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USS Estocin (FFG 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Estocin (FFG 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 342 crew members registered for the USS Estocin (FFG 15).

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Raymor, BrianET31994 – Aug 4, 1998Combat SystemLeft after 4 years onboard and moved back to my home state of MI where I now work as a Computer Network Administrator for the State of Michigan
Currier, RobertET11994 – Oct 31, 1995
Godfrey, ChrisLT1994 – 1996Combat SYS OFFExercise Northern Lights - Unreping at night during a storm in the North Sea - Going into Iceland - 1st USN ship in 50 years to pull into Belfast, Ireland! And some times the guns worked too ;-)
Gehr, JasonFR TO EM3Feb 1994 – Jan 1998A and EGreat Lakes cruise was the greatest, OPPE was not
Thomas, JohnathanET2Feb 26, 1994 – Jan 6, 1998CSGreat Ship, better crew. Many years of good friends, good times, and good booze. We defintely made our mark.
Gillespie, LarryEW2Mar 1994 – Oct 12, 1998CS2a former crew mate of Cellblock-15. It was a pain in the rear at times but it was a lot of fun too.
Burch, AlfredCS2May 15, 1994 – Apr 10, 1997SupplyCS2 here. Shell-Backs, What's up! GREAT LAKES! You know it had to be good. Mike, are you still playing that Alto? Currently Deputy Director, Budget & Finance, Dept. Vet. Affairs. Do u Remember us hitting the tanker?
Hix, ChrisIC2Jun 1, 1994 – Oct 26, 706-226-9546
Hanke, Steven/steveFC2Aug 15, 1994 – Sep 15, 1998CSGood Times. Still live in Virginia Beach.
Jones, Richard/rick profile iconOS2Sep 1994 – Mar 1997OIOne of the best commands that I've served on during my career
Taylor, RonnellSNNov 1994 – Aug 8, 1996Deck
Maschmeyer, Scott "mash"MR21995 – 1998EngineeringEmail
Endy, MarkSNJan 1995 – Dec 1997Deck, MedicalANy old crew mates look me up, still in Virginia, no longer in service, Magnotta, sorry I broke your beer bottle in Panama and made your lip bleed!
Garrett, DavidOS2Jan 1, 1995 – May 1, 1997OperationsThere were a lot of good memories made while serving aboard the Estocin. From my first port call in RoseyRoads Puerto-Rico to Halifax Nova Scotia. I owe many a thanks to her and her crew for those valuable first lessons of the real salty life.
Johnson, CliffLTC USAFMar 15, 1995 – Mar 30, 1996Serve three tours on ship..Outstanding ship & crew God bless the ship and her crew
Rodriguez, RubenSTG2Apr 16, 1995 – May 5, 1999cs3i had a great time serving with everyone.
Roberts, DexterSTG3/PH3Apr 22, 1995 – Jul 25, 1998CS3/Combat SystemsGot out of the Navy in 1998 as a STG3. Reenlisted in the Navy in 2001 as a PHAN. Stationed at NAS JAX, Florida
Schrader, LeonardFCC(SW)May 25, 1995 – Aug 15, 1996CSHad some great sailors onboard! I had two outstanding C.O.'s while I was there!
Townsend, Sam profile iconPN1(SW)Jun 1, 1995 – Jun 1, 1998PERSONNEL/ADMINwhats up Estocin shipmates, it is good to speak to all of you..I was the PN1 who ran the personnel office..I also became ESWS qualified.Do anyone remember the helicopter crash onboard ship with HSL 32?
Hansen, RowdyFC3Oct 1995 – Nov 1996FOX
Floyd, ChrisSN / EW3Nov 1995 – Sep 1998OT03 / CS02Some definite memories!
Collins, ChrisLT1996 – 1998Engineering
Beagling, DennisDCFNJan 1996 –Eng
Carter, HoraceHMCS(SW)Jan 7, 1996 – Apr 30, 1998H-Medical DepartmentLooking for HMC(SW) Lonnie Dinet.
