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USS Estocin (FFG 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Estocin (FFG 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 342 crew members registered for the USS Estocin (FFG 15).

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Edwards, MarkENS/LTJGJan 5, 1998 – Dec 20, 1999COMMO / OperationsUnforgetable people I meet on this ship....
Koons, GeorgeGSMCJan 17, 1998 – Aug 1, 0200MP LCPOMade LDO on this great ship
Peeples, Kevin "peeps"SN/SK3/SK2Apr 15, 1998 – Sep 19, 1999Deck, SupplyI just found this site and wanted to see some of the folks I used to serve with. I had a ball with you guys and and I especially want to thank QMC Soskin. I remember wrestling with Jared in OPS Berthing and separated his shoulder.
Greer, DeanIT2Apr 16, 1998 – Apr 10, 2000Oc02I had some fun, but I mostly hated it. Being on this ship taught me that the Navy was a horrible place for me. So I deserted and started a better life. This ship felt like a prison when we were underway. Hi - Aufderheide, Grimsley, and Mahar.
Spencer, JeremyFC2May 1998 – Jun 2001FC
Grimsley, JohnBM3May 4, 1998 – Apr 6, 2001Deck DivisionJust found this site. It's great to see old buddies on here.
Sappington, Todd (Sapp!) (boats!)BM2May 16, 1998 – Jul 20, 2001OCO3/DECKThe Estocin, first ship I served on in the Navy. I'll never forget all the great times we had. Wanted to say whats up to Geno,Neuman,Perez,Green,Plewa,Wallsman and everyone else onboard.
Mahar, WhitITAug 15, 1998 – Oct 28, 2002OperationsJust wanted to say hi to everyone.
Calloway, Christopher (Cal)GSE E5Nov 1998 – Nov 2001EMO1 EngineeringSo much to say about the Mighty One Five. Tight knit crew that got along and got the job done. Met a lot of shipmates that I'm still in contact with many years later. Holla Holla!
Felton, AnthonyIT1Nov 7, 1998 – Apr 12, 2002OCO215, WAS ALL THAT...I served under, capt oldani. One of the coolest bosses, you could ever serve with. Senior chief bond(big daddy). IT1, GRIP, MEAN, IT1 JOSHEPH. My man hollis, rest in peace to IT3 TILLARY. MY BEST FRIEND OS2 BROWN.
Paul, AndrewIC2Dec 20, 1998 – Jan 8, 2002EM05Hey fellas. Looking back on my Navy days, it all seems like a distant dream. We saw some cool places and did some cool things on that old gray beast. Good and bad memories, but none-the-less, all unforgettable. God bless all of you.
Bright, James (Jb)CMDCM1999 – 2001Command Master ChiefI was the first official Command Master Chief assigned to the Estocin. I really enjoyed the command and her crew. I was sorry to see her decommissioned.
Kimball, ChrisEM1Jan 1999 – Feb 2002EM Shopsecond time around could not get enough!
Sliker, Jeff (Slick)ENCJan 1999 – Apr 2002ESTOCIN...... The Best Ship that ever sailed the Fleet... Whats up people... Best tour and best people. IN MEMORY of ENC JAMES CONLEY the Karaoke Master........
Sweeney, NeilPN3Feb 15, 1999 – Aug 15, 2000PersonnelmanHad an awesome time! The best crew you could ask for, and the best parties in the South seas. I'll put in the good word for Rio in March(?) 2000. Wild times!
Sonnenburg, Patrick (Iceburg Byy Qm1 Soskin)QMSR-QMSAMar 25, 1999 – Jul 1999NAV/FSAI've been at sea for 10 straight years now & I have to agree with Green QM1(then) Soskin still to this day the best guy i have worked for. I'm sorry I was only there for a short time. Glad that was my first ship!
Gamble, Scott (Turtle)OS1 (SW)Apr 1999 – Sep 2001OC04/OI
Pope, EricET2May 1999 – Mar 2002CS2
Holbrook, RandyBMCM(SW)Jul 1999 – Mar 2002DeckExcellent Crew, Worked and Played Hard. Most Excellent Sliker your right Jim was the Master of Karaoke!!!
Rivera, AntonioSK2Sep 1999 – Feb 2002S-1I really met some good people on this ship. I have alot of good memories that I will never forget. Hope everyone I served with is doing well. Thanks for the good times.
Chesnut, PhillipET2Sep 1999 – Feb 2002IC-GYROIt was a great time, but let me honest, reserve center duty is better.
Plewa, MikeQM2Sep 28, 1999 – Apr 10, 2001Deck/Nav
Plewa, MikeQM2Sep 28, 1999 – Apr 10, 2001DECK/NAVWow, what an experience, good times though, what up Sapp, Walls, Neckbone, Hojack, Lovin, Clark, Gunn, Cooper, Garland, Ray, Brown, Bland, Hunte-the Haitian Sensation! Holder, Grimsley, Newman, and Giles, IT'S A HARD HUSTLE! Find me in CALI
Morehouse, JonathanSSGOct 15, 1999 – Mar 3, 2003NAV/ADMINBest times of my life on that ship I miss everyone and the great times I had. I miss you guys Whit,Jared,Smith,MadP,HoJack,Clark,Kenney,Lovin,SMC Kelly. Sometimes I even miss Walls stupid stories. In the army now and things are serious not fun.
