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USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 237 crew members registered for the USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7).

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Slobe, MikeGSE21983 – 1986E_1Worst ship, wardroom and chief. Best Captains, enlisted crew, and Master Chief. I miss GTMO, but not no-load reservists.
Mascarenas, PeteFTM31983 – 1985combat systemswhere is everybody these days. feel free to email me. I live in so. california these days. close to San Bernardino, Ca. what great times, miss alot of people.
Davis, Tedd/ BlueHT2Jan 1983 – Dec 1985SnipeIs this the same FFG #7 stationed in Philly. If so, I don't remember it being such a great ship.Opie ran it into a dock,failed Reftra,DIW alot.Gullett,Macissac,Murray,R.B.,Arch,Briggs,Lt Goodwin,M Havens,other assortd outcasts.
Cayton, JohnLTJan 1983 – Mar 1985Ship ControlCDR Beal, CO back in '83, was a strange man who paraded around the ship naked, and had an ugly blue parrot. Brunelli was a lot better. As for me - I'm now an environmental attorney with the Ohio Attorney General's Office.
Carter, TonySHSNJan 2, 1983 – Sep 3, 1987supplygood time, great friends, navy stinks, the best friends I have is from the ship. If anyone that remembers me send me an email...
Hurley, RussSH/SNJan 6, 1983 – Mar 1, 1986S-3It was the best of times,It was the worst of times....
Bryant, Lyndon (Bear)BMMar 6, 1983 – Apr 20, 1985Deck
Griffin, CarySTG3Apr 1983 – Apr 1988
Cotto, GeorgeGMM2Apr 10, 1983 – Dec 19, 1985Combat SystemsI am looking to connect with my friends from Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7 combat systems from 1983-1985. We had a bond and good times that could not be equalled. I hope someone sees this note and responds.
Delucia, MichaelET2May 1983 – Sep 1984CS4Met the ship in the Persian Gulf and lived in the helo hangar for a few months. Enjoyed the rest of that Med Cruise and all the great people I met. Still in contact with quite a few shipmates.
Austerman, TimHT2 E-5May 20, 1983 – Apr 18, 1985Great ship and good people....sad they scrapped her.Just for everybody's info....I bought a OHP coin on E bay....pretty nice coin for 10 bucks
Galvin, DanFC1Jun 15, 1983 – Sep 13, 1987Wepons
Engel, StevenAT2Jun 20, 1983 – Sep 11, 1985
Archambault, Ken ArchieGSM2Jul 1983 – Jul 6, 1988engineeringjust found this site didn't even know they had moth balled her.looking for contact with some old friends.frank,kevin, jeff,ron,terry,havens where are you.and never forget "the chief" sorry for all the head aches chief.
Faria, BobLTSep 1983 – Dec 1984Suppo
Principe, Jerry / PrinceFNSep 22, 1983 – Aug 24, 1987enThe best time of my life i am the man i am today becuase of it
Sparenberg, JeffGSCS(SW)Sep 27, 1983 – Jan 10, 1989MPOil King, MER...Sounding and Security to EOOW.
Griffin, CarySTG3Oct 1983 – Mar 1988Combat Systems
Murray, DavidDCC (SW)Nov 1983 – Apr 1987R DivisionArrived on board an HT2 and transferred 3 1/2 yrs later a worn out HT1, went to teach F/F school, served on FFG-21, then command chief in Lansing, Mich., then on board FFG-13 and FFG-15, retired in 2002.
Money, DennisSK3Nov 29, 1983 – Sep 1, 1986Supply
Shinholser, BillLT1984 – 1986EngineeringCheng that had some good times even with the two OPPEs. Thanks Capt. Retired in OCT 91.
Stevens, ChrisGMM21984 – 1986CSYou got to be kidding !
English, JimLt1984 – 1986CS4, Paul profile iconBMCS1984 – 1987DECKGOOD Ships great crew. only had a deck force of 14 men most of the time
Rudisill, Ron. "RudyHT21984 – 1988HT ShopWas one of the lowlife reserves served with a great bunch of squids in the HT shop.Retired HT1 IN 2001,MR1 Spangler passed away in 1999 and my other sidekick Windhausen is alive and well and retired HT1 in 1996
Rogan, BruceFTG-2Jan 1, 1984 – Dec 31, 1985Reserves (Philadelphia, PA)11 th ship. Gas turbine. Did Rosey Roads. PR. Drydock
Harrell, DannySKSNFeb 20, 1984 – Mar 15, 1985SupplyHoly damn!The Old Help Us Please crew... GITMO-Longest and hottest 3 months of my life... Crash Cayton? docking us in Ocha Rios, Jamacia... Playin' vollyball with LT. Pratt.. All the useless reservists! 6 hr S/A details.