Larochelle, GaryENS/LTJGJan 10, 1996 – May 10, 2000CS2Too much fun...first officer tour, loved standing OOD underway...great cruises (BALTOPS, CD-OPS, etc.). Great crew. Small ship with a bunch of characters...
Rosenberg, Mike/chief BoatsbmcFeb 14, 1996 – Oct 31, 1999first division deckStill sailing, but home everynight. see ya on the cape may/lewes ferry
Kasey, DarrickHM2Apr 6, 1996 – Aug 10, 1998MH01I had a great time and have some happy memories, especially Russia, I never made it off the pier and what a hangover.
Green, LeroyGES3May 14, 1996 – Mar 10, 1999EngineeringSome of the best of time and some of the worst of times. All in all great memories.
Toole, HenryFC3May 16, 1996 – Feb 15, 1998CombatAlthough my stay there was short I had a great time on the ship. Especially Balt-ops 97 and Puerto Rico. Kasey do you remember when Petite like to lose his arm. What about sleeping Silva. Johnson what about Copenhagen!
Carter, Horace "Doc"HMCS(SW)Jun 21, 1996 – Apr 30, 1998HHowdy shipmates!
Soskin, EvanQMCNov 1996 – Jul 2000NAVExtremely hard core crew...tough and got the job done. Always.
Neuman, JosephBM2Nov 1996 – Nov 2000Deck
Johnson, JermaineYN1(SW)Nov 15, 1996 – Jun 10, 2000OC03/XX01What's up fellow Estocinites! This is Jay. I had a blast during my tour onboard. Coley, Joey, Radford, Rayford, Q, Pretty Tony, OJ, Burgess, Hodge, DJ, Milt, Jack, Dis (Mr. Teasley), Matt, Coates, Decaman & Shelton, miss you guys!
Perez, RandyBM2Nov 22, 1996 – Aug 13, 1999Got out and came back in 2000 .Now a recruiter in San Antonio,TX.Whats up Jared,Joey,and Geno!!! Holla Back
Figueroa, EdSTG2/STGCDec 12, 1996 – Dec 15, 2000CS3Currently, STGCS, in NAVMAC, Millington, TN. Great times and accomplishments. God Bless.
Maye, Eugene "geno"SNDec 27, 1996 – Aug 29, 1999OPSJust found this site and I was so excited to see some old familiar names of the people i served with.
Greene, JaredQM3Jan 10, 1997 – Sep 25, 2000Deck/QuartermastersEvan Soskin, The best man I ever worked with. To memories and people I will never forget.
Southworth, LeviE-6Mar 1997 – Sep 2000ERO1Had a great time. Will remember these guys for ever.
Richard, Williams Jr.EWSAMar 1997 – Dec 1997Never will forget the times I had, and the friends I made, on the boat!
Armstrong, DaveSTGC(SW)Jul 1997 – Mar 2002CS03Tough crew, Great Leadership, Capable Tacticians, and a Strong CPO Mess. A Sailor's dream come true.
Hooker, Donald (Ray) profile iconE7/SKC(SW)Jul 1, 1997 – Oct 13, 2000SupplyIt is great to see some of the old crew I served with on this site.
Williams, DonaldEN3Sep 18, 1997 – Sep 18, 1999engineerhad a lot of fun leroy, tashon,geno,what up playas to all the other hatters that hated me come see about me
Banks, JasonGM2Oct 3, 1997 – Jul 10, 2000co
Tunstall, Robert "chip"SK1Dec 1, 1997 – Mar 15, 2002S-1Enjoyed my time on board with SKC Robert Byran, SKC Gunkel, SK1 Rivera, SK3 Laxa. Best tour in the Navy.
Burns, DanSH3 SWDec 25, 1997 – Dec 15, 2001SUPPLYGreat memories with lots of people. Hope all is well with everyone!! Anyone know how to reach Tashaun Anderson??

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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