captain by now. Or SK1 Frank Curras.
Watson, BoEW2 (SW)Sep 1995 – Jul 6, 2000OI/OZ/CSI have been on shore duty since I got off the JAM and will be the rest of my life. I hate deployments, but I did get drunk a lot.(mostly in Panama). Thanks for the good times.
Ferencz, BryanMS2Sep 1, 1995 – Apr 3, 1999S2Will never forget the friends I made and the good times I had with my fellow shipmates. Hope everyone is fine and doing well. Never forget the fun times we had togeather especialy my fellow MS'S.
Cerny, MikeQM2Sep 20, 1995 – Sep 20, 1997Nav/AdminAt the time it was the longest two years of my life; looking back it went by in a flash. I learned a lot and moved on, and had a fair amount of fun in the process. Drop me a line at
Zakhem, CharlesLTJGNov 29, 1995 – Oct 17, 1997CSSome of the best times - In the Army now heading over to Iraq (again). Everybody take care!
Trump, LexEMFNMay 1996 – May 2000E
Harris, MichaelDC2Jun 1996 – Dec 1999Hi all JAM guys. that way the best time of my life. some good and some bad! repair div. was the best! you all might not liked it but we got it done!!!!! THANKS TO ALL! were is cwo2 Blasdale?
Widtfeldt, Mark (Cheng)LT/LCDRJun 1996 – Jun 1998EngineeringGood crew, great Engineers, best CO (Joe Martin).
Widtfeldt, Mark (The Bear)LCDR/CHENGJun 28, 1996 – Jun 15, 1998EngineeringThe hardest, yet the most rewarding job I ever had in the Navy. And the best bunch of engineers I've ever worked with. Thanks for keeping the screws turning, despite the gremlins during the Panama trip. I'll never forget you guys.
Black, Angry DaveMR 2 (SW)Jul 14, 1996 – Dec 12, 1999REPAIRTwo "Southpacs" 21st B-day in Aruba, Columbia, Equador volleyball champions, lots of Rodman-Panama. too many 18 hour days to remember as the ships best machinist. Too all the gunners mates "Sorry I shot the M-60 better than you! I've g
Ward, Freddie LeeSMSN(SW)Dec 24, 1996 – Jan 3, 1999NAVHad my best tour and the Jammin Johnny setting law enforcement phases all through the night anyways im currently still in serving in the might el centro as a AO1 at the munitions command
Balga, Disco Duck, Scuba SteveSM/E-1Dec 31, 1996 – Sep 1, 2000QMWas one of the many E-3's at the time to get my ESWS pin!! Now im on the Uss San Antonio (LPD-17) as an OS2. Can't forget those steel beach picnics, awsome! Leaving Panama for the last time and playing Welcome to the Jungle by G~N~R on the 1MC!
York, ChristopherEN31997 – Oct 2000Aux
Porter, ReynoldPN1(SW)1997 – 1999Admin/PersFantastic crew, friends. hope all shipmates are well and remember the time of our lives before decom. Thanks for memories. (Christian/PN), Shout to all RMs,MSs and great Enlisted/Officers. Hoopers (shout out).
Vu, TuyenGSM2Jan 1997 – Sep 2000M
Lagreca, Anthony (Doc)HMCSMay 18, 1997 – Apr 3, 2000Admin-MedicalI had a great time. Best time was during the deployments and a made a bunch of friends.
Martin, JoeCDRJul 1997 – Jul 1999COGreat ship and the best people that I have ever worked with!
Register, Scott (Reg)FC2Sep 1997 – Aug 2000CMBest damned Frigate in the Fleet! the Combat Mafia was not to be messed with! Too many memories to list...drop me a line y'all!
Pascua, VirgilioHR - HM2(SW)Sep 1, 1997 – Sep 2000NAVADMINMy very first permanent duty station! checked in as an E-1 (HR) and checked out as an HM2(SW). Best ship I've ever served on. Still AD and been in and out of Iraq with the Marines.
Nilesh, ChristianPN2(SW)Sep 15, 1997 – Feb 28, 2000AdminI was lucky enough to serve on board.
Lipscomb, ChristopherGM1Oct 1997 – Sep 2000CMGreat Ship and Crew. CM division ruled the Football field! Combat Systems was Number 1. Responsible for Raising GM1 Finch's Blood pressure! Stay Out of Su[pply!
Warda, SargonE5 BM2Nov 5, 1997 – Sep 8, 2000od deck div.Awesome crew plenty of awesome memories, loved hanging out on liberty with everyone. RIP BM1 Maynard look me up guys
Morales, LuisEN2Nov 12, 1997 –A-Gang
Hunt, ChrisIT2Nov 27, 1997 – Mar 29, 2000ITboy o boy great ship great was the life but moved on and left it behind.. Yo Cohen, lusain, valencia, hit me up..

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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