Alvarez, EdwinRM2Apr 1984 – Oct 1987communicationswas a member onboard during the Great Cruise 1985
Heisey, HenryE9 MAApr 22, 1984 – Mar 8, 1989SecurityGreat Ship, Great Crew,
Borras, JosephYN2Jul 1984 – Sep 1986AdminIf it could go wrong it did, however we had an awesome crew that could over come any challenge. Great memories!
Lusk, David J.HMC (SW)Aug 1984 – Aug 1987XOI, Support , MedicalGreat Ship, Great Crews and Great Memories... Great Lakes Cruise 1987
Meadows, BobOS2(SW)Aug 1984 – Aug 1988CSO1First Ship, Fantastic memories, Great Shipmates. Retired 2004 as a Chief but only to the thanks of "Ish", Brad, Mr Pratt and even "Ichabod". Miss you guys. Never forget the G' Lakes Cruise or the "Ultimate" Volley
Conner, SamBM2Aug 1984 – Sep 1987SC-3I am sure many of my shipmates would be surprised to know I am a 3rd grade teacher now, life's a trip!
Fisher, BillSK2/1Sep 1984 – Sep 1987S-1Looking for anyone thatserved with me and wants to be found .
Pratt, DougLTDec 1984 – Aug 1987SupplyGreat Crew - Outstanding Supply department - I was on one ship in 22yrs in the Navy and I got the best.
Roberts, MichaelET3Dec 1, 1984 – Dec 1987Electronics Tech
Wilborn, RenardoGMMDec 10, 1984 – Dec 10, 1986Combat System
Grant, JohnSTG1(SW)Dec 10, 1984 – Apr 15, 1989CSAIt was great seeing all these familiar names, all really good guys, of the 5 ships I served on, the Perry crew was hands down the best! I wish all the best to all of you.Thanks for the good times and the great memories!
Wilborn, RenardoGMMCDec 12, 1984 – Jan 1, 1987Weps
Ferries, RobertOSSA1985 – 1987OperationsGreat first ship, made alot of great friends. God loved that Great Lakes cruise. Had a blast, hope all is doing well.. Miss yall
Buss, Leee-41985 – 1988CS
Damsgaard, JamesMSC1985 –SupplyMany great times
O'Neil, Daniel/danoE-3Feb 1, 1985 – Sep 26, 1988E-2Great little boat with the best crew of guys you'd ever meet.I'd never do it again but I'll never forget it.Spawning in the Great Lakes all the way to Gitmo.When's the damn reunion? Hey Bugs...
Stroot, JeffE-3Feb 23, 1985 – Dec 10, 1987HM01Served under HM1 Dave Lusk as a striker for HM. After leaving Perry I transfered to naval hospital San Diego Via Great Lakes, For School
O'sullivan, Ultan, SullyFC2Mar 1985 – Sep 19, 1989CS-3Great ship, crew, & memories. After 20 yrs I still remember most of you. Still live in PHL/NJ area. Anyone nearby? STG1 Grant, STG3 Griffin, & QMSN Pietrzyk spring to mind. Will welcome emails from anyone. Remember Gr. Lakes Cruise, OPPE?
Redding, GeorgeSKSNMar 7, 1985 – Jan 15, 1988supplyGreat time and great people. Great Lakes 1987 was one of the best summers. Anyone that wants to say hi please do.
Prenzlow, ElmerLCDRMay 1985 – Mar 1987OPS / CSOMost enjoyable sea tour I had, great departments and super guys to work with. Sorry I missed the Great Lakes cruise, but I didn't want to be Chief Engineer and have all three department head billets before I detached! Retired in '94 to Wi
Reynolds, GrantSEAMANSep 1985 – Nov 1987Deck
Smith, John. SchmeedHNOct 1985 – Apr 1989HM01Can you imagine any of us getting together. Great drunkin times. Where are you guys Grant, Arch, O'neil,Johnny G., Frank,Jerry.
Schwartz, LeeDECK, HTFNNov 20, 1985 – Sep 20, 19881 ST DIVISION AND ENGINERINGSo many thoughts come to mind about my service and shipmates,I love the NAVY and all who I served with we are in a brotherhood forever that only we can understand. Thank-you all for that, call me. 412 583 8864 Lee

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1990 | 1991 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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