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USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 958 crew members registered for the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1970 | 1971 | 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1998 | 1999 – 2001 | 2002 – now

Langley, Carl LOS21969 – 1973EWPlankowner
Montgomery, CbBT11969 – 1971EngineeringLast ship before retirement. Saved the best for the last.
McCrea, KenHT21969 – 1971repairplankowner, pre-commissioning at newport news
Cheney, DanaLI-3Jan 1, 1969 – Apr 1971X Div Print Shop Plank OwnerPlank Owner
McKown, MacRMCJul 1969 – Apr 1973CR
Taverna, Anthony (Tony)FRAug 1969 – May 20, 1971Plank Owner I
Lyon, John D.CWO3Sep 1969 – Dec 1972OEPlankowner
Acevedo, MarioMR3Sep 15, 1969 – Oct 15, 1972A Div---MR Shop-Plank OwnerI loved my stay on the Whitney. However, my proudest moment was when I was transferred. Walking down the Officers' Brow, the Boatswain whistle was blown and an announcement made-"MR3 Mario Acevedo-Plankowner Departing"
Trimm, Lawrence profile iconCS2Dec 1969 – Dec 1972SupplyPlank Owner
Busch, Michael A.DS21970 – Apr 15, 1974OEPlankowner, Bluenose etc. Did'nt enjoy the Navy that much, but the ocean was awesome. There were plenty of great people on board, but I'll never forget when the Chaplains aid disappeared in the North Atlantic.
Ramey, JamesBM31970 – 19741stPlankowner
Stade, TomMMFN1970 – 1972engineering
Johnson, Herman (H.b.)SH 21970 – Nov 17, 1973S-3I was member of the orgional crew (plank owner).I managered the crew's and officer's barber shop. cell # 404-313-4480.
Cogley, Homer (Skip)RM21970 – May 1971CRI reported to Norfolk for the precommissioning detail and part of the crew that took her out on sea trials. Worked in tech control. Didn't appreciate what a great ship she was until I served on other ships. PLANKOWNER!
Jenkins, WilliamSH21970 – 1972S3Met a lot of GOOD people, and will always remember the good times we had.
Kuder, Timothy (Son Of John D.)E61970 – 1973whitneyWould like to talk with some of the guys that served with my Father John D. Kuder on the USS Mount Whitney in the early 70's.
Vandenberghe, JimET11970 – 1971OEPlank Owner. Made ETI while on board. Transferred to ET"B" School at T.I. then was assigned to a repair billet on T.I. Discharged 9-75. Loved my job on the "Big Guppy" and met some great shipmates, like ETCM Newman
Tilton, Tiltonos31970 – Dec 9, 1971oi divisonplankowner,where is joe winters ,j.t. martin,eric wilhelm and other rd plankowners?
Thornton, BertRM31970 – Feb 1973communications departmentPlank Owner / The yeoman in the Communications Department office. Work for Cdr Byers and Lt Yanus
Benson, Gerald (Benny)SN1970 – 1973DECKPlankowner - My experiences onboard the USS MOUNT WHITNEY LCC-20 left me with many proud fond memories of times and shipmates that will never be forgotten.
Perry, Melvin profile iconsmsn1970 – Aug 1971visual communicationsFor t he short period I was aboard I gave my very best to be the best amongst my divisional peers.I LOVED being a signalman!!
McKinley, Sean (Grandson Of Orlie Baird)E-11970 – 19721stI am a grandson of Cpt. Orlie B. If any of you have stories of my dear grandfather to share I am interested in them. He passed in '15 but his time on the LCC-20 was a point of pride. Thanks.
Vossmer, Donald AMM 31970 – Feb 1974M DivisionPlankowner Great crew to put the ship in commission. Cruises to many interesting ports with some great memories
Williams, John E. (Eddie)RM-2Jan 1970 – Dec 1972Communications
Broome, HoraceBM3Jan 15, 1970 – Sep 1970!stBM1 foster was my LPO
Leonard, Stephen "Dutch"HMCS USNMar 15, 1970 – Apr 17, 1972MEDICALPLANK OWNER RETIRED ONBOARD APRIL 1972
Vincenzini, Richard ( Vince )SH3May 24, 1970 – Jan 15, 1973S3Great time, great guys and great destinations. Loved working in the barber shop. I have a lot of good memories. Plank owner
Cobb, Joebm3Jun 4, 1970 – Jun 22, 19722ndplankowner
Rodriguez, Raul Roy  NEWHT 3Jul 4, 1970 – Jul 4, 1974RepairPLANK OWNER
Lawhn, RobertLTJGJul 16, 1970 – Dec 20, 1971CommunicationsI was on the commissioning crew. My primary assignment was RPS Custodian. Great memories of my service on the ship. Spent 40 years in the Environmental field in the electric power industry.
Breslin, MichaelRM2Aug 1970 – Aug 1972CRPlankowner
Johnson, JoeHM2Aug 1970 – Aug 1973Medical
Ertner, JimLTJGAug 1, 1970 – Apr 30, 1972MPAHaving "built" the ship while assigned as an Engineering Duty Officer at SupShip Newport News, I then became the first Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA) onboard Mount Whitney.
Johnnie Tate, JohnEN3Aug 30, 1970 – Aug 30, 1974APlankowner
Carmelo, CorreaBM3Aug 30, 1970 – Jun 28, 19741st and 2ndPLANKOWNER GREAT CREW.
