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USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 959 crew members registered for the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20).

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Harris, Allen Bernard HarrisRMSN1973 – Mar 1975Radio man communications
Kendall, Tom profile iconHM-31973 – 1975MedicalWent back to visit the ship in 2001 for her 30th birthday party.
Berty, BelaAG31973 – 1976The Weather Office
Johnson, Leonard CarlPN3Jan 1973 – Sep 1975Executive
Rogers, NormanJO2Jan 1973 – Jul 1975AdminHey - great memories
Rogers, NormanJO2Jan 1973 – 1975AdminHey. great memories. contact me at
Stewart, Bruce "Stu"RM1Jan 27, 1973 – Aug 28, 1977CRWhat a BLAST! T-DAD and his darlings! 11th bay, balloon room chillin, antenae crew---those were the days.Was so proud to be a circuit controller. We worked our ass off when workin and partied em off when we were playin
Fonrouge, PeteRMSNFeb 1973 – Sep 1975Communactionsnot sure if starting date is correct
Lynn, DavidYN3Mar 1973 – Mar 1975executive
Woronec, GregETR 2Mar 1973 – May 1977OE
Crockett, Bill profile iconDPSNApr 1973 – Apr 1974ADMIN
Parks, BillRM3May 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1974communications
Blank, NormanMS2Jun 1973 – Apr 1977S5Looking for Shipmates. "IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES--- "IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES.
Suzadail, MikeRMCJun 15, 1973 – May 30, 1974CommunicationsI was watch supv during Solid Shield 74, Have alot of fond memories of those days. Can't remember alot of names but I can still see the faces.
Conroy, Larry profile iconfiremanJun 20, 1973 – May 21, 1975bbest time of my life
Christiansen, DonDT2Jul 1973 – Jun 1975DentalHi guys. Hope you are all o.k.. It has been a long time since we sailed together. I retired in 1988. My address is 27755 CO RD I, EMILY, MN. 56447 Take care.
Cleek, DavidbmsaJul 1973 – Apr 19761stremember jaztel jumping off the wing of the bridge on a bet great ship good times youngest sailor when i came abroad oldest a jarhead thanks for raising me up but couldnt stay out of thompsons gun sights go navy
Bradford, PeterPH3Jul 3, 1973 – Sep 6, 1976IntelBicentennial in NYC was a highlight.
Edwards, DavidOSSAJul 7, 1973 – Aug 17, 1974OI CICThose were some great days. Hey to all my old buddies. Jim Allen. Send me an email if you ever see this.
Johnson, JayENFN (EN1 RET)Sep 1973 – Jul 1975A
Headlee, StevebtfnSep 1973 – Dec 1973b
Bigford, Lynn profile iconAG3Sep 1973 – 1976Weather OfficeLookin for some 'ole shipmates: John Gill, Frank Atlee, Dave Igoe, Tim Adkins, Gary Harvey. If your out there drop me a line. Would love to hear from ya.
Snyder, JeffDP3Oct 1973 – Jul 1977OSWorked in ASIS
Vangelder, JohnBT3Oct 1973 – Jul 1976BGreat times with a lot of great friends. Miss you all, and hope all is well. Can't believe it's been 33 years.
Roop, Terry L.E-5 / YN2Nov 1973 – Jul 1977IntelligenceI served with Commander Amphibious Group Two aboard the USS Mount Whitney.
Skidmore, StephenPH3Dec 1973 – May 1977X-2On board for North Atlantic, Bicentennial in New York Harbor (Tall Ships Parade), numerous trips to Caribbean, Dry dock in Philly. Adventures in every port, most of which I can't talk about.
Headlee, StevebtfnDec 1973 – 1975blooking for bts between1973 -1975 larry conroy,mikemiller richard durrance or any one who might remember me
Ward, WilliamEN21974 – Feb 1977AAnyone remember shooting skeet off of the fantail?? Great times! e-mail I would like to hear from you. Jaros, pappy, moss, and too many others to mention. Mothersell where are you?
Lippert, TomLTJG / LT1974 – 1976S-3 Supply
Bye, Ronaldsn1974 – 1977admin
Cramer, John (Terror)Rm31974 – 1978Cr divYo yo petey..i still breathn..bin talkn to 3.2 n bruce stewart..had a 10yr reunioun wid stash ed yocum doc matteson rod gerber n a few mo. Gotta talk
Farias, ArnoldDPSNJan 1974 – Sep 1977intelligence
Whitworth, WayneSgtJan 1974 – Jun 19742nd Marine Division
Lyda, GeorgePO1Jan 7, 1974 – Oct 16, 1974LithographerWas onboard while homeport was Norfolk, Virginia. Had a stroke after 18 years in the service, had to Medical out, really miss the Navy.
Holloway, JimCTO3Feb 22, 1974 – Jun 30, 1975IntelOne of original crew of CTOs assigned Ship's Company.
Lazar, DannyHT3Mar 10, 1974 – Sep 6, 1977REPAIRI should have extended and done the Med cruise with Glennzo and Blasko and Shep.
Anderson, FredHT3Mar 12, 1974 – Sep 22, 1977RepairGood memories.
