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USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1137 crew members registered for the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19).

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Elmore, William C. Jr.PH31975 – 1978X-2
Arrington, KenOS31975 – 1975TACRON ONE - Unit AlphaEmbarked in San Diego for a Westpac to remember. Eagle Pull, Frequent Wind. The party on the way home.
Hulme, Rich (Homer)E-31975 – 1978Deck second
Stocks, RonaldHM11975 – 1978MEDICAL
Timmerman, LindseyE5 / FT1975 – 1979Enjoyed the life changing adventure
Barnes, BruceHM21975 – Jan 4, 1977
Beard, DanBM21975 – 19792nd Div
Ochoa, John "Och"BM1975 – 19792nd. / 4thI pulled Radkay out of the water in Oki. I piched for the Deck Apes Baseball team. Served at Ready Lifeboat and drove the PL. Fought the big Fire too. Sure I was always in trouble, but when shit hit the fan. I was there.
Looper, JeffMMFN1975 – 1978M DivisionSaw alot of the west pacific. With a great bunch of guys.
Ferguson, StevenFTG11975 – 19793rdThe best thing that ever happened to me. My career in the USN ended in 1997. I retired as a MCPO and went into a career as law enforcement.
Maille, EdwardHT 31975 – 1977Engineering
Lopez, GilbertoLTJGJan 1, 1975 – Sep 1, 1977EngineeringLooking for old shipmates.
Boggs, RobertDENTAL TECH E2Feb 1975 – Aug 1977medical/dental
Nichols, Edward EL/CPLFeb 7, 1975 – Aug 26, 1975CIC/ASIS computerTAD from 7th Engineers to fill MOS of draftsman/mappmaker for operation Frequent Wind 30 April 1975
Winters, BryanRM3Mar 1975 – Aug 1978CommunicationsFirst Captain I served under was Capatain W.D.Hart.. Had some great times with Randy, Gibby, Possum, and Patrick Mooney. A core of great guys I served with through westpac 3 and 4. Unsure of exact dates.
White, Richard J.LCDRMar 1975 – Mar 1977Operations OfficerArrived onboard Blue Ridge just in time for Frequent Wind. The ship came back to San Diego early in 1977 ... first time a deployment was cut short for me. Retired, July 1980.
Logan, Randall/randyRMSNApr 1975 – Aug 29, 1977COMMI wish I knew then what I know now
Black, DonaldPN2/1Apr 1975 – Sep 1976Personnel
Marten, VanceIS2Apr 29, 1975 – Mar 17, 1978IntellFor any of the guys I served with in the Intell Department, I hope your all doing well.
Nguyen, Marie HueMay 1, 1975 – May 10, 1975I had a surgery (appendicitis) on this ship on May 1, 1975 as I was fleeing the fall of So. Viet Nam! Looking for doctors, nurses Ronald W. Christman & Paul Honda, Captain and all crew members. Please help! Thanks so much! Glod bless!
Platt, DavidmmMay 10, 1975 – Jun 10, 1979m division
Smith, Steven (Smitty)E-4 BOATSWAIN'S MATEJun 1975 – Jan 1977Deck
Morris, GirardOS3Jun 1975 – May 1977OIWithout a doubt it was the best time of my life, crossed the equator 1976 on the way to Sydney. So many memories and friends.
Craig, BobRM3Jun 1, 1975 – Sep 1, 1977CommunicationsTwo Westpacs on this one, many many years ago.
Barton, Floyd "Justin"EN2Jul 1975 – Sep 1979A GANG - EA07
Timmerman, LindseyFire Control TechnicianJul 1975 – Jul 1980WeaponsLooking for people
Cantu, GusEM2Aug 1975 – Jun 1979ENG
Stocks, RonaldHM1Aug 1975 – Aug 1978MedicalBest Medical Dept. and 1st Class Mess in the Navy.
Sheehy, MattPN2Sep 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1979X-1Worked in the Personnel Office with some really good people! The Blue Ridge was a great ship! Crossed the Equator in '76. Came back from a Yes concert to see my ship on fire. Made some really good friends!
Campau, AlexDS3Sep 8, 1975 – May 5, 1979IntelOne of the best times of my life. Lost track of so many people since then.
Lindsey, GaryBM3Oct 1975 – Aug 1979Deck/sail locker
Madsen, AlanYN3Oct 1975 – Jun 1979X-1
Utter, Michaelbm3Oct 1975 – Jun 19792nd
Revels, Keithmm3Oct 1975 – Jun 1979m division
Sullivan, Michael/sullyBLUE RIDGENov 1975 – Jun 1979Boatswains MateVery fond memories. It is one of the best deciisions I ever made in my life.
Solgot, BobRMNov 1975 – Jun 1979CommunicationI remember LT CMDR Grubb asking during exercises asking me "Solgot what's a Bogey" I was so new at that time I answered "One over par sir" He left the room closed the hatch and all I could hear was yelling in the hall.
Martinez, BobE-31976 – 1979DeckHELP GUYS!! Whats happenen? Where is all the Deck Apes? Calling all Boatswains, Mark B. Get ahold of me if you remember my being hit by the Water Taxi in Hong Kong Harbor!! Call just to BS Jeff Price call me!! Randy Daniels, Joe Rogers,Blue
Kinney, DaveE31976 – 19794th
Rodgers, JoeDECK1976 – 19791ST,4THWas on from 76 until the Blue went to Japan for good. Good times we had.
