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USS McInerney (FFG 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McInerney (FFG 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 251 crew members registered for the USS McInerney (FFG 8).

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Evans, Mike profile iconSTG21986 – Oct 29, 1990OS2Check in while she was in Boston. Great time had there by all.
Eckhoff, DaleETC1986 – 1990CS4
Henz, EricOSMar 1986 – Feb 1990OIBoston Boys and Palma 4, where are you? Shoot me an e-mail. Love to hear from you (well, most of you.....not Zapata or Hadley...Lol).
Rodgers, RoyRM2Mar 13, 1986 – Mar 20, 1989COMMSI was onboard for 3 years from 86 TO 89, Currently retired in 2007 as a Senior Chief. Living in Newport News, V A with wife and three kids.
Evans, MikeSTG2May 1, 1986 – Oct 2, 1999CS2Wow,,, what a blast form the past. You guys were the best what great memories I have from those days. I hope you all are doing well. Im in the Chicago burbs, drop me a line. Take care. Mike
McKee, John profile iconSTGCJun 1986 – Apr 1989CSPretty much retired now, dabble training service dogs for autistic children. Kudos to the absolutely best submarine-chasing crew EVER.
Burr, TonyE5 OS2Jul 10, 1986 – Feb 10, 1990opsHook EM
Weegan, BrianBM3Oct 10, 1986 – May 11, 1990SC3I remember the fun times aboard the McInerney with Smitty, Rivdog, Bonds, Jones and the rest of deck division. I get flashbacks of walking through the streets of spain on the med cruise in '89. Any of you guys remember me, give me a shout.
Beavers, JimENDec 1986 – May 1991AUXCurrently serving as Dept Head at Naval Recruiting District Pittsburgh. Expect retirement from Navy in 2006.
Beckwith, FordFC-31987 – 1990CS-3I absolutely hated this ship. I don't know how it every made it through the Storm unscathed. Was glad to leave. To all the hard working enlisted stiffs like me, good luck and best wishe
South, James profile iconGSMC(SW)Jan 1987 – Nov 1990E-1 LCPOSaved my best final sea duty command for last. Lots of good times in the Med. Port visits in England and Scotland and throw in a russian sub chase to earn a Blue Nose certification.
Ryan, BillYN1Mar 1, 1987 – Mar 1, 1989X - Admin - Yeoman - SlackerI was a deck Seaman who kissed ass all the way to being capped as a YN3. Okay, I earned it! Anyhow, I surfed the web to try and buy a McInerney hat and I find a few names I recognize on this site.
Capitano, MikeSM2Nov 1987 – Jun 1992SCNever forget Buck Harvey waking up in the Sig's Flag Bag in Palma Spain. Crazy Times!
Wright, RickeyGSM2 (SW)Nov 7, 1987 – Nov 18, 1991E1If anyone knows the where abouts of EN2 Vincent Early please let me know.. also if there is anyone I was on the Mac with would like to know where you are now..
Harvey, Daniel (Buck)OS1Nov 19, 1987 – May 4, 1992OIRet fm the Naval War College in '95. Remember the uncharted mine field or attacking a bouy with 2 F14's during our Storm? It was a pleasure serving with MOST of you. Up yours Zapata and Hatley. Others can drop me a line at wildharetrigger@yahoo
Keil, DavidEN31988 – 1991E-2This was my first ship. had great times and have lots of great memories . left this ship to go to second command - USS Leyte Gulf ! also good times .. lots of friends made from erevywhere ! Thanks USN !
Hape, MarkET11988 – 1992CS4
Wright, MichaelBM21988 – 1990DeckLooking for all Boatswainmates
Eric, Flores FeblesYNSNJan 8, 1988 – May 15, 1991XOGreat ship and best memories. HMCS Tucker/HM3 Chavez/PC3 Mendez/YNC Lyons/YNC Robison.
Scott, Garland (Scotty)PN3Jan 20, 1988 – Jul 3, 1991I served during Desert Storm. Would like to here from some of my shipmates. I really had a great time on the Mac.
Saunders, Jr., Bobby Leon ( Sheriff)Chief Master At Arms /SCW/ Disabled Combat Vet RetiredFeb 5, 1988 – Jul 28, 1988Admin or ExecutiveGreat crew on this ship. Remember Rankin Flankin. Our sister ship was USS Stark. Sad to see all these small boys gone. Miss all my friends. RMC Mighty Mouse was not aware I was a SEABEE. I was CAN DO all the way.
Witmeyer, Kenneth profile icon  NEWPC3Apr 10, 1988 – Sep 28, 1989AdminWant to say Hi to the crew of Mcinerny from 1988 to 1989
Dore, NicholasE-8May 24, 1988 – Aug 14, 1990ENGINEERING / SEARCH AND RESCUEN/A
Kopycinski, MikeHT@Jun 1988 – Apr 1990E-3Had a great tour on the Mac, and a great division to work for. But the DCA was a nerd!
