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USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1137 crew members registered for the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19).

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Sims, ChrisOS21988 – 1991OILots of great friends, Maniet was a wild roommate Even bahrain wasnt so bad. Reenlisted with active reserves in 01 and did more Bahrain time!! Ran into OSC Zink teaching a OS course. I'm completely out now. Remember our divo Anderson!gr
Dorsey, CharlesCWO21988 – 1992DECKMeet a lot of good people
Kyte, GaryLcdr1988 – 1990OWGreat tour as an EW1.
Krohn, PatrickFc31988 – 1990Weapons 3rd divEnjoyed my time on USS Blue Ridge LCC 19 stationed in Japan saw alot learned alot made alot of friends on board
Lawler, ScottE6Jan 1988 – Jan 1991Navy Counselor
Carnrike, RobertSNMar 9, 1988 – Mar 19, 19902ndLoved the liberty Especially Australia! Would love to re-connect with all my friends from the Blue Ridge. Feel Free to IM me!
Kennedy, MikeRM1May 15, 1988 – Nov 22, 1990CR/CTMan, this was the best sea duty I ever had. The best liberty ports, steaming independently, good times! Also time to stop in Hong Kong and what about that cruise through Australia for the Battle of the Coral Sea festival
Swain, TobyLCDRMay 25, 1988 – May 20, 1991S1Great memories...Made Chief and was selected for LDO while onboard. Still keep in touch with some of the friends I made...even those that retired.
Subasavage, BrianBT 3Jun 1988 – Jul 1990B
Ronnenberg, MichaelOS3Jun 8, 1988 – Aug 20, 1990OII'm always interested in hearing from my old shipmates. Send me a email anytime, may the Bacardi Brothers, "Live Long and Prosper."
Gray, JeffQM2Jun 19, 1988 – Jan 25, 1992Navigation Wish I could turn back time and do it again.
Smith, JohnRm3Aug 1988 – 1990Radio jmcAka smitty....was the only one that was in sickbay during a gq drill forgot to duck thru hatch
Gallman, Willie (Go-go Willy Will)YNSN(RETIRED)Sep 8, 1988 – Aug 1990Admin/Deck YeomanI wake up sometimes and still think I'm on the ship. The time of my life. I'm looking for James Lil T Thomas, Eddie Vigilant, Jon Weedon.
Parker, ShaneDC3Oct 1988 – Oct 1990RLooking for all R div on board from 88-90. or anyone that remembers me from engineering dept. u can e-mail me at
Griffin, Christopher O Omar ChrisYN2Oct 10, 1988 – Jul 31, 1992admin deck ops
Delorito, AdrianoSH3Oct 20, 1988 – Oct 1, 1990S-3Best ship of my 3. (USS Carr/USS Enterprise)
Buce, NathanFCCNov 1988 – Jan 19913rdWell seems like a lifetime ago, good time good crew good memories
Hurlen, MarkCWO3Nov 1, 1988 – Apr 1, 1992X-1Two tours 82-86 as YNCS & 88-92 as CWO3. Great crew, CPO Mess & Wardroom. Visited Shanghai, circumnavigated Australia & participated in Desert Storm/Shield. Hong Kong was favorite port, but enjoyed Singapore, Phuket, Pusan and the rest.
Escobar, PeteRM3Nov 4, 1988 – Jul 3, 1991CR TECH CONTROL
Wilson, GregHT 3Nov 20, 1988 – May 1, 1991R DIVGreat memories,great friends,Jeff Howard &Kris Shepker of R Div. Wish I could go back!
Quinones, PeteRM3Dec 1988 – Dec 1990COMMS
Sam, TroyE-3Dec 19, 1988 – Dec 19, 19911 DIV Deck
Thompson, CraigOSNDec 20, 1988 – Dec 28, 1990OIWe had a killer Softball team...too bad we did'nt get the chance to whip the MIdway before we left for the Gulf...
Thompson, CraigOS/OSNDec 23, 1988 – Dec 28, 1990OIWe had quite the Killer Softball Team...too bad we did'nt get the chance to whip the MIDWAY before we left for the Gulf...
Marshall, JohnBTFNDec 24, 1988 – Dec 20, 1990BOILERSTo all that I served with. It was the best tour I had in the Navy. I'm now an MA1 serving my last tour in Willow Grove , PA as a Watch Commander for Base Police. Boilers Division was the elite of all engineering.
Maniet, MichaelOS31989 – 1992I loved the Blue Ridge so much I did my entire 4 years of service on it. I have some of the best memories of my life during this period of time. Although we spent almost a year in the Persian Gulf, the other 3 years made up for it.
Shuert, TimOS1989 – 1992OI
Velasquez, MartinE4 BM31989 – 19921st div
Martinez, DavidBTCM(SW)1989 – 1992B- DivisionBest tour, Engineering Department and homeport ever. I think about it and you guys a lot. Best of luck!
Aldridge, MarkOS11989 – 1994OIFirst tour was so good. Came back for a second one.
Harris, Marshall Aka DewI CC1989 –Electrical divisionEMC Larry fordyce and RMC David Teemer and YNCS David Vitulski my nickname in CPO Mess was Dirty Harry
Burkin, JimmySNJan 1989 – Jan 19911st
Hollandsworth, MarkAG2/ E-5Jan 1989 – Dec 1990Weather officeAfter my time in the Navy was up in Dececmber of 1990, after 3 years or so of odd jobs, and have been with the USPS for 20 years now. But just loved my time on the Blue Ridge..Especially going to Australia! Best ship!