Bruner, TomPH 2Sep 1970 – 1972IntelPlankowner
Stanley, Rick (Steamer)RM2Sep 1970 – Sep 1971CRPlank Owner
Roff, CharlesOSCSep 1970 –OI
Jackson, JohnnyMR3Sep 1970 – 1973aplankowner.lived in the barracks till we went on board.did the gitmo,north atlantic ,caribean and venasuada cruise
Brune, William. "Brad"YN3-YN2Sep 1970 – Jul 1972Admin: Captain's Writer / Education Petty OfficerPlank Owner! Capt's Writer to Orlie Baird. Ran Ed Office for LT. Arbogast,Navigator& Ed Officer. Proctored Ingrade Exams, taught GED. CPO Bobby P FORD hid my chits, destroyed ServRecrd, held up my YN2 9MTHS. For SPITE!
Krampy, JoeE-3Sep 1970 – Mar 1974Commisary
Aderholt, StevePH3Sep 1, 1970 – Dec 1, 1972intelPlankowner
Keating, TimCS3Sep 1, 1970 – 1971supplyI look back at my time on the boat with more affection than I had when I was there. Would like to hear from any plank owner.
Broussard, George E profile iconFTG2 holding E6 billotSep 3, 1970 – Feb 21, 1971FOXNucleus Crew weapons systems - several shakedown trips with civilian control prior to commissioning. Pretty much had full authority trained and got a striker into FT A schooll) Outstanding Captain! Ollie Baird.
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Acevedo, Mario "Ace"MRFNSep 15, 1970 – Nov 1, 1972APLANKOWNER
Haggadone, Dave HaggadoneBM2Sep 15, 1970 – Jul 23, 19732ndPlank Owner 2nd Ship I was on, but it was the best.
Reno, RobertSF3Sep 16, 1970 – Jun 25, 1972Repairthis was my second ship I was on the commisioning crew
Powell, KenETR-2Sep 20, 1970 – Jul 1, 1974OE-02FIrst duty after too long in school. Had a great time, best liberty ports in the Navy.
Futch, WoodyshsnSep 29, 1970 – Aug 5, 1974s-3left the mt and went home to be a cop after a yr decided not what i wanted to do so reenlisted in the navy and retired after 25 yrs as SHCM (SW)
Miller, JohnOS2Oct 1970 – Dec 1972OX (Electronic Warfare)Plankowner so where are you guys? Carl is listed, no Kenny, no Joe none of the others
Pierrot, JamesE3Oct 1970 – Sep 19721stI am an original plank-owner, board the USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 while she was still being outfitted for sea trials at the Portsmouth Naval Station. I served on Admiral Moore's flag staff.
George R. Valmonte, GeorgeE-4Oct 1970 – Aug 1972commersary cook Had a great time with my shipmates and friends that I came close.For me the cruises we took were an experience I will never forget.Especially Barcellona!Carmelo Correa, Tommy Krepps,Jimmy Greenberg if you read this, cotact me. PLANK OWNER
Marucheau, Richard. ( Frenchy )CS3Oct 1, 1970 – 1972S2I was proud to have served I am a proud plank owner and January 28, 1972 I was sailor of the month back then I was a sn as a cook in the gallery . Hope to be a board her one more time before my time is up God bless your crew stay safe I love your ship
Schultz, DennisSNOct 6, 1970 – Apr 28, 19721STPlank owner, 1st Div. Played guitar in ship's band, "Mt. Funk" and was in charge of the Capt's Gig, LP-5.
Cremer, Don, Crazy WolfIC3Oct 10, 1970 – Jan 30, 1972IC Plank owner
Link, TimGMG3Oct 10, 1970 – Dec 1, 1972Deck ThirdOn commissioning crew. Mount 31 gun captain. On Carib. cruise, Med. cruise, & N. Atlantic Cruise.
Barker, WayneRM3Oct 13, 1970 – Feb 17, 1972CommunicationsPlank Owner and darn proud of it.
Yankey, MikeHT2Oct 19, 1970 – Aug 18, 1972RepairPlankowner Served with some quality men who worked hard to commission the ship and get ready to serve. Remember Med Cruise,Gitmo, DC drills and lots of flight quarters. A great place to be. Would enjoy hearing from shipmates.
Muckle, Ronald profile iconSH2Oct 20, 1970 – May 14, 1974S-3PlankOwner Laundry, Barber Excited to share. I served with the best crew aboard the Mt Whitney, in all the units I served of my 24.5 years. The best crew and ship. We need to get together one more time. Cell 678 698 7052 ronmuckle@gmai
Williams, Bobby WilliamsOct 27, 1970 – Nov 22, 1974Great ship.I'm a proud plank owner.
Januszki, RonEM2Oct 30, 1970 – Apr 18, 1972EPlank owner- After Viet Nam Mount Whitney was heaven. Longest cruise was to the Med for 7 weeks. Short trips to Bermuda, Jamaica, St. John's(V.I.). Pretty good time.
Powell, Ken profile iconETR-2Nov 1, 1970 – Jul 1, 1974OE02First ship after boot and "A" school. Great cruises, 3 weeks to Carib and 6 weeks to Med!
Robbins, MikeBT3Nov 12, 1970 – Nov 16, 1972BoilerPlankowner
Bradley, RalphETR2Nov 17, 1970 – Nov 30, 1971OEPlankowner

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