Schafer, John / SchafeSTG2Jun 4, 1988 – Nov 15, 2002CS-2Good on Ya! If you were there, you know what I mean! God Speed to all who served on board the Big Mac!
Collins, Jeff "Doc"HM3Dec 1988 – Apr 1990XGreat memories, I'm proud to have served on the Mac.
Chavez, Frank (Babydoc)HM3Feb 1989 – Feb 1991Got on 1995. Last duty station was Bethesda, Md. But I had such an awesome mentor named Senior Chief Bill Tutcher. Showed me the ropes when no one else had the faith in me. Thanks Senior. Memorable moments in the Gulf.
Saunders, Jr., Bobby Leon ( Sheriff)E6/MA1Feb 1, 1989 – Mar 31, 1989Admin
Stailey, KevinOS1Feb 5, 1989 – Sep 1, 1992OIASTAC Extroadinaire...Looking Franticly for Rick Hart who was stationed onboard USS Hermitage from approx 1975 to 1979..He was an OS and played a mean Les Paul thru an Orange Stack. He and I were putting a band together. gotta find him.
Jordan Jr., MauriceIC1 (SW)Mar 1989 – Mar 1994CS 4
Saunders, Jr., Bobby Leon ( Sheriff)E6/MA1May 1, 1989 – Oct 18, 1989Admin
Rivette, PhilRM2Jun 15, 1989 – Jun 15, 1991
Mata, JuanGSM3Jun 20, 1989 – Jun 20, 1992e-1hey fellows i had a great time serving with you guys in desert storm. call me anytime 561-261-6651
Tutcher, Bill (Doc)HMCS(SW)Aug 1, 1989 – Feb 26, 1992AdminGreat Crew, Great tour of Duty. Retired from Parris Island S.C. Feb 1993. Now Living in Fort Mohave, AZ email address is or
Alexander, ToddEMFNNov 1989 – Jul 9, 1993well i got out in 93 then came back in 01 was an ET now i am a PS (oh well it's a job) just found the sight and thought i would add myself to the list
Brichford, DavidSTG3Nov 1989 – May 23, 1993CS2I can't believe I have lost touch with all the sonar techs. Where is everybody? I had a really good time onboard. I miss going to sea. Not the same living in Cleveland. I am a photographer, now.
Pearce, JohnnyOS/2Nov 1989 – Oct 1991OII had a great time on the McInerney! Harvey I remember the uncharted mine field,whoo, still get goose bumps every time I think of it. Janssen your right the best CIC in the Navy!
Saunders, Jr., Bobby Leon ( Sheriff)E6/MA1Nov 16, 1989 – Aug 8, 1990Supply
Burroughs, AntaeusGMG 2Dec 28, 1989 – Mar 10, 1995CS-3
Daigle, ChristopherGSE21990 – 1992E1yes i'm still kickin. anyone seen the anti-christ? cwo4 that is.
Solar, MarcGmm31990 – 1991CS-3
Jabkowski, Adam R.ENFNJan 1990 – Jul 16, 1992E-2Looking for any of my shipmates from Desert Storm---Beavers, Early, Martin, Chief Moates, anyone who remembers me, would love to hear from you.
Gall, Steven, "Zippy"AD2Jan 20, 1990 – Jul 3, 1991AirDetNot many Airedales on this site, but we know we"re loved. Desert Storm vet with HSL-42 Det 8 Warrior 430
Janssen, CharlieOS2Mar 2, 1990 – May 15, 1993OIBest CIC in the NAVY
Janssen, CharlieOS2Mar 2, 1990 – May 15, 1993OIDanBO Byars I rembr. I luv Buck Harvey 2 this day. & we were the best CIC & ship in the USN. Who can forget the mine field? Scary stuff! or Luv 2 hear fm U guys. Take care of wounded Vets!
Fiser, RussellTM3Sep 20, 1990 – Feb 18, 1994CS-2Living the life of a firefighter and tour boat captain in my hometown with the wife and three kids. I was the ships rescue swimmer 1990-1994
Jefferies, Germaine (Jeff) profile iconE4/RM3Nov 12, 1990 – Jul 2, 1993OC-2
Jefferies, Germaine profile iconIT3Nov 19, 1990 – Apr 13, 1993SC2
Jefferies, Germaine profile iconITCS (RM)Dec 15, 1990 – Jul 7, 1993DECK AND OC2 (STRIKER)One hell of a ship and crew. Some of us still meet up once a year for a get to gether.
Garcia, Jason Aka JaydogDC/3Dec 28, 1990 – Jul 22, 1994EngineeringWasssup my boyz!!! Hey I still live in J-ville, currently working for the IRS.... getting that Gov't pension the easy way.....

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1985 | 1986 – 1990 | 1991 – 1997 | 1998 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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