Howard, JeffHTFNJan 9, 1989 – Jan 9, 1991RI saw the world on the Blue Ridge.
Cano, Gavito (Roland)MM3Jan 26, 1989 – Jan 21, 1991AMy first and best command in the Navy. I was able to visit countries most people can only imagine. Great time while onboard.
Bumbaugh, JimRM2-RM1Feb 1989 – Feb 1991CR
Cronin, Chet profile iconLTFeb 10, 1989 – Mar 10, 1991COMMUNICATIONSOutstanding Department .. worked with a great group of sailors ... memories that will live in my mind forever ... I pray everyone I served with enjoys their life to the fullest and is safe from harms way.
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Branin, JimBM3Mar 1989 – Feb 19912NDWhat a ride! If anybody knows where Don Hendrickson or Bernie Callahan are please email me.
Amezcua, Francisco (Az)RMSR-RM3Apr 1989 – Mar 1991CR (TECH CONTROL)Was a TELETYPE(TTY) Tech and Savin Copier while onboard here. Left A couple of days after the Desert Storm Cease Fire. Anybody have pics from the time I was onboard her? Please let me know.
Clark, Gregbt2Apr 15, 1989 – 1992B divisionOMG! found some ole familiar names on here the memories and horrors lol
Day, ChristopherOSSNMay 1989 – May 1991OIRemember being told right after Kuwait was invaded not to worry ,the Blue Ridge hasn't been deployed since Vietnam and a few weeks later being underway and gone for almost 9 months.
Lopez, Adalberto "Al B."OS3May 1989 – May 1991OII also remember being told not to worry we won't get underway for the Gulf. The rest is Desert Shield/Desert Storm history. Oh yeah it really was the Love Boat.
James, ShawnPH3/E-4May 1, 1989 – Jun 15, 1991X-2
Hill, DonSKSNMay 5, 1989 – Apr 20, 1991Supply / S-1Looking for anyone who served on the USS Blue Ridge LCC 19 from 1989 to 1991
Hill, DonSKSNMay 11, 1989 – May 20, 1991S1One of THE best ships in the FLEET! The port visits were AWESOME! Was onboard during the 'Historic' port visit to Shanghi China... Memories for a LIFE TIME! Any S1 Department members contact me...
Alexander, AnthonyRM2May 15, 1989 – Jun 15, 1992OPS
Johnson, RandyRMSR-RM3May 15, 1989 – Jun 15, 1991CRaka "Jedi"
Gothie, MichaelIS2Jun 1989 – Dec 1992Intel/C7F N2
Howard, FosterBTCJun 1989 – Jun 1992BOILERS
Bernard, Joe (Jose) profile iconRM1Jun 1989 – Jul 1992CR (Tech Control)RM1 Bernard, looking forward to hearing from any and all personneld that were stationed onboard the Blue Ridge, especially in the CR (Tech Control) dept........
Deitrick, GregRM2Jul 1989 – Jul 1991communicationsI worked in tech control during operation desert shield and desert storm. Shout out to all the alumni from that time in tech control teletype repair and message center. live near waterloo for the post office.
Kahoonei, Sheldon (K-dog)RM2Jul 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1992JMCWhats up fellas............Anyone on the Ridge that served with me.......hit me up.
Taylor, Norman/ Lil TPetty Officer Third ClassAug 1989 – Jun 1991CommLooking for MS3 Pate and QM3 Crawford.
Taylor, NormanRM3Aug 1, 1989 – Sep 15, 1991Comm/C7FThe Ridge hold many of the best times of my life. The RMs that I shared 2 years with I will never forget and would love to hear from some of you. But there is one SM3 that I am reallly looking for COOLEY! LIL T
Geonzon, ByronMM2/E-5Aug 30, 1989 – Nov 30, 1991BMOil King B-Division
Thompson, George "Tee"E-5/ EM2Sep 1989 – Sep 1991EI had a lot of great times. Visited some of the best ports. I couldn't stand the protocols but worth seeing the world.
Schouest, TroyMS3Oct 10, 1989 – Oct 20, 1992SupplyLooking for James D Morgan Christopher McCarley
Johnson, ChristopherSN/SMSNNov 1, 1989 – Jan 1, 19921st/ OpsStill kicking it.
Morgan, James DarranHM3Dec 1, 1989 – Nov 1, 1992Sick BayLoved being on board, and I met some great characters, Master Chief, Laplante, Holt, Ramirez, Schouest, to name but a handful. Would I do it again, yes if I could get to buds without failing the color blind test.
Hutchison, RudyBT2Dec 5, 1989 – Apr 17, 1994ebo1looking for old buds
Stine, JackOS2Dec 27, 1989 – Feb 21, 1992OIFrom Blue Ridge, Ranger, Horne, NAWS China Lake, Ca, Chief, MCMRotcrew Echo, the Blue Ridge was the best when it came to port visits. and what a bunch of great and whacky group we were.
Liu, AlanO-3Dec 28, 1989 – Dec 19, 1992OD/AuxTHE greatest traveling experience for a junior officer! Loved the great port calls, GW1, Japanland, and the cast of characters that made up the crew. Still have occasional dreams about being on bridge watch...
Lucas, MikeFC3Dec 30, 1989 – Nov 20, 19913Had a great time on "Hotel 19". A little bit longer time in the Gulf than expected, but had great friends to pass the time on BPDMS mounts!

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