Gray, RodneyRM21976 – 1977CommunicationsBest sea duty. Great C.O. (Capt McIntyre). Lost my 76-77 Westpac cruise book in a flood.. Can someone help me get a new one or scan a few select photos for me???
Spagnuolo, James (Spag)OS3-OS11976 – 1981OIOI division back then was quite a diverse crew of personality's. Good memories to boot.
Van Deusen, CharlieMM21976 – 1979A & M divisionsHad a great time on that ship lots and lots of fun I’ve made contact with Gus from a gang looking for Tim Johnson Paul Woodward Fred Mueller Mickey boo nag Anthony Wyatt bio Cesar Chavez Steve Redondo hope to hear from you guys email is AAA FAB 72@yaho
Branham, EarlFTM1Jan 1976 – Aug 1979WeaponsLots of time has passed, but I remember Blue Ridge with great fondness.
Worley, ThomasSgtJan 6, 1976 –Marine detachmentWhile on board I served with Gunny Chaboya. Would like to see if anyone knows him or myself, Thomas Worley, or anyone who served in our detachment. Went over the equator in 76 on the way to Sydney and New Zeland.
Carlson, MichaelHm3 carlsonFeb 8, 1976 – Jun 8, 1977HmI don’t have enough good things to say about the People in the Hm department u took me in got me to A school and I never said thank you for your help and there is never a day I do not think about you all.Hm3 Carlson
Portwood, Jim PortwoodPHCS & CWO2Mar 1976 – May 1977X-2One of the best tours of sea duty that I've had. The men that I worked with in X-2 Division were GREAT...and the CPO Mess was FABULOUS!!!
Salcido, David profile iconSeamanMar 16, 1976 – Aug 12, 19771st DivisionServing in Deck Dept. is an experience I strongly suggest. I had some of the best times of my life with you guys. We were really young in those days. To all the Deck Apes, I love you guys. Take care. Your old pal, Dave.
Habbershaw, DavidE-3Apr 1976 – Jul 19771st
Davisson, DonIS3Apr 1, 1976 – Aug 6, 1977IntelI'd like to say hello to the Intel gang, CDR Lehman, Lt. Johnson, CPO Martin, IS1 Jones (Jonesy), Laufenberg, Barron, Jordan, It was a nice cruise, Australia, Hong Kong, Pusan Korea, Taiwan and Okinawa, Hope life has treated you well. Don
Stewart, MarkRM3Jun 1976 – Sep 1980Communications
Bradford, RickRM3Jun 1, 1976 – Nov 29, 1979Comm TrafficMan, what a blast!
Beckham, CurtRM3Jun 8, 1976 – Sep 6, 1979COMMHey you old salty dogs! Would like to hear from some of you. Hope your all doin well. Need to have a reunion! Radio work provided me a great career. 28 years as a Tower Tech, Washington State.
Webb, Dick profile iconET3Jul 1976 – Oct 1979OEIt has been a long time.
Delise, Randall (Randy)HT 3Aug 1976 – Aug 29, 1977R
Lucchesi, DaveDK3Aug 4, 1976 – Dec 7, 1977SupplyGreat ship! Enjoyed going to Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Phillipines. Most memorable moment: becoming a Shellback. LCDR Schandel was our Supply Officer and I worked for DKCS Rhodes. The Blue Ridge is an experience I'll never forget!
Radkay, RichSK1Sep 1976 – Jun 1980S1Hey! Remember me! I dove off a submarine at White Beach Okinawa. Got 60 days restriction - hundred dollar fine and a suspended bust for six months. Sounds weird, but I had the time of my life.
Frye, Martin (Marty)SNSep 1976 – Aug 19772nd1976. Assigned to Deck 2nd div. Westpac, crossed the equator and became a Shellback on the way to Sydney. Served in the wardroom for mess duty then served in Combat during Kangaroo II. Later became an RM2/ EOS 1980
Babel, TomDS2Sep 16, 1976 – May 21, 1979OD
Johnson, AlvinELECTRONIC WARFAREOct 22, 1976 – Apr 3, 1979
Dowling, HarryBM3Nov 2, 1976 – Jun 30, 19801stHad the time of my life aboard the ridge, I am looking to hook up with some old freinds, if anyone knows where Jeff Russo is, let me know, do we have some stories to tell, anyone who knows me go ahead and contact me, would love to hear from you.
Martinez, Robert (Bob)BM E-3Nov 27, 1976 – Jun 19, 19792ndWish I had stayed and not screwed things up! Shoulda Coulda Woulda.I need help from you deck apes that pulled me out of the water in Hong Kong in 78.Medical Records lost.Cashman and Uecker pulled me out was in sickbay...
Poindexter, BillHMCS/MDec 1976 – Dec 1979HI will always remember Blue Ridge as one of best commands in 17 years of sea duty.
Samothrakis, GeorgeYn1Dec 12, 1976 – Dec 3, 1979AdminShipmates called me Sam
Troutman, BrianFTG2Dec 14, 1976 – Feb 10, 19803RD

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