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USS Estocin (FFG 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Estocin (FFG 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 342 crew members registered for the USS Estocin (FFG 15).

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Kowieski, MarkET21987 – 1990CS04/CS07Who would thought I survived drinking with McComas, Julian, Moran, Walker, Hicks, and Hathaway. Let alone the interdepartment breakdowns.
Rosemayer, Michael1987 – 1991
O'Bryan, DanGSE-31987 – 1990EngeneeringHey, everyone, I miss ya's ALL! Even those who grilled me. Too many freinds and good times to list. if U remember me... drop me a line and say HI! i'd LOVE to hear from everyone! U2 Smitty! danieltrobot@yahoo5183266009
Smith, Matthew/ SmittyE-5/EN2Jan 1987 – Aug 1990Engineering/EMO2Had a lot of good times and good friends.
Smith, Matthew/ SmittyE-5/EN2Jan 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990Engineering/EMO2Had a great time off duty (what i can remember of it) and made many good friends while aboard.
Healy, EdwinGSM3Jan 16, 1987 – Aug 10, 1988
Kohnen, Kenneth (Ken) profile iconSKC(SW)Feb 1987 – Oct 1989SupplyThis was an interesting tour. I feel it was a stepstone for making Senior Chief and it worked. Would love to hear from my old shipmates. Where is Wild Bill Andersen?
Vaught, AlbertGSE2Feb 15, 1987 – Aug 10, 1988EM04
Brown, WilliamOS2Apr 17, 1987 – Jun 22, 1990OIHad a pleasure working with my OI division comrades, minimum manning at it's best and wonderful port of calls in the Caribbean and of course Nova Scotia CA.
Brown, WilliamOS2Jun 12, 1987 – Apr 22, 1990OIGreat time, Remember the swim call in the carribean, all the fun times in Nova Scotia and that darn p-way the OS's had to keep clean and all the Good Yo brothers aboard, What a brothar Know.
Ollom, ThomasGMCS (SW)Sep 1987 – Dec 19903rd
Deavers, Raymond MEM2Oct 1987 – Apr 4, 1991EngineeringDon't miss the mid-watches or mid-rats!!
Morgan, RaynoldSNNov 15, 1987 – Aug 10, 19891st/deckGreat crew,enjoyed halifax and st croix
Morgan, RaynoldBMSNNov 17, 1987 – Aug 11, 19891stwonderful crew wonder where GM3 Sowell and the rest of 1st division are now .Goodluck And fair and following seas.
La Monda, StevenE-21988 – 1992DeckI loved my time onboard
Hicks, AndyETFeb 1988 – Feb 1991Hey Koweiski it's Hicks not Kicks. I think were the drinkinest crew members ever and from what I remember it was a blast. If McComas reads this.. I still have a scar from where that mean drunk sob gnawed a hole in my arm.
Carreiro, CoreyGMM3Mar 21, 1988 – Apr 24, 1992WEAPONSgreat ship...great crew...great complaints!!!!!!..any past crew, feel free to e-mail me
Enos, FredHMC(SW)Jun 1, 1988 – Feb 9, 1991Medical, Ops
Lamonda, Stevene3Jul 21, 1988 – Jul 21, 1991deck
Van Auken, JeffreySTG1Sep 1988 – Jan 1993CS03Great times! Caribbean, Great Lakes Cruises, and breakdowns. Bob, Matt, O'Brien, Troy, etc., hope all is well. Retired in 2014 as a LCDR at DIA.
Peddigree, ShawnE 3Dec 1, 1988 – Aug 8, 1990DeckGreat times..
Malloy, MikeIC11989 – 1991EngineeringFinished my Naval Reserve career on the Esstocin. Lots of good memories.
Leslie, David (Les)MS31989 – 1991supplyHad a lot of fun! chilton if ya see this give me an email.
Schenkel, JohnApr 1989 – Apr 1991SS02That was a some Great Lakes Cruise. I think I was drunk the whole time. Man we were never home. But it was fun now that I look back. Thanks to my shipmates.
Lorden, Chris (Scooter)e-4Apr 1989 – Jul 1992EM02
Ruiz, EdwardSH3Apr 16, 1989 – Apr 29, 1991SUPPLYmy memory is cloudy on the exact dates but how i miss those days so. i ran it all from vending machines to laundry. miss the good times on great lakes. hello to alll.
Williams, Don A.k.a. SheckyET3 PASSED ET2 BUT GOT OUTJul 1, 1989 – Jul 1, 1991Combat SystemsBreakdowns??? I had my fair share. Hathaway and his 16" guns.. Hicks... the sly little devil... Kowiski... well he tried anyway. As far as the drinkinest crew Andy... that only started after I got there.