Moss, JerryEN2Mar 15, 1974 – Sep 1, 1976AAfter a year on the OLD Gilmore in La Madelina, the Whitney was like a shiney new Cadillac! Where are you Chuck Weaver?
Jackson, TimDPSNApr 1974 – Jan 1976IntelligenceIntel Dept made up of DP techs, Photo guys, Personnel guys. Norfolk, dry dock in Philly, shake down cruise in Gitmo, days sitting off North Carolina! Remembering Kenny Goth, Steve White (Medina, Ohio), Lynn (Ziggy) Bigford (Medina, NY)
Trevino, RudyJo 2Apr 15, 1974 – Jan 20, 1978AdminWorked with a great bunch of guys, produced newscasts, helped run the tv and radio station and helped produce a couple of cruisebooks.
Jaros, CarlMR3Jun 1974 – May 1976AMount Whitney was my first shipboard duty station. I was an MRFN at the time, assigned to the Machine Shop. Great memories of fellow MR's Joe Whelehan and Jerry Auger. And EN2 Bill Ward.
Hoppe, MatthewHNJun 1974 – Apr 1975MedicalHad a blast on the that ship
Walker, BoydPNCS & CWO4Jun 5, 1974 – Apr 1, 1977xGreat tour of duty. Reported as a boot PNCmade PNCS then CWO2. This was only possible of the great men and support I had in the Personnel Office.
Corcoran, Paul "popcorn"RM3Jul 1974 – Jul 1978Circuit ControlHad a good time on board with Petey Dion, Ted Mankin, Richard Kipphut, Ron Conley, Fonz, TC and others
Hamrick, JohnDS1Jul 1974 – 1977OD/OPSLooking for DS's that served on board during that time frame...Ted Galloway, Kelley Butler, Scot Levins.
Bass, JimHM3Jul 15, 1974 – Aug 30, 1975SickbayJoined the ship in dry dock in Philly. Made Gitmo REFTRA and Solid Shield. Good times. Retired in '00 as Commander, USNR. Hi to Dave, Lou, Bill, Hoppe and the rest of the guys.
Goins, DaveET3Jul 15, 1974 – Apr 20, 1976OEGreat time on the Mt Whitney. Thanks to Master Chief Wagner for putting me in charge of maintenance for the new Admirals audio-video briefing system. Great Great CO, Capt. Bibby. ET3 Jerry Miller, where are you? Email please!!
Miller, JerryETN3Jul 15, 1974 – Apr 20, 1976OE CommunicationsGreat memories of my time onboard. Last duty station with Dave Goins who I met in boot camp and spent my entire time in the Navy with him. Couldn't have a better friend.
Goins, DaveETN3Jul 15, 1974 – Apr 20, 1976OEET3 Jeryy Miller, email me at I saw your message on 4-14-06!!
Blankenship, Don (Bah Bah)Aug 14, 1974 – Aug 7, 1978oi
Leding, Billbm3/e-4Sep 1974 – Jun 16, 19782nd.looking for old friends bill hodges
Pease, Gary profile iconQM2Sep 22, 1974 – May 26, 1978QMThe Mount Whitney many memories boarded her in the Philly Shipyard to the day of my discharge in 1978. Great times in St Thomas, Amsterdam, and Antwerp. Always remembered GITMO shakedown. QMCS Mike Van Dusky great mentor
Dion, PeteyRM3Oct 1974 – Sep 1977Comm - Tech ControlWow! Fonz, Cramer, Stash-mo, Greg "old man", Kip, Daddy's Darlin's, - 11th Bay house.. no elec, fireplace, music and buzzin'. Denny Simpson, Everyone still alive?
Briggs, WarrencrewOct 1974 – Oct 1977helicopterHi my father died in 1997 at 40 yo I was 16 & my sister 6. I know my fathers love of the navy and would like to speak to anyone who may have know him even casually.wanting to know him more about him.I know info may wron
Walker, Melvin "Jj"SH3Oct 15, 1974 – Feb 1, 1977SupplyMy first command. Lots of fond memories.
John, PateBM3Oct 30, 1974 – Jul 29, 19772nd
Hale, GalenCTO2Nov 1974 – Dec 1976SSESWas an adventure! Some I wished I could forget and some I will never forget. You guys were great. Anyone remember the fishing trip in Lauderdale what a catch.
Tylenda, DanCTO3Nov 1974 – Sep 1976IntelNever felt heat like when we pulled into Gitmo. But the surf n turf we had was delicious. We had some great cooks on board. Thanks guys. Honored to be part of color guard for Rockefellers visit in NYC.
Sanders, MikePN3Nov 7, 1974 – Jun 24, 1977X-1Worked in the best Personnel Office in the Navy. PNC Walker and his band of PN's were the elite of the fleet. Favorite Memories: Port Visits to: NY City for Bicentennial Birthday, North Atlantic stops in Ireland, England, Holland and Germany.
Papenhausen, Carl(pappy)MM2Nov 16, 1974 – Aug 22, 1978AHad a great time in the AC&R shop.
Johnson, SteveQM3Dec 2, 1974 – Dec 20, 1976NavigationHi to all and it was fun reading the names of so many that I got to know aboard the MW. Seemed like we interacted with so many departments, even if only to come round winding the ships clocks every few days.

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