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USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 237 crew members registered for the USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7).

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Nieder, Craig271991 – 1992oi
Perry, EricSTG21991 – Jan 26, 1996Combat
Cantillo, DinoEM3Jan 1991 – Oct 1993EGreat peoples! endless inspections, long hours. hitting the dry dock in philly . chestnut the best boss. hiding from mizner in supply w/suppo and skc, shout out 2 aznoe munoz block tossone dorchester murley ugliarolo ural clark buhler
Balika, JohnRM3Jan 20, 1991 – Jul 25, 1994OPSOne of original "cool guys" hung with Lockamy and Queen. Good times in Newport. send me an e-mail Howie.
Buckner, PatrickPN2(SW)Mar 20, 1991 – Sep 15, 1994AdminSome of the best people I've ever met and the greatest memories I've ever had came from while on this ship.
Phelps, CharlesDC-3Oct 1991 – Feb 15, 1994DCAhh!!!!! Russia the place I will never remember or forget.
Chokoiski, SkiQM3Oct 25, 1991 – Aug 30, 1992NavigationJust curious to lookup some people. Glad to get out of the nav. After nav joined Army. Joined rangers, went onto 19th sf. Currently living in wa., work as electrician. Go to school for networking and telecomm.
Doak, StevenHT11992 – 1994Oh my I remember this tour of duty. What party people they are. Hope eveyone is doing well. I did my 20 and out. I'm a cop in Garner,NC
Littlefield, Davidms-21992 – 1993supply / s-2i was the only cook on board that was apart of the at sea fire party...
Queen, KennyRMSNJun 1992 – Dec 9, 1995oc
Queen, KennyRMSN (COMMAND E-3)Jun 1992 – Dec 1995ocWhat a great time with Aznoe, Balika, Howie. Newport Rocked
Bennes, EduardMS2/MS1Aug 1992 – Sep 1996S-2Watch Captain, Galley Capt., Wardroom Supervisor, Records Keeper, LPO. Oh Help Me Please, the ship that almost ended my career!!! Shout out to Walt Gericke.
Weakland (Mcfarlane), DavidSTGC(SW)Aug 1992 – May 1994CAFinal Command
Sadek, OmarE-5Aug 17, 1992 – Aug 17, 1994
Davis, DanET2Oct 1992 – Oct 1996CEI agree with MS3 "Rico", interesting time. But, no one should stay on the same ship for more than 3 years, I was more than ready to get off. Hi DSC Rudy.
Klepczynski, StevenE-4/SK1993 – Feb 1997
Green, Joseph (Joe)et31993 – 1994Electronics
William, Wilsonht31993 – 1994repairI came aboard just before Balt OPS man it was a blast it was a pleasure serving with you guys
Harmon, MichaelSTG2Jun 1993 – Jul 1996CA
Johnson, JohnENFNJun 5, 1993 – Mar 11, 1995a gang-enginemenhard but fun 2 years
Guzman, AngelE5/YN2(SW)Jun 9, 1993 – Jun 1997ADMIN OFFICENo matter where anyone went after the Perry they will never forget the crew and the ports we visited. OHP FOR LIFE..
Welch, TomGSM1Jun 11, 1993 – 1997MPDecom Crew was the best moment of my life. This ship was a real ball breaker in MP division. Pops how ya doing. Anyway, for all the guys who gave so much. I appreciate it.... To all the assholes above me, you will meet your maker
Dewan, SaifulGSM2Sep 1, 1993 – Jun 14, 1994Main PropulsionHey guys and chief Russo, How you doing? I am first Engineer in Merchant Marine now. Keep in touch at
Hart, SteveDCC(SW) / E-7Oct 1, 1993 – Oct 31, 1996R -divWhat a wonderful Crew
Meighan, EnricoMS31994 – 1996SupplyTrying to contact former shipmates
Duncan, Dre1994 – 1997CE
Conklin, MikeFC1 (SW)1994 – 1996CSHad a great time on my first FFG. Prior ships were CGN-39, BB-62, DDG-8. The Great Lakes Cruise was an experience. Plenty of good times at the many VFW and American Legion posts in the Great Lakes.
Meighan, RicoMS3Feb 1994 – Aug 1996SupplyHad to do this over again, forgot last login. Anyways what a time i had on the Oh Help "me" Please. Best time i had was on BALTOPS '94, and on the Great Lakes cruise, despite losing a good fellow shipmate.Email me at emeighan@optonline.n
Yonally, RandalE-1Feb 9, 1994 – Jan 8, 1995DeckIt was fun! Made alot of cool friends and really enjoyed the Baltops Tour
Brouty, MikeSK3Mar 1, 1994 – Jul 25, 1994SupplyBALTOPS '94 !!
Cramer, DennisRM2May 28, 1994 – Jul 16, 1994OC DivisionMember of Ship’s crew as a Reservist during BALTOP’s NATO Exercise. Had a great time getting underway in The Atlantic. The Baltic region was awesome. Brought back Amber from the region.
Bowens, AnthonyBM3Jun 1, 1994 – Jul 15, 1995SC
McCartney, JeromeQM1Sep 29, 1994 – Oct 14, 1994NavigationOnboard during Operation Uphold Democracy.
Stricklin, BillyGSM-31995 – Aug 16, 1996ENGI enjoyed being on that ship, maybe a little to much
Vogel, JohnSHSN/SH31995 – 1997S-3Probably my best command, when I look back on my time in the Navy, and I served with some great people aboard this ship.
Harsh, JoshHT3Jan 1995 – Jan 1996RepairMiss that ship!
Rodriguez, ByronE3Jan 6, 1995 – Feb 20, 1997Deck
Nwankpa, OnyeEM2Mar 1995 – Apr 1997E-DIV
Bassett, Dewayne (Okie)E-3Apr 19, 1995 – Feb 20, 1997engineering
Mason, DerekEMC (SW/AW)May 10, 1995 – Feb 20, 1997Stayed until Decommission.
Mendiola, Rudy P.DSC(SW/AW)Jun 1995 – Feb 1997CE
Scott, AirrionE3Jun 1995 – 1997DECK - 1stGreat Lakes Cruise, DECOM, Mayport all day!
Burrow, Terry (T-money)SK1(SW)/SKCJul 8, 1995 – Feb 22, 1997S-1When we decommissioned we were the best crew/best ship in the fleet. We got robbed of the Battle"E". CDR Holman was the best skipper I ever had. I will never forget those days.
Parkhurst, WilliamLIEUTENANATAug 1995 – Feb 1997OperationsDecomissioning Crew. Hooked her up to the tug the last night.
Costello, Daniel J.MS 2Aug 1995 – Mar 1996S-2
Denney, RobbSTG3Aug 10, 1995 – Feb 20, 1997Combat...whatever. Air Conditioning and mood lighting...All I can say is WOW. I don't regret it, but I'd never do it again. I was young and insane at the time. I wish I could really tell you what I was up to....but that won't come for a few more years. What the hell was I doing in the Navy!!!?
Wall, BarryPNSep 1995 – Mar 1997Admin
Jackson, JosephHT3Oct 18, 1995 – Mar 20, 1997DECOM CREW
Kotlyar, JohnEM 3Dec 10, 1995 – Feb 1997EBEST TOUR I HAD

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1990 | 1991 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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