Hathaway, RayGMCJul 20, 1989 – Jul 10, 1992CS3God's gift to women is going to retire from the Navy Reserve's July of 08 as a Chief!! Andy, Ski, Biff, Buzz, etc. you will not be forgotten!
Stark, BarryLCDRAug 1, 1989 – Apr 1991XOThe last of 6 sea toors and the best.
Eikermann, AndrewE-4Aug 15, 1989 – Aug 15, 1992Internal Communications If I had it to do over again, I would have made a lifetime of the Navy. I had the greatest times of my life on the Estocin.
Tilson, Henry profile iconGSM2/E-5Sep 1989 – Aug 1991E1/EMO6 Workcenterformer Command Oil King
Kelly, Shawnbm3Sep 1989 – Jan 1994deck
Chilton, JimSK2Sep 1, 1989 – Aug 10, 1992SupplyHad a great time with a lot of great people. Hey to all.
Schenkel, JohnMS1 (SW)Sep 1, 1989 – Oct 29, 1992SS02It was some rough duty but it was also very rewarding. That Great Lakes Cruise of 1991 was the best cruise I ever made in my 24 years of Naval service.
Kelly, Shawn MBM3Oct 1989 – Jan 24, 1994deckwas glad to leave the ship and rossman behind
Kizer, Donaldos3Oct 1989 – Sep 1992dco1
Gajes, GeofGSM1Oct 23, 1989 – Jul 7, 1992E-1Served as Oil King and EOOW. Had great experience specially the Great Lakes Cruise.
John, Andrewsk3 johnNov 11, 1989 – Jul 24, 1992deck/supplyi had a great time from 89-92!!! went from deck dept to supply. this is sn john@ whatsup deck/supply crew . great times'
Luketich, JohnGmg2Dec 27, 1989 – Nov 2, 1991Combat systemsLooking for Tim Rowe aka buzz an ed Clair an Doug Woodard aka woody
Chatters, RichardE-5/ FC1990 – 1995Combat/Weapons
Rudbart, LeeEW31990 – 1992
Felt, SteveE21990 – 1992SignalmanWas only on board for summer reserve training out of Philly but had some great experiences, Thanks.
Lorden, Chris (Scooter)EN31990 – 1992EM02Had some good times, I remember the oil king.
Baker, JackET21990 – 1993Combat SystemsSome of the wildest days of my life. The brotherhood is what sticks in my mind the most, plus all the trouble I got in. Shupert, Mazzanti, Bauer, Munch, Hathaway, Buzz, Jonesy, and Rudy, were all part of my wolfpack.
Halcomb, KenBM31990 – 1992Deck
Jones, Matt, Jonesy, Demon SpawnE4/STG3Jan 1990 – Mar 1992CSO320 years ago. unbelievable. Hello to Bob, Jeff, Matt, Bake, Deal, Rudy, G, Ray, Buzz, Ike, Kurt and all the others. Hope life is treating you well my friends.
Gebbia, JoeyRM3Jan 1, 1990 – Dec 15, 1992OPSKilled the Great Lakes in softball! Best port....Halifax, OMG, it was all true!!!! The missle fell in Deal!! Berthing Brawls! 2 minutes at the Black Angus, PR. Look me up on Facebook or
Gibson, JohnLTJan 6, 1990 – Jan 9, 1993MPA, AUXO, CICO
Rowe, Timothy Aka BuzzSTG2Feb 1990 – May 1994Combat SystemsGlad to see Hathaway made Chief. Congats Ray. From what I remember we had good times every place we went. Great lakes cruise is a bit fuzzy.
Hall, JamesQM2Apr 1990 – Apr 1992Good Ship
Axtell, RobertRM2Jun 1, 1990 – Apr 1, 1994
Miller, Jeffrey (Toby)DC3Jun 17, 1990 – Jan 28, 1994EngineeringI have to say I enjoyed my time on the ship more now then I did when I was there. A lot of great people and good memories. Looking for John Carper.
Rudbart, LeeEW3Aug 1990 – Aug 1992CSLook me up--- still in Jersey!!!!! email lee @
Tatro, TroyGSM3Aug 15, 1990 – May 3, 1993E-1I hated it at the time, but I miss it sometimes now.A bunch of great guys. Vanauken you still alive?
Green, Robert (Bobby G)STG3Nov 1990 – Mar 1994Combatwow what can I say? I had some good times on the estocin.the great lakes cruise was the best.strippers in mini skirts and no panties coming for tours was crazy.chief traylor,walls,kelly,reese,bunch,dixon,parks holla!!!
Abduk-khaliq, AmynE-5/DS2Nov 1990 – Dec 1990CIC
Hart, Jerry DaleIC2 SWNov 1990 – Mar 1994EngineeringGreat Lakes Cruise 1991 was some fun times!
Davidson, ChuckHMCS (SW)Dec 31, 1990 – Dec 22, 1993MH01Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Time

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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