Groshens, CurtSHCDec 1999 – Mar 2002S-3What a great tour! I met a lot of great people and had some really great times. Hope everyone is doing well.
Clark, KeithITSRJan 1, 2000 – Oct 30, 2003ITThis is awesome. Man met great people I will never forget. Been a cop In brooklyn since 05. Navy experience helped much. I wish the best. Crew keep in touch. Hope to meet again. WHERE'S AHOOO!
Lizcano, RamiroYN2(SW)Jan 10, 2000 – Apr 10, 2001XXO1
Hickle, Lynn / Redneckmr2Jan 16, 2000 – Mar 16, 2002repairengineering contact me at
Reeves, Keith (Grasshopper)IT3Feb 2000 – Jun 2000OC02Going to Cartengena, Colombia, Roosy Roads P.R., becoming a shellback, to Florteleza, Brazil, and Rio was the best time of my life... Felton, it was an honor/pleasure to serve with you...
Bond, AndrewITCS(SW)Feb 2000 – Apr 2002OC02Radio Gang, drop me a line.
Gowenlock, RichardGSM1(SW)Feb 15, 2000 – Feb 15, 2002MP/OIL LABWhat a great time! We had the best skipper in LANTFLT! Who can forget that UNITAS and all the wonderful ports (ONE BIG PARTY) and the many times we had swim call! A great ship and a great crew. The highlight of my 20 years in the NAVY!
Perry, JoeSNApr 13, 2000 – Jul 6, 2002OperationsJust getting back in touch with old friends, wondering how everyone is doing.
Perry, JoeE-3/SNApr 14, 2000 – Feb 19, 2002Opps
Roberts, Little RobSHSNMay 16, 2000 – Apr 5, 2002S3Great times on the mighty one five. SH1 Groshens and Johnson taught me alot. Both should be SHC by now. Danny Burns quit crying you may have not liked' the navy but you miss it.
Dickens, TravisIT2 (SW)Jul 2000 – Mar 2001OC01To those who held the ship down with yo boy, good lookin' out. To all the IT's that held down the shack with me, I enjoyed it fellas. For the rest of the back stabbing folks on that ship, holla at me now.
Berrios, JohnDK2Jul 14, 2000 – Aug 30, 2002SupplyBest time I ever had Columbia, Puerto Rico (home), Brazil and becoming a shellback great memories and a great crew
Smith, Joshua (neckbone)ET3Aug 7, 2000 – Apr 17, 2002DeckI hated painting every single day, and sometimes I hated a couple of other people to go along with the painting. However, I met people that I will never ever be able to meet again and I learned a great deal about life and myself. Where's HOOOjak
Lovin, JamesGM2Nov 13, 2000 –?It's amazing I found this. Thanks for the good times guy's, learned a lot on that ship. A lot about life.
Ruoss, ChrisE32001 – 2003just thought id say hey to cruz mike says that he talks to you every once in a while how is it there in PR im still in jax email
Hulse, DoyleE5/GM22001 – 2004Gunner's mate
Painter, PaulLTJGFeb 2001 – Mar 2003CD ops, a crew switch, and a decom. Quite a tour with some great guys. Hope everybody is doing well.
Pagan, Jose E.DCCMay 2001 – Jul 2002R
Raney, TravisOS2(SW)Jun 2001 – Apr 2002OPS/OIJust a fast hello to all the old Estocin crew. Miss you guys. Cliff, Rat, Poncini, OSC Brown and Cooley, Thornton, Jesse and Whitey. If I missed anyone, I apologize
Canales, Timoteo "Teacher"GS-12Jul 10, 2001 – Aug 31, 2001PACE Instructor of HistoryAmerican History & Western Civilization instructor; ship was peersided most of the time, war games near Puerto Rico in August; ate at McDonald's & base cafeteria most of the time. Hello Antonio Rivera, Ramiro Lizcano & other former stude
Kittell, TrevorET2(SW)Jan 2002 – Apr 2003CE
Leavy, WaltLTFeb 1, 2002 – Apr 10, 2003Supply Officer
Cruz Romero, EmanuelBM 3Feb 19, 2002 – Apr 4, 2003DeckYeah, chilling in Puerto Rico, you know.. :) still remember the last thing that happend, you're lucky i'm downhere
Steinbronn, JonathanFC3Mar 1, 2002 – Feb 1, 2003CF
Murray, DavidDCC (SW)Apr 2002 – Jun 2002R DivisionCame to Estocin in the crew swap with the Morison, retired in June of 2002
Shelby, Johnny profile iconSTG1(SW)Apr 10, 2002 – Apr 4, 2003CS
Stewart, MichaelET1Jul 1, 2002 – May 10, 2003
Troxler, ZacharyFC22003 – Mar 4, 2003CM
Abercrombie, JamesOSSNJan 2003 – Apr 2003Ops/OI

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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