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USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 965 crew members registered for the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20).

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Christensen, PeteCTO11976 – 1978OTStationed on LCC 20 several times while part of C2F staff. Bounced all over and had some of the finest liberty runs ever. What a great ship and a great feeder!
Hansmann, Robert (Tex)BT31976 – 1980Hey you hole Snipes.Still looking for some of you guys.Some guys I still talk to McIntyre,Wes Bryant.Where are you Tom Horning?Mac's looking for you.Ed White give me a shout.C R Haley tried to find you in Tyler,Texas?Give a shout out
Sulick, ChuckOS1976 – 1980OIHello old friends. Wheelan, Spivey, MacDanold, OS1 Harris, Donny Whitlow, Skeeter and all the old gang. Still think of you all.
Grunwald, GaryET21976 – 1979OEWas part of a small crew of ETs that operated the SSC-6 SHF Satellite Van on the main deck. Had a great Civilian named Jack Offenhauser from Rockwell International running the show....Great memories of all the cruises...
Morris, MikeMs31976 – 1979S5Great duty. Hello to you Steve
Geraci, Stevems31976 – 1978servicestill going strong almost 40 years since the wild times on the Mt. Whitney
Coar, PaulBTFN1976 – Jul 18, 1979B DivisionFound this site while searching for an old shipmate. Hope to find a few of my old friends.
Gerber, GerbRM31976 – 1979Communications
Robinson, JerryHM3Jan 1976 – Jan 1977Sick bayI was on the Whitney for the 1976 NATO cruise. Toured England, Dublin, Germany, Holland
Griffin, JimRM3Feb 8, 1976 – Dec 7, 1976CommunicationsNYC Bicenntential and North Atlantic Cruise
Esarey, JohnBT2Mar 15, 1976 – May 15, 1980BWas an great learning experience. :-)
Hoeft, KenCTO3Apr 1976 – Jul 1979IntelDamn - seems like yesterday. Had nothing but fun on building 20.
Gunn, Emmanuel (Tony)IC3Apr 1976 – Nov 1978EngJust a big whats up to ya sea dog's. I had lots of great times. Miss the sea, great friends and great memories. Wow, its hard to believe its 36-37 years later. If you get this email me!
Matteson, David "Doc"RM2May 1976 – Nov 1979Com Second FltCramer, Stash, Gerb, Moose, Griff, Wolf, Speedy, Chief Decker, Schultz, Smiddy, Criag Eddy...Where are ya?
Wolverton, Ricky "Wolf"E5/RM2May 5, 1976 – Aug 10, 1979commI can say that I served with some really outstanding people. I have good memories and friends from that time.
Horning, TomBT2May 26, 1976 – Jul 28, 1979BI wish I had that to do over again. My division officer is the CO of the Nassau Thanks TJ!
Millhollin, MichaelOS2Jun 1976 – Jun 1978OIInteresting duty...
Millhollin, MichaelOS2Jun 1976 – Jun 1978OIIt was interesting serving on the Navy's "Big Brass" floating Hotel. Saw her recently and she still looks the same...big and gray.
Ciccarelli, Paul C.CTO2Jun 1, 1976 – Sep 10, 1977COMSECONDFLT STAFFfrom FEB76-DEC77 I was assigned to COMSECONDFLT Staff and changed flag ships about five times in that short period..puget sound, MT Whitney ,and Harry E. Yarnell.
Zahlmann, Glenn H.HT2Jun 10, 1976 – Jun 26, 1980RepairGod Bless The Guys I Served With anyone Out There Contact me
Keuter, Michael profile iconLI3Jul 1976 – Oct 1979intelMade some life time friends here, great ship
Whaley, MarshallEW2Jul 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1981OXAmsterdam, Rotterdam, Dublin, the great "terrorist takeover" at Solid Shield 77"....everyone liked OX division coffee....
Spivey, MikeOS3Jul 4, 1976 – Aug 17, 1979OIHello, all other divisions could not beat us in Football games in other countries I do remeber that in addition to the amount of alcohol consumed!!Hope all shipmates are well..........
Spivey, MichaelOS3Jul 4, 1976 – Aug 17, 1979OIHey, How's it going Fellas...anybody out there I know?
Maher, ChristopherOS3Aug 1976 – Dec 1979OI
Weisshaupt, Jimmie "Ski"RM3Aug 1976 – Jul 1979CommunicationsLoved those North Atlantic and Carribean Ports. Would love to hear from the Old RM Gang of 76-79. Stash, Moose, Rod G., Jake N., Dan M. "MAC", Dave P. "Pat", and the rest of the great crew that I do not have room to list here.
Thomas, Anthony profile iconQMSNAug 1976 – Mar 1, 1980NavigationIt would be nice to see or hear from old deck, ship services, or nav personnel. My email is
Kramer, TomMM/3Sep 1976 – Jun 1979M/Engine roomSome really great guy's, Kinda sorry I Didn't stay, but glad I didn.t. Was the cleanest engine in the Navy !
Maletta, BobPH3Sep 21, 1976 – Feb 23, 1979IntelA lot of great memories. Got to see the world while drinking a lot of beer. It was great to be young. Made great friends in the Photo Lab and Print shop. I have lots of photos. I will never forget the great ports.
Brown, SidneyHTCSep 28, 1976 – Aug 12, 1977ENGINEERING
Jewett, RickDP2Oct 1976 – Dec 1979IntelFellow "Fat Albert" crew members out there?
McIntyre, DonBT2Nov 1976 – Aug 1, 1980BoilerWhere are all of you hole snipes? Get down and give me twenty! -Big Mac
Stella, AugieOS1Nov 1976 – Aug 1980OI
Herrera, LeoSH1Nov 1976 – Jan 1980S-3Have a good old times in the Whitney. Enjoyed deployment in northern europe , three times and med cruise. Retired from the navy now and living in Baltimore, MD. Looking forward hearing from old shipmates... just hit 56 years old...
Lapan, Don profile iconLTNov 1976 – May 1978OIOne very large floating hotel. Found out what USS stood for (Underway Saturdays and Sundays). Had some really great guys that worked for me here.
Hogue, Rick profile iconHTFA-HT2Dec 1976 – May 1980RHad 4 commands during my time in, and this was my 1st and by far my best! Thanks to FB, I've reconnected with several old friends. Good to see she's still active!
Nimmer, Ramon (Ray)HT2Dec 1976 – May 1980RepairRalphy was my main hangout buddy while on the ship. Had a lot of fun with Doc Holiday and the boys.
McWhirt, Terry1977 – 1990
Stickelmeyer, Craig Stickms31977 – 1981s1Greg & others - Good to see you are still kicking. I remember the ports of Call well. Do a lot of bow hunting these days. Writing outdoor columns. Those were definitely some good times. Hope to hear from some of you
Burns, MichaelLCPL E-31977 – 19772ND MARDIV. MAB4
Callahan, LarryCTO2Jan 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980INTEL
Altonen, A. EricISCFeb 1977 – Mar 1980IntellWorst duty ever, Dept had Quarterdeck passageway as a cleaning station (the White Elephant), joking. LCC-20 made me a Chief.
Marquis, Joel "Swoop"RM3Feb 1977 – Oct 1979communicationsalot of great ports. was on flight deck, during solid shields when seals took over the ship phone talker flight team alfa. "ole man" spelunking otto? where are you guys?stash? kippit? miss you all!
Robida, JohnMMFN-MM2Feb 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1982MLooking for Little John, RD, & C.R. Hatcher
Rash, StephenMSFeb 4, 1977 – Sep 26, 1981S-2The crew never ate any better than when I was a galley rat.Hope all the crew from back than is doing well.
Hantzis, BrianCplFeb 14, 1977 – Aug 23, 19794th MAB
Dickerson, DavidFTG 2Mar 1977 – Jun 1979WEPSA big hello to Bob Cauthen aka "Touche Turtle" who I haven't seen since 1980 in St. Croix. Drop a line if you read this. Any other shipmate FT's feel free to touch base.
Snowdale, Alan C.RM3Mar 1, 1977 – Aug 23, 1980Communicationssaw the world, ate great and had some good times
Cauthen, Robert/BobFTG2Apr 1977 – Sep 1979My nickname was Touche. Great first ship, great deployments. I did not know how good it was till later.
Leugers, MattSH2May 1977 – Jan 1981Supply S-3Softball team, the good cruises, the good friends.
Boykin, JarvisFTM3Jun 1977 – May 1979OWHey Spivey, I saw your name and Touche I remember you and I remember you too Dickerson. I believe you guys left before I did. Whatever happened to Leitch and Scoop and Romero. Can't believe I remember those guys after all these years.
Suders, Greg "suds"MS3Jun 1977 – Jun 1979Food ServiceI am interested in contacting any former shipmates who may remember me. I would also like to know if there are ever any reunions organized. Gerry Orlando, are you still alive? I remember the good ole days under J.J. Kingston.
Charlton, BillOS3Jun 1, 1977 – Mar 5, 1979OpsHey Keith, It's me, Bill, Guitar Man! Great Times! Shout outs:McCrink,O'Neil,Mac'D,Sulick,GMs Ott & Barry,Brambleton,EN Broussard(Seadog),Whit,Bergeron,Rigsbee,Wheeler,BM Pat & band! I came back to Norfolk!
Garrison, KeithOS3Jun 1, 1977 – Jun 5, 1981OIOne hell of a ship at the time. Great friends and cherished memories. Wonder what ever happened to our short-timer's log. Would pay to have just 1 day with it.again!
Garrison, KeithOS3Jun 5, 1977 – Jun 5, 1981OIthe funny "20"....what memories! micky "d", eddie "t", holman, desmereaux, lilge, mccue, dr. "d"...what a bunch!!
Demas, GaryETR4Jul 1977 – Apr 1978Radar
Drew, KevinRMSNJul 1977 – Jul 1979CRDave Phillips,Yogi,Swoop,Gerber,Moose,Greg"ol'man"and Chief Decker having me and Stash chip paint in the head and more fanrooms than I can remember
Zanelli, Enrique/ Z-manRM3Jul 1977 – Dec 1979COMMhey guys, missed the Mount at first but the WestPac on the Blue Ridge was worth the extra year. Would like to hear from you guys, Stash, Gerber, Yogi, Juneau, Kennedy,......etc
Broussard, Rick/ Seadog profile iconEN3Jul 1977 – Jan 19, 1980A gangWas a great time had a lot of fun work with some really good people that I still stay in touch with.
Hamelin, SteveSN3Aug 17, 1977 – Jun 21, 1980Bos'n gangsome of the best times i ever had was on the mount whitney also a lot of great guys hope all of you are having a great life.
Lafauce, BradSM3Sep 16, 1977 – Nov 12, 1979operationsWe had a fantastic time in Europe on 2 North Atlantic cruises, Hope Bruce Simms, Trieloff and the gang are ok. See you in Copenhagen
Perry, JeffFTM2Oct 1977 – Aug 1980WeaponsI saw the ship in Norfolk just before she deployed to Gaeta. It hadn't changed much. I remember Cauthen and Dickerson from the old OW division. Maybe you remember me better as "PBDB" (or as Benny Divone used to say "Peebs")
Patterson, David (Pat)RM-3Oct 1, 1977 – Apr 17, 1979RMLooking for some of my old shipmates and radioman buddies. Had a great time on the Mount Whitney. Many happy memories.
McDannold, MarkOS2Nov 18, 1977 – May 27, 1981OIWhat an experience....Lots of great buds..Garrison..Sulick..Whitlow...and the notorius HogWinder!
Condon, ThomasLCC 20Dec 1977 – Jun 1981AdminHad a great time on the floating hotel. Ed, Mike, Craig, Bill, Bubba, where are you guys?
Ware, Alvin profile icondeck MR e2Dec 1977 – Sep 1980mess hall -deck-- then engineeringlooking anyone that remember me , Curtis Oneal, Doc holiday POOLE ..anyone remember when we were in yard in PHILLY .. i got off ship in Sept 1980 in germany the 1st port of the North Atlantic cruise
Moorman, KellyDP2Dec 2, 1977 – Apr 14, 1981IGWould like to hear from anyone from the 'Fat Albert' during this timeframe, especially Intel dept.
Day, RickETCDec 12, 1977 – Jan 2, 1981OE
Callahan, LarryCTO2Dec 14, 1977 – Jun 15, 1980intelhad a great time on the whitney and got to know a lot of good people. just seeing familiar names brings back a lot of memories.
Broyles, KeithSM2Dec 15, 1977 – Jul 7, 